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PRESIDENT’S LETTER 2005T H E H O W E S C H O O L O F T E C H N O LO GY M A N A G E M E N T                                ...
PRESIDENT’S LETTER 2005STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT                        In the term just concluded the         Stevens also had ...
PRESIDENT’S LETTER 2005THE SCHAEFER SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING                                                                 ...
PRESIDENT’S LETTER 2005I N S T I T U T E T E C H N O LO GY I N I T I AT I V E S                                           ...
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The Stevens President\'s Letter, 09/2005.

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Berzinski Writing Sample2

  1. 1. Stevens Institute of Technology Castle Point on HudsonBOARD OF TRUSTEES Hoboken, NJ 07030 Office of the PresidentStevens Institute of Technology’s Board of Trustees is moving forward latter subcommittee will be concerned with endowment managementwith the adoption of the current best practices for the stewardship of and growth. September 2005non-profit academic institutions. Some longstanding committees havebeen replaced, others have been refocused with newly drafted charters Newly chartered Operational Committees include the Instituteand expanded missions. Faculty, staff and trustees have participated in Facilities Committee and the Technology Commercialization “In the recent US News & World Report rankings forthis process in our effort to expand communication and cooperation Committee; the latter will feature a significant new charter and relatedbetween the Board and the full spectrum of the Stevens community. investment policy. The Enrollment and Student Life Committee will national universities, Stevens climbed ten positions toIn addition, review and revision of Stevens Bylaws and Conflict of oversee the activities of three subcommittees: the Subcommittee onInterest policy has been undertaken, along with an expanded Code of Undergraduate Students, the Subcommittee on Master’s and #71 – rising farther, faster, than any other universityEthics for the entire Institute, which will now apply to administrators, Professional Education Programs, and the Subcommittee on the in the National Top 100.”faculty and staff, in addition to trustees. Institute’s Educational Environment. The Committee on Academe will also be structured to contain three designated subcommittees: the – Hal RavechéAmong the newly founded Trustee Management Committees are Subcommittee on Strategy: Technogenesis & Stevens as a Researchthose facilitating Strategy, Human Resources, Nominating and University; the Subcommittee on Faculty Excellence: Teaching, Dear Colleague:Corporate Governance, and Faculty and Staff Relations. The Human Research, Inventiveness and Post -Tenure Review; and theResources Committee replaces the former Compensation Committee. Subcommittee on Curricula and Academic Disciplines. In the recent US News & World Report rankings for national universi-The Alumni Affairs Committee has adopted a new charter. ties, Stevens climbed ten positions to #71 – rising farther, faster, than With these new structures in place, the Board of Trustees will be in an any other university in the National Top 100. In 2005, retention andAmong the Financial Committees, the Audit and Institute enhanced position to guide Stevens forward in its mission to educate, to graduation improved significantly, contributing to the higher stand-Development Committees are newly chartered. The Finance and create new knowledge, and to contribute to the betterment of society. ing. Stevens is now, in the category of Actual Graduation, ranked 58,Investment Committee will consist of two co-chairs overseeing the up from 83 in 2004. Ranked 39th in SATs, Stevens continues toSubcommittee on Finance and the Subcommittee on Investment. The attract the most talented students in the nation.continued from front cover The important work of our faculty, the impressive achievements of our students, the professional dedication of our staff, and the exem-replicate, accruing to the benefit of both the Institute and society. grams are being initiated at BIT and at several other universities in plary commitment of our alumni have all contributed to a most suc-Earlier the Center for Environmental Systems, using related technolo- China, with extensive involvement from our award-winning cessful 2004-05 academic year. I am honored to serve as president atgy, was instrumental in helping remediate well water in Bangladesh WebCampus.Stevens. this exciting time in the ascent of Stevens among the nation’s top ly on the wealth of expertise that characterizes our outstanding facul-that was contaminated with arsenic. research universities. I am especially proud of those extraordinary ty. Efforts in biomedical engineering, nanoscale technologies, cyber The culture of the Scholar-Athlete at Stevens continued to expand individuals that contribute to our campus as a dynamically vibrant security, mathematical cryptography and network security, as well asOur Wireless Network Security Center was the recipient of an impres- and acquire new dimensionalities, as our academically outstanding center for learning and creative activities. computer modeling for more secure ports and harbors, have all addedsive fifth major grant from the National Science Foundation, and has Division III athletes experienced their most successful season ever, to Stevens’ renown as a wellspring of ideas and applications. Theircontributed to the founding of an exciting new wireless technology with a first-year student bringing home Stevens first National Our collective goal is to continue the nurturing of our unique campus critically important work has implications well beyond the communi-venture, Attila Technologies LLC. Championship, which is in equestrian competition. environment. ty of our campus.SINTEL - the Secure Infrastructure Technology Lab - was founded to As a testimony