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ReachMD XM160 is a satellite radio channel for medical professionals. ReachMD programming is also delivered as a live webstream on the iPhone. This presentation provides a brief background on how healthcare brands and others can leverage the ReachMD Network to support their marketing communications objectives.

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  • ReachMD XM Radio and Network

    1. 1. Reaching and Teaching Physicians “Simply engaging Peer-to-Peer programming in easy to digest 15-minute segments.”
    2. 2. Our Vision: Who we are ReachMD is a revolutionary new communication, information and education company designed to engage busy, practicing clinicians and medical professionals everyday. • Founded by a physician with education and communication in mind. • First and only dedicated XM RADIO channel for medical professionals, by medical professionals;
    3. 3. Best In Class Strategic Partners
    4. 4. Clients
    5. 5. Brand Benefits Reach your target audience - deliver your disease state and branded messages frequently and cost-effectively Increase traffic to the interactive/online communications assets you have already invested in - create awareness and communicate the benefits of your online assets Meet the needs of your audience - Your communications campaign on ReachMD is built around your customer; convenient and simple access across multiple media options including satellite radio, smart phone access, webstreaming and podcasting XM Satellite iPhone App Webstream Podcast
    6. 6. 2009 Popular Industry Programs Medical Industry Feature - a full 15-minute program featuring your content and your speaker Specialty Programming Sponsorship - as the sponsor your ad is connected to contextual award winning programming Conference Coverage Sponsorship - as the sponsor you can bring this highly valued and timely content plus your ad to this target rich audience DTC Alert for Physicians and other HCPs - build physician loyalty with a 1 or 2-minute ad and get more from your investment in broadcast and interactive DTC XM Satellite iPhone App Webstream Podcast
    7. 7. Satellite - XM 160 Audience • Syndicated study conducted by MARS, a division of Kantar Media Research, a WPP company – MARS is considered one of the top market research firms in the industry. With the integration of PERQ/HCI in 2009, it is the 280,000+ Weekly Listeners dominant provider of media research to both medical agencies and medical publishers ReachMD will provide breakouts by profession and specialty Cross-match your target list with the ReachMD network audience - satellite, iPhone, web and eNewsletter Additional program promotion specifically targeting your audience
    8. 8. Live and OnDemand
    9. 9. Web Traffic Page Views Key Observations • has seen significant and sustained growth in its web traffic • Introduction of MedicalRadio iPhone App created a 50% increase in pageviews in June Unique Visitors • Unique Visitors jumped significantly with the introduction of the MedicalRadio iPhone App.
    10. 10. OnDemand Audience Monthly Podcast Downloads Sponsors disease state, branded or corporate messaging embedded in podcasts for up to 1 year
    11. 11. Series Landing Page on Brand and corporate logo with live link
    12. 12. Program Specific SURVEY Capability Your sponsored programming can include the ability to survey participants
    13. 13. Weekly eNewsletter sent to 150,000+
    14. 14. Drive traffic to your HCP sites 150,000+ Subscribers to the ReachMD weekly eNewsletter We promote your program which is just a click-away
    15. 15. Weekly ReachMD eNewsletter Number of Emails Distributed (monthly) Extremely High Click-Through Rates! ReachMD promotes your sponsored programming and web assets via this weekly eNewsletter to over 150,000 opt-in subscribers and growing
    16. 16. New ReachMD iPhone App Easy and convenient mobile access via the ReachMD MedicalRadio iPhone App Provides extended reach and frequency (free - no XM subscription required)
    17. 17. New iPhone Application with XM Radio Stream ReachMD XM160 Live or Access OnDemand! Over 27% of physicians use the iPhone (Source: Manhattan Research) Measuring webstreams and click- throughs Free and XM subscription not required Includes ability to provide convenient access to program SURVEY - right where they listen Live link from your logo
    18. 18. New iPhone Application - ReachMD MedicalRadio App “In the top 3 free downloads from the iPhone App Store” (Source: American Medical Association AM News, January 12, 2009) According to the AMA’s American Medical News......... Connect with your target audience wherever they are at their convenience Provide “air-cover” for you field sales force or involve them at any level Your program runs next to highly sought after content by specialty
    19. 19. To Learn More.......... Contact: Paul Boidy EVP Sales and Business Development ReachMD 312 330 3465