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Atlanta National Association of Minority Truckers, Kevin Reid, Small Business, online marketing, Phyllis Breech

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  • NAFMT Presentation - 05-04-2013

    1. 1. How To Market Your Business OnlinePresented by Phyllis Breech
    2. 2. Agenda Introduction Marketing Your Business Online Why a website must be an essential part of yourbusiness plan. What are some things you can do to establishyour web presence. Conclusion - Questions
    3. 3. Psalm 127:1Unless the Lord builds the house, thosewho build it labor in vain. Unless the Lordwatches over the city, the watchman staysawake in Foundation of Successful Business
    4. 4. Why you need an Online Presence Yellow Pages are in steady decline Newspapers are in trouble across the country Television / Radio is not cost effective Email marketing has seen a drop in responserates due to the pure volume of “noise” Here are some reason you should be online
    5. 5. 90 Trillion Emailssent on the Internet in 2009.Source: Jess3
    6. 6. Billion Active Facebook UsersSource: Tech HeraldPhoto Credit: Oversocialized
    7. 7. 131 MillionBlogs on the Internet.Source: Jess3
    8. 8. 10 Billion+ Tweets Sent on TwitterSince 2006Photo Credit: Rosaura Ochoa Source: Mashable
    9. 9. 2 Billion Videos Are StreamedEach Day On YouTubePhoto Credit: jonsson Source: Techcrunch
    10. 10. 73% of activity online in one way or another “is related tolocal searches done in Google”For every one dollar spend online, another five or six aregoing to offline purchases that are influenced by onlineresearchWhy Getting your Business online so important?
    11. 11.  97% of Internet users gather shoppinginformation online, and 51% characterizetheir behavior as “Shop Online, PurchaseOffline” 70% of online searchers will use local searchengine to find YOUR TRUCKING businesses.Why Getting your Business online so important?
    12. 12.  Who/Where are your Idea Customers Having a web page isn’t enough Be a respected and trusted authority Become a resource in your market - EXPERT! BE DIFFERENTA Paradigm Shift
    13. 13. But Are My Clients Really Looking For Me Online?Who’s Looking for Me?
    14. 14. Building a Long-Term StrategyBranding your BusinessLeverage Social Media (All FREE to set up)LinkedInYouTubeFaceBookTwitterWebsiteSEO(Search Engine Optimization)
    15. 15. Building a Long-Term Strategy Mobile Devices Consider a custom mobile website Optimize your existing site for mobile Mobile Text Marketing QR Codes (Quick Response Code)
    16. 16. Social Media TakeoverSource: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
    17. 17. Social Media101 – GettingKnown!
    18. 18. “Social Media Marketing: Enables Others to Advocatefor Your Business Through Compelling Content”Image credit: Ian Sane
    19. 19. “Social Media is Like a Cocktail Party:Listen Then Respond”Photo Credit:The Dana Files
    20. 20. “Facebook is a socialnetwork that connectspeople personally andprofessionally throughconnections, messages,photos, & videos.”Photo Credit: Marvin Kuo
    21. 21. Facebook Fan Pages Let BusinessesInteract with Customers and Prospects
    22. 22. “Twitter is like a Text Message with aBCC: To The World”Photo Credit: ydhsu
    23. 23. Businesses Use Twitter to Converse withProspects, Provide Customer Service and DriveWebsite Traffic.
    24. 24. Social Media Can DriveLeads and CustomersPhoto Credit:
    25. 25. Leveraging Social
    26. 26. Social Media is for Leads and SalesSource: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
    27. 27. Social Media is for B2B and B2CSource: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
    28. 28.  LinkedIn/YouTube account for your business Facebook Fan page and Twitter Account Create/Add a Blog to your website(wordpress)Add 2-3 articles per week Consider having a “custom” Facebook/Twitterpage created. Branding Outsource the customization of Social Mediapages, and the content.Social Media Strategies
    29. 29. Mobile Phone Marketing4 TIMES as many mobile phone users asinternet users33% of phones use high speed dataservicesIPhone, Blackberry & AndroidThe Mobile Media Revolution
    30. 30. What Can You Do? How Do you Get To Start?
    31. 31.  BrandinglogoColors Google Places pageGetting Started your business set-up
    32. 32. GoogleBing LocalYahoo Local Search Engine Business Listings(MAPS)
    33. 33.  The Internet has changed the way wedo business New Times Require New Approaches With Internet geographic restrictions areremovedA Website is The New Necessity
    34. 34.  Sales opportunities increase whiletransaction costs decrease. Your Website sell 24 hours a day / 7 days aweek Products can be delivered instantly at a fractionof conventional delivery expenses.The Benefits of a Website
    35. 35. Determine your budgetRegister domain name (Own it)Set-up hosting accountStart with a Word Press blogUse keyword rich textCall to actionForm to capture visitors information.TIPS: Setting up your
    36. 36.  Optimize website with geo targeted location (city name, keyword ) Claim Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local listing for your business Create Valuable Content (content is King) Setup online lead capture (forms) on your website List your business in directory and review sites Get listed in all local search directories Build targeted links to your website. Get Testimonies & real reviews Track results of your progressRoadmap for an Online
    37. 37. Don’t Get left behindGet your business online!Questions?
    38. 38.Textual content to be provided by customer. Customer responsible for Hosting and Domain Name RegistrationAnnual hosting will be prorated from date of signing and billed annually on January 1st (179.00)Sign up TODAY to Receive FREE LOGO(value at $250)1275$Regular Price: $1875NAFMT SPECIAL WEBSITE OFFER 10 Page Website Custom graphic design One contact us page with form Admin Interface Up to 5 email addresses set-up* One
    39. 39. up TODAY to Receive 500 FreePRINTED Business cards (value at $95)375$Regular Price: $575NAFMT SPECIAL BRANDING OFFER Custom logo design 4 - 6 Designs to choose from Business Card Design 2 -4 Designs to choose from Custom Letter Head
    40. 40. BRANDED LOGOs
    41. 41. DESIGNED WEBSITESWe make you look good
    42. 42. DESIGNED WEBSITESWe make you look good
    43. 43. BRANDED
    45. 45. BRANDED
    46. 46. BRANDED
    47. 47. Questions?
    48. 48. best way to get to your greatnessis through small, continuous steps.~ Robin Sharma
    49. 49. a Chance to WIN either a1. Like us on Facebook2. Must Leave a comment about one thingyou learned for my presentationFREE LOGO orFREE 30 Minute Branding Consultation Session
    50. 50.