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  • The SSS team created this mission statement as the foundation of the SSS Plan. The team utilized the three domains in counseling as the source of the mission. These are set in national standards and are: academic, personal/social, and career/college. The mission statement also encompasses ideas of the current initiatives in social and emotional development of students towards academic and post secondary achievement.
  • These were the final goals the team created. These goals would drive the programs for each level.
  • Board presentation

    1. 1. Social/Emotional • Supportive Counseling (individual or group) • Mandated CSE Counseling • Parent contact • Community Resources • Peer mediation • New student orientation • Transition from elementary 4th grade to middle school 5th grade • Transition from middle school 8th grade to high school
    2. 2. Academic • Scheduling • Meet with students • Academic concerns • Monitor grades • Organization skills • Study skills • Attendance • Tardiness • Academic improvement plans • Parent /teacher conferences • Team meetings • Peer tutoring • Part of the IST, CSE & 504 process
    3. 3. Career Development • Career Cruising • High school planning • Transition from middle school 8th grade to high school • Describe transition to high school process
    4. 4. Opportunities for students to meet as a group • New student transition • Organization skills • Making the Grade (homework help) • Social Skills – Gossip, rumors, cliques, body image, rights & responsibilities, parent/ child relationship, healthy relationships
    5. 5. Class Presentations • Think before you send • Online safety • Cell phone etiquette • Healthy relationships -Being a good friend • Acceptance/Tolerance • Rumors & gossip • Why me?- Bullying awareness • Organization Skills • Study Skills • Mental Health • Character Education • Generosity Tree
    6. 6. All students at CCMS have access to student support staff who will assist students in developing their academic, social,/emotional and career skills. Through a comprehensive student support program, students will: 1) Demonstrate an understanding of their present academic status, achievement, interests, abilities, and educational requirements. 2) Experience greater self awareness and responsible decision making . 3) Be equipped with the interpersonal and effective competencies critical to employability and work adjustment We educate our students to become respectful, and responsible towards self and others. Guidance Plan Mission Statement
    7. 7. Student Support Service Goals Comprehensive programs for students in include: Goal 1: Prepare students to participate effectively in their current and future educational programs. Goal 2: Help students with attendance, academic, behavioral or adjustment concerns. Goal 3: Educate students concerning the awareness and respect of self and others. Goal 4: Encourage parental involvement in their children’s education. Goal 5: Review each student’s educational progress and annually.
    8. 8. Individual Classroom Groups Teacher Conference CSE/504 IST Team Meetings Communication Parent Meeting Admin Meeting & Support Staff Professional Development College Apps Department Meetings Junior Conferences Evening Programs Crisis Non-Guidance Activities MS & HS Counselor's Time and Task
    9. 9. Job Description Student Support Services Job Descriptions School Counselor School Counselors are New York State certified professionals with a Masters Degree in School Counseling. School counselors assist students in developing their academic, personal, social, and career/college skills through a comprehensive K-12 school program counseling. School counselors collaborate with administrators, educators, parents, and other student support service providers in achieving student success. School Counselors: Advocate for students academic needs Participate in parent-teacher conferences Provide emotional and social support for students through individual and group presentations Provide classroom lessons on academic, social/personal, and career/college skills
    11. 11. School Counselors and the System Student Support System Plan School Social Worker School Psychologists School Counselors
    12. 12. Character Education