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Intro To Bookmarking
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Intro To Bookmarking


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Introduction to Web-based Bookmarking October 2009
  • 2.  
  • 3.
    • Ever need to find a website you know you’ve visited but you just can’t seem to find it?
  • 4.
    • You might be pretty savvy with using your “bookmarks” or “favorites” features, but…
  • 5.
    • What if you weren’t using your regular computer or you were at school in a lab?
  • 6.
    • What you need is an online space where you can collect all your bookmarks and favorite websites!
  • 7.
    • Then all your bookmarks would be available for you:
    • at home
    • at school
    • from any internet connected computer!
  • 8. Enter
    • Social
    • Bookmarking
    bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark
  • 9.
    • is one of the great social bookmarking sites
  • 10. Demo and Tips
  • 11. Example
  • 12. A Portaportal
  • 13. What is it?
      • A web page with all your bookmarks in one place
      • Students can access the links with a simple click
      • Mark links with icons to help students locate where to go
  • 14. Where do I start?
    • Look at some examples of others
      • My portaportal links:
  • 15. Set Up an Account
    • Basic account setup
  • 16. Tools
    • Quick links
    • Alphabetize
    • Add Folder
    • Logout
    • Advanced
    • Help
    • Delete Folder
    • Preferences
  • 17. Set Up Folders
    • Create folders by grade, subject etc.
    • Add links from your bookmarks
    • Name folders so you can identify easily if using Quick Link feature
  • 18. Quick links
    • allow you to add links as you surf the web
  • 19. Advanced Settings
    • Clone the existing portal
    • Import bookmarks
    • Test the links
    • Export portal as bookmark file
    • Delete portal
  • 20. Ad Free Option
    • $15 a year no ads on the site
  • 21. Any online bookmarking site:
    • Allows you to easily and simply “bookmark” websites so you can find them later.
    • They are stored online, not on your computer
  • 22. Explore a Bookmarking service… General Scholarly Links Media Audience Bookmarking Service Matrix CiteULike Connotea unalog Merlot arXiv Flickr Photobucket YouTube Google Video Bag of URLs Furl Feed Me Links! Linkfilter Digg Technorati reddit Portaportal TeacherTube
  • 23. Create an account and get started bookmarking!
  • 24. Checkpoint:
    • Default & Standards page need to be completed and linked.
    • Pages for each button need to be created, linked, and formatted with consistent buttons, font (size and style), and background. No required content on them yet. (ie. Philosophy, resume, technology)