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Non-profit Organizations can learn how to increase website traffic for free.
Learn how you can take advantage of Google's grant for non-profit that have their 501c3 tax-exempt status. Google offers an Adwords budget of $10,000 month to qualifying non-profits organizations. shares many free website resources for non-profit tax exempt organizations.
Presentation includes:
Search Engine Optimization
Google Adwords
Google Analytics
On-page optimization

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  • How-a-non-profit-can-increase-website-presence-for-free-Lead ATL

    1. 1. How Non-Profit OrganizationsCan Increase Their Web Presence forFreePresented by Phyllis Breech
    2. 2.  Software Applications Technology started in 1995 SA-Technology started as a Software DevelopmentCompany that built customized applications to automateprocesses for our clients. As Technology evolved so has our expertise and theservices we offer our clients.
    3. 3. Psalm 127:1Unless the Lord builds the house, thosewho build it labor in vain. Unless the Lordwatches over the city, the watchman staysawake in Foundation of Successful Non-profit
    4. 4. Foundation of Successful Non-profitPray Like it depends onGODWork like it depends on you
    5. 5. You will Learn What is SEO What is Organic Search The importance of optimizing your Website(On-page Optimization) Google Analytics (Measuring progress) Google Non-profit Grant & other Products Questions Conclusion - Questions
    6. 6.  The Internet has changed the way wedo business New Times Require New Approaches With Internet & Website geographicrestrictions are removedChanging times
    7. 7. Traditional Marketing is no Longer Effective Yellow Pages are in steady decline Newspapers are in trouble across the country Television / Radio is not cost effective Email marketing has seen a drop in responserates due to the pure volume of “noise” Here are some reason you should not onlyhave a website but you must optimize it.
    8. 8. The Gravity of the NumbersBillion Active Facebook Users131 Million Blogger on the internet10 Billion+ Tweets Sent on Twitter Since 20062 Billion Videos Are Streamed on YouTubeEach Day
    9. 9. Source: Jess3
    10. 10. Purpose of your website CredibilityThe objective is to attract visitors Communicate your Cause, Educate & Update Convert those visitors to volunteers,Donors & supporter of your cause.
    11. 11. It’s Time To Optimize Your Website
    12. 12. Search engine optimization (SEO)Is the process of affecting the visibilityof a website or a web page in asearch engines "natural" or un-paid("organic") search results.According to Wikipedia
    13. 13. Keyword researchKeywords can help. Using appropriate keywordson your site and youll attract visitors whoSupport your causeThe more relevant keywords that you rank wellfor, the more traffic youll attract and the morelives you will change.Determine What Keywords To Optimize For
    14. 14. FREE=OrganicSearch
    15. 15. Who/Where your Idea Customers areOptimize your website for the keywords that youwould like to be founded for (on-page)Example if your nonprofit focus on helpingcancer resources, you might consider includingCancer resources. Keywords can be determinedby performing Keyword research using GoogleKeyword tool.Use social media sites to champion your cause BlogoftenSteps to a better position in Google
    16. 16. On Page SEO (Optimization)
    17. 17. On-page
    18. 18. Its a snippet of HTML code that belongsinside the <Head> </Head> section of aweb page. It is usually placed after the Titletag.The proper syntax for this HTML tag is:<META NAME="Description"CONTENT="Your descriptive sentence ortwo goes here.">If youre using a content managementsystem (CMS), look for a field to fill outthats called Meta Description, or possiblyjust "Description."Meta Tag Description?
    19. 19. TitleURL(website address)H1 - Title TAG
    20. 20. LeadAtl.orgRanked #5
    21. 21. RANKED #7 for Keyword:Atlanta Custom Applications
    22. 22. The BOTTOM LINEIF Google can’t find your websiteneither will anyone else.
    23. 23. Questions?
    24. 24. Tracking Response With Google Analytics Whatever your site’s objectives, you need tomeasure its response rates You want to know which keywords your SEOshould target. Use Google Analytics to monitor response andmake sure you track response and get the bestpossible return on for your efforts
    25. 25. How to set up the web tracking codeBEFORE YOU BEGIN: To set up tracking, you need tohave access to the source code for your website. Addtracking snippet that google gives you in your analyticsaccount.* May need help from WebmasterAdding Google Analytics
    26. 26. Google Programs forNonprofit Organizations
    27. 27. Google Grant = $10,000 per monthfor AdWords for NonprofitsDaily Budget of $330
    28. 28. GOOGLE ADWORDS
    29. 29. Questions?
    30. 30. Building a Long-Term StrategyBranding your NonprofitLeverage Social Media (All FREE to set up)LinkedInYouTubeFaceBookTwitterWebsiteSEO(Search Engine Optimization)
    31. 31.  LinkedIn/YouTube account for your business Facebook Fan page and Twitter Account Create/Add a Blog to your website(wordpress)Add 2-3 articles per week Consider having a “custom” Facebook/Twitterpage created. Branding Outsource the customization of Social Mediapages, and the content.Building a Long-Term Strategy
    32. 32. Your Website is the
    33. 33. Building a Long-Term Strategy Mobile Devices Consider a custom mobile website Optimize your existing site for mobile Mobile Text Marketing QR Codes (Quick Response Code)
    34. 34. Social Media is for Leads and SalesSource: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
    35. 35. Social Media is for B2B and B2CSource: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
    36. 36.  nonprofit-bloggers-and-resources-on-google/ Email marketingBook : Circle Maker by:Mark BattersonResource Links
    37. 37. What Can You Do? How Do you Get ToStart?
    38. 38.  Optimize website with geo targeted location (city name, keyword ) Claim Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local listing for your business Create Valuable Content (content is King) Setup online lead capture (forms) on your websiteGet listed in all local search directories Build targeted links to your website. Get Testimonies & real reviews Tell your story in a compelling wayTrack results of your progress (Google Analytics)Roadmap for an Online
    39. 39. Questions?
    40. 40. a Chance To WIN either aFREE 30 Minute SEO Consultation or Free LOGO
    41. 41. Questions?
    42. 42. greatest Privilege &Potential is Kneeling before theKingThis is what makes everythingelse PossibleThe Circle Maker, Mark Batterson
    43. 43.