29 January 2004
Half-hour audio discussion program highlights Stevens experts
HOBOKEN, N.J. - A new discussion program deb...
innovation, research and entrepreneurship to confront global challenges in engineering, science, systems and technology ma...
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StevensViews Radio Press Release-20040129


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StevensViews Radio Press Release-20040129

  1. 1. 29 January 2004 Half-hour audio discussion program highlights Stevens experts HOBOKEN, N.J. - A new discussion program debuted this week on the World Wide Web, produced at Stevens Institute of Technology. "StevensViews Radio," a half-hour streaming audio program drawing on the Institute's expertise, began its run with three original programs that delve into topics of current interest to the public at large. The program is a spinout of the Institute's quarterly newsletter "StevensViews," which appears in both print and Web versions, as published by the staff of the Stevens News Service, located in Stevens' Office of Development and External Affairs. The worlds of science, technology, engineering, business management, the humanities and education are considered in-depth in every half-hour discussion featured on "StevensViews Radio." Stevens Institute faculty from the Schaefer School of Engineering, the Imperatore School of Sciences & Arts, the School of Continuing Professional Education and the Howe School of Technology Management come together, along with researchers and others in the Stevens Community, to shed light on new frontiers in knowledge. Patrick A. Berzinski, editor of "StevensViews" quarterly - who is also associate director of media relations for Stevens News Service - hosts the program. His co-host is Robert Ubell, Dean of the School of Continuing Professional Education at Stevens. Berzinski also acts as executive producer of the program, which is produced by Stevens News Service in cooperation with the DeBaun Center for the Performing Arts, where the program is taped and edited. "All listeners will feel they have learned something new from each program, even when the topic at first seems familiar," said Meagen Henning, production associate for the program. "Our experts are in the lead in many fields of research and education, so the audience will learn a lot about what's just around the corner in many areas of science and technology." A changing panel of three colleagues from Stevens' faculty and research communities appears on each program to explore a common theme. The program link can be found in the vertical menu at www.stevensnewsservice.com. Currently streaming at the radio show website: "Connect Me to the Future: The Convergence of Technologies in Telecommunications," featuring a discussion with Dr. Audrey Curtis, Director of the Telecommunications Management Program at the Howe School; Dr. Sumit Ghosh, Hattrick Chair Professor of Information Systems Engineering at the Schaefer School; and Dr. Rainer Martini, Director of the Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy & High Speed Communication Lab at the Imperatore School. "Back to School: Executives in Academia," featuring Industry Research Professor Larry Bernstein, Department of Computer Science, Imperatore School; Dr. John Farr, professor and Director of the Department of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management, Schaefer School; and Leslie Stevens, Director of the Center for Global Technology Management, Howe School. "Safe Networks: Hackers and Homeland Security," featuring Dr. R. Chandramouli, Co-Director of the Multimedia Systems, Networking and Communication Lab, Schaefer School; Dr. Paul J. Kolodzy, Director of the Wireless Network Security Center; and Dr. Manu Malek, Director of the Graduate Certificate in CyberSecurity Program, Imperatore School. Future programs will consider topics such as Internet education; environmental remediation technologies; technology in the arts; and global outreach. The "StevensViews Radio" website was built by Rahul Sasidhar, web manager for the Stevens News Service, in cooperation with web consultant Randolph Hoppe of Lemon Custard. About Stevens Institute of Technology Founded in 1870 and celebrating 140 Years of Innovation, Stevens Institute of Technology, The Innovation University TM , lives at the intersection of industry, academics and research. The University's students, faculty and partners leverage their collective real-world experience and culture of CALENDAR OF EVENT S >> SEARCH ST EVENS 1 of 2
  2. 2. innovation, research and entrepreneurship to confront global challenges in engineering, science, systems and technology management. Based in Hoboken, N.J. and with a location in Washington, D.C., Stevens offers baccalaureate, master’s, certificates and doctoral degrees in engineering, the sciences and management, in addition to baccalaureate degrees in business and liberal arts. Stevens has been recognized by both the US Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security as a National Center of Excellence in the areas of systems engineering and port security research. The University has a total enrollment of more than 2,200 undergraduate and 3,700 graduate students with almost 450 faculty. Stevens’ graduate programs have attracted international participation from China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe and Latin America as well as strategic partnerships with industry leaders, governments and other universities around the world. Additional information may be obtained at www.stevens.edu and www.stevens.edu/press. Contact: Patrick A. Berzinski, +1-201-216-5687, Patrick.Berzinski@stevens.edu Stevens Institute of Technology, Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken NJ 07030-5991 USA + ©1998-2009 Stevens Institute of Technology. All rights reserved. This page was last updated 7 October 2006. 2 of 2