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Fernando Loureiro Presentation / CloudViews.Org - Cloud Computing Conference 2009
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Fernando Loureiro Presentation / CloudViews.Org - Cloud Computing Conference 2009


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Published in: Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Cloud Computing Future of Communications Network perspective Reliable? Fast? Available from anywhere?
    • 2. Fernando Bitti Loureiro Systems Engineers Manager, CISSP, South Europe 3Com Corporation Tel.: +34 91 509 6910 Mob.: +34 609 257 219 E-mail:
    • 3. Secure Convergent Networks Single Operating System Totally based on Standards WAN / Internet PSTN SCM CRM E- mail VCX Access Control Wifi Backbone Solutions IP Telephony and Convergence Leader in IPS Security with TippingPoint
    • 4. Agenda
      • Welcome to the Web Era
        • Challenges to Networking
      • Pressures on the Communications Network
        • Faster
        • Hierarquical
        • Power efficient
        • Virtual
        • Reliable
      • Why 3Com?
    • 5. Welcome to the Web Era
    • 6. Driven by A “Perfect Storm” Hitting IT NEW VALUE PARADIGM NEW WAYS OF WORKING
      • Expectations up
      • Budgets down
      • Purchasing/CFO engaged deeply in every IT purchase
      • Vendor consolidation and transformation
      • Clients today want only what is needed, no more, no less
      • Differentiation = Scale, Innovation and Intimacy
      • Everything is IP
      • Mass globalization
      • Security at the core of every business
    • 7. Welcome to the Web Era
    • 8. CloudComputing Development Adds Pressure in 3 Areas PC desktop era Gmail Gearth Gexcel Web era Computation Network Storage Data
    • 9. S12500 5.76 Terabit Scalability 40G/100G Ready Due to explosive data growth and the development of networks, network equipment has entered the 100G era. Network Development Pushes Network Equipment into the 100G Era 100GbE 40GbE 10GbE 1GbE PC desktop era Gmail Gearth Gexcel Web era
    • 10. Evolution of the Application System and Model
      • With the evolution of the application system and model, terminals are becoming increasingly simplified while the pressure on background servers has doubled.
      • Qualitative changes have taken place to network service traffic.
      Browser/Server HTML/HTTP WEB browser WEB Server App Server DB Server Burst network traffic model Client/Server SQL request App GUI App Server DB Server Thick Client
    • 11. Campus network WEB Servers APP Servers DB Servers Flat multi-layer access 生产卷 生产卷 生产卷 生产卷 Storage network FC SAN/IP SAN Core layer/core area Typical Flat DC Network Model Convergence layer Access layer Server layer Department A
    • 12. Campus network WEB Servers APP Servers DB Servers Flat multi-layer access 生产卷 生产卷 生产卷 生产卷 Storage network FC SAN/IP SAN WEB Servers APP Servers DB Servers Extended multi-layer access Core layer/core area Convergence layer Access layer Server layer DC Hierarchical Network Model Department A
    • 13. Web servers Application servers Database servers Web servers Application servers Database servers Independent service equipment, hierarchical networking mode Integrated service module, hierarchical networking mode Development Trend of Hierarchical Server Architecture FW LB SSL NAM FW LB SSL NAM FW LB SSL NAM FW LB SSL NAM FW LB SSL NAM FW LB SSL NAM
    • 14. Advantages of Multi-area, Multi-layer, and Multi-level Design
      • Good security
      • - The architecture design clarifies the security relationship between different network areas.
      • - Security measures can be carried out in each area. The implementation of security measures in one area does not affect other areas.
      • Good scalability
      • - Construction can be carried out according to the functional requirements of different areas and layers.
      • - Flexible service deployment. Through the core area, a server farm can be easily added.
      • Enhanced availability
      • - Maximally isolate faulty areas, simplify data paths, accelerate fault convergence.
      • Ease of management
      • - Clear network structure, easy management, locates problems easily
    • 15. Multi-area Server Farm Design and Deployment Online bank area Intranet area Test area Integration area Core switch area Internet area Management area
    • 16. Bandwidth is not everything Data Centers and the Power Problem Data Center Server, Storage, & Network Hardware Asset Usage Data source : Creating Energy-Efficient Data Centers, U.S. Department of Energy, Data Center Facilities and Engineering Conference, May 18, 2007 Green – 3Com consumes up to 50% less power than competitors IT Load Power and Cooling 55% 45% 70% 30% Power supply, memory, fans, drives ... CPU 80% 20% Idle Resource usage rate
    • 17. Bank in Spain Savings of 49k €/year
      • 900 branch switches
      • 3Com: 35W; Competitor: 100W
    • 18. Virtual Chassis through IRF Intelligent Resilient Framework Two devices physically One logical device … Unified management interface … Consistent forwarding entries … Inter-device link bundling
    • 19. Features and Advantages of IRF Each unit supports dual main controls to raise reliability. The cascaded links have no special requirements for the interface board. Aggregation of multiple 10Gbps links, and higher cascade bandwidth One logical single device, easy to manage Easy to deploy, and transparent to its neighbor Prefers local links, and provides high forwarding efficiency Provides hot backup for the unified route deployment status IRF
      • Enables dual-homed reliable deployment by simplifying neighboring equipment aggregation
      • All links active at the same time
      • Same virtual device does not require Spanning Tree or VRRP for redundancy
    • 20. Shared Virtual Virtual network service Logical classification and isolation of network services Maximizes reusability of functions and performance Simplifies deployment and O&M Saves energy consumption The other aspect of Virtualization One physical device becomes multiple logical devices
    • 21. Campus network Campus network Mpls core VM PE PE p p PE PE Department A Department B Department C Department A Department B Virtual Switches Virtual FW Virtual Routers DC Virtualization Resources of Department A Resources of Department B Resources of Department C Resources shared by A and B Resources shared by B and C Resources shared by A, B, and C VM VM X
    • 22. Data Center Network Topology Example Access Aggregation Data Core DC Core Performance and reliability Security DC Aggregation High-bandwidth access for server farms High-density GE/10GE ports are provided for interconnecting access layers. FW, SLB, SSL service modules etc … DC Access High-density GE access – Top of rack 1RU allows more flexible rack deployment Stacking creates greater expandability NIC teaming, blade servers
    • 23. Why 3Com?
    • 24. Case Study 1 — Search Engine of the Baidu Data Center
      • Project significance: The Baidu search engine is leading in and outside China. Undertaking the network planning and design for the Baidu search engine indicates that H3C has become a domestic leader in designing high-end data centers for large-scale Web sites.
      • Products involved: S9512 and S9508
      • Topology:
    • 25. Case Study 2 — CDN for the Eight backbone nodes all over China HQ node in Beijing Summary: In this project, H3C markets the integrated IToIP solution as a quality data center solution expert based on the advantage of differentiated competition. In addition, H3C pays attention to the deep needs of the customer, showing its experience in data center solution development and data center construction. 3Com/H3C enhances the value of the by helping the occupy the leadership of Olympic Games broadcasting and news communication.
    • 26. Increasingly Proven Around the World Manufacturing Telecommunications Finance Education Government Transportation Utilities
    • 27. Thank You Obrigado