East Green Initiative Initial Contact Wording


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East Green Initiative Initial Contact Wording

  1. 1. EAST GREEN INITIATIVE INITIAL CONTACT Hi my name is _________I am a member of the High Point Community Against Violence Inc. Is _______ your (son, daughter, and/or family member). I have some very important information regarding ___ . He/She is not in any trouble right now. However, he/she is involved in activity that is of great concern to the community. I would like to take some of your time to discuss this with you and hopefully together we can help ________ and keep him/her from getting into serious trouble. FACE-TO-FACE A small group would like to meet with you to explain the importance of this initiative and the opportunities it will provide. Your assistance and support can help _______ avoid prosecution and incarceration. Can we meet with you to explain this further? Our meeting can be at the police department or in your home? WHO ARE WE We are concerned citizens who have joined with numerous cooperating agencies, both public and private, and community resources, to develop a community faith-based strategy. OUR PLAN Our plan is to significantly reduce street level drug dealing and those crimes associated with it thereby improving the living conditions of those neighborhoods experiencing the negative effects that street level drug markets create. (The East Green Area has been identified as an area affected by street level drug dealing.) HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THE PLAN Working with police and community, we will change the way conventional police work is done. We will identify offenders involved in street level drug dealing, identify family and/or significant people in the offenders life, reach out to those family members in an attempt to build an intervention group to change the offenders behavior. An offender can subsequently choose support from family and community resources rather than arrest. (We hope to one day identify street level drug dealers and intervene through contact with the offender their family and community rather than make that first contact and arrest followed by incarceration.) THE OPPORTUNITY On Tuesday, August 14, 2007, at 5:30 pm, identified offenders and their families are invited to the High Point Police Department to meet with the High Point Community Against Violence. There we will make clear our desire to end street level drug markets in the East Green neighborhoods and offer support and resources for those who are engaged in this behavior. Please join us in this effort.