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Lead Generation from Online Networking
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Lead Generation from Online Networking


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Capturing Leads through Online Networking Activities

Capturing Leads through Online Networking Activities

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. How To Generate Leads via Online Networking 10 Steps to Success Peter Caputa IV Founder, PC4Media HYPE9 - 5/20/08
  • 2. 1. Have the Right Attitude
    • Givers Gain – The more you help people, The More they’ll want to help you.
    • Establish Yourself as a resource.
    • Establish Yourself as a connector.
    • Be clear how people can help you. Practice your “positioning statement”.
  • 3. 2. Set Up Your Profiles
    • Include Previous Jobs, Awards, Education
    • Other Sites:
    • Plaxo
    • Facebook?
    • Naymz
    • BlitzTime
    • Inquisix
    • FastPitch
    • Meetup
  • 4. 3. Build Your Network
    • Classmates, Coworkers, Family, etc
    • Weekly Activities – People you meet, clients, partners, etc.
    • Instantly See Who They Know…
  • 5. 4. Exercise Your Connections/ Work the Online Room
    • Pay Attention to Other’s Activities: Read your contacts’ job postings, q&a-s, profile updates, new contacts, etc.
    • Reach out to see how you can help them.
    • Proactively introduce people. Proactively endorse other people.
    • Ask connections who TRUST you if they’ll introduce you to people. Again, focus on how you can help their contacts. Help your contacts first.
  • 6. 5. Endorse Other People
    • They Will Reciprocate
    • Your Endorsement Leaves a Link to Your Profile on Their Page
  • 7. 6. Ask & Answer Questions
    • Answer Questions that Demonstrate Your Expertise
    • Your answer leaves a link back to your profile. All of the people in the questioner’s network see your answer.
    • Recommend Your Trusted Contacts as Resources
  • 8. 7. Graduate to the Open Web/Blogosphere
    • Identify blogs that talk about what you do and/or reach your audience.
    • Start leaving relevant insightful comments on those blogs.
    • Insert a link to your website/linkedin profile.
    • Finding Blogs
    • Technorati, sphere, google blog search
    • Search google for “real estate blog”
    •, StumbleUpon, GReader
    • Follow blogrolls (best)
  • 9. 8. Start/Add to Conversations on Forums, Digg & Q/A sites
    • Search for questions you can answer.
    • Ask questions you need answered.
    • Insert links to your website
    • Others:
    • Fluther
    • LinkedIn Answers
    • Digg/Reddit (Social Bookmarking)
    • Twitter, FriendFeed
    • Google Reader Share
  • 10. 9. Starting a Blog?
    • Be educational
    • Link to Other People – They’ll link back.
    • Find blog buddies.
    • Ask people to leave their thoughts in the comments.
    • Start a blog on your own website.
      • Attracts more traffic from search engines
      • Blog visitors are only a click away from reading about your business
  • 11. BLOGGING = Networking on Steroids
    • My Blog is My 24/7 Networking Event Where I am the:
      • Host
      • Expert
      • Connector
    • It allows me to:
      • Introduce people and what they do to the world.
      • Make Connections By Linking To Other Bloggers
      • Establish Expertise, Authority…. Thought Leadership
      • Answer Questions and Educate Prospects
      • Get Prospects Engaged in a Conversation
      • Let prospects get to know me on their timeline and terms
      • Get Prospects to the Point Where they Are Ready to Buy
      • Attract a crapload of traffic from search engines, other blogs and social media sites.
  • 12. But, How Do I Get the Support of My Organization?
  • 13. 10. Generate Leads & Business
    • Most People Are not going to fill out your companies “contact us” form.
    • You need to be more creative:
      • Offers, Free Trials, Webinars, White Papers
    • Good Calls to Action Placed Prominently
    • Attract them in through SEO, blogging, Social Media. Then, give them reasons to share their contact information and express their “interest” to learn more.
  • 14. Measure, Measure, Measure
    • What Keywords Are You Ranking for in SEs?
  • 15. Measure, Measure, Measure
    • Where Are Visitors & Leads Coming From?
      • What Keywords, Other Websites Generate the Most Leads?
  • 16. Measure, Measure, Measure
    • What Forms Convert Visitors to Leads the Best?
  • 17. Measure, Measure, Measure
    • What Marketing Activities Generate the Most Leads?
  • 18. Measure, Measure, Measure
    • What Does Your Marketing and Sales Funnel Look Like?
  • 19. Connect with Me…
    • Preferred: LinkedIn, Twitter, BlitzTime, Next Level Executives Online Community
    • Blog:
    • Contributor:
    • Let me know how I can help…
      • Peter Caputa IV
      • [email_address]
      • 508 579 6987
    • Follow Up BlitzTime Speed Networking Event?