to our alumni, annual giving to Stevens reached new Technogenesis® cultivates that high degree of inventiveness which Our Office of Institute Technology Initiatives negotiated the first saleaggregate the many brilliant faculty efforts now under way at Stevens highs, with the Edwin A. Stevens Society breaking the 500-member enables faculty and students to connect the pioneering progress they of a Stevens Technogenesis company, HydroGlobe, making commer-to protect the integrity of our ports and harbors from potential terror- barrier for the first time in its history. achieve in their fields with products and services that are valued by cially available worldwide a heavy-metals filtration technology to puri-ist attacks or efforts to disrupt our economy and the commercial sup- business, industry and society as a whole. In the year just passed, fy drinking water, developed by researchers at the Center forply chain. Finally, the Board of Trustees in its efforts to comply with the best Technogenesis has shown its value-added impact for our students, fac- Environmental Systems. The sale also resulted in financial rewards for practices of governance at not-for-profits developed new Board com- ulty, industry partners, the Institute itself, and the world at large. It is Stevens; a concurrent licensing agreement will provide patent royaltiesStudents and young alumni continued to apply for patents in technol- mittees and new charters for Board committees which will enhance no accident that Stevens was ranked in late 2004 by The Princeton to Stevens for years to come, allowing the Technogenesis cycle toogy applications that they helped to create through the Senior Design the future governance of the Institute. In addition, the Board will Review as standing among the nation’s “most entrepreneurial campus- ...continued on backand Technogenesis Scholars programs. Impressively, one biomedical continue its outreach to faculty and staff through the new Board es.”device for detecting sources of pain in the body is expected shortly to Committee on Faculty and Staff Relations as well as other avenues ofundergo clinical trials at a New York City medical center. communication. The major goal of Stevens vision for growth is to ensure the Institutes continued ascendancy as a leader in research and education InsideThe Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. Center for Technology Management This annual letter highlights some of the outstanding contributions where scholars in many fields of endeavor are focused on creating Achievements and new arrivals in the three academicdrew near completion, promising the most up-to-date facility to made by our faculty, students and staff. As always, I welcome you to landmark advances and finding innovative solutions to critical needs schoolshouse the increasingly honored Wesley J. Howe School of Technology consider partnering with us in our growing research and education of our nation and global society. All indications as we begin the newManagement. Accolades for The Howe School included an award as initiatives. academic year buttress expectations of great things to come through Institute Technology Initiatives and the Year inone of the “world’s elite research institutions” by the International faculty and student achievements. TechnogenesisAssociation for Management of Technology, and a placement by Sincerely yours,Optimize magazine in the Top Five in the US for educating executives In our sponsored research, the faculty and research centers have made Student accomplishments in, and beyond, the classroomin the management of technology. impressive gains. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2005, more than and laboratory $30 million from external resources was expended on research, com-Our graduate Telecommunications Management program awarded pared to $25 million as of June 30, 2004. This bodes well for our New Leadership at the InstituteStevens degrees to 21 students in China through a joint agreement Harold J. Raveché long-term goal of further growth to $50 million by the end of thiswith the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT); other graduate pro- President decade. New research initiatives have been undertaken to build rapid- The Stevens BoT and its advances in governance
  2. 2. PRESIDENT’S LETTER 2005T H E H O W E S C H O O L O F T E C H N O LO GY M A N A G E M E N T NEW LEADERSHIP In the Office of Development and External degree from the University of Padua, was a NATO Fellow at Affairs, after two successful, back-to-back Cambridge University, and received a MBA at the Harvard Graduate five-year capital campaigns, long-time Vice School of Business Administration. His extensive experience includes Within a decade of its founding, The Wesley J. Howe School of President Jim Snyder accepted an appoint- budgeting, research accounting, information ment as Special Assistant to the President. systems and business processes, monitoring Technology Management has become a nationally recognized Stepping in as Acting Vice President for expenses and revenues, and managing finan- Development and External Affairs is cial controls. leader in Technology Management education and research. Marjorie Everitt, a A member of Falconi’s team is Michael familiar presence to D’Onofrio in the position of Controller. our faithful alumni VP Snyder D’Onofrio, who had served as interim CFO and major donors. She prior to Falconi’s arrival, is a results-driven is currently overseeing the historic growth ofThis is an exciting time at The Howe School. It was named among executive with a proven record of managing the Edwin A. Stevens Society, which broke multi-million-dollar VP Falconithe ‘Top Five in the Nation’ for its graduate education by the execu- through the 500-member barrier for the firsttive readership of Optimize magazine. Most strikingly, the budgets, reducing costs time this year. She and her team are buildingInternational Association for the Management of Technology and streamlining operations. Previously he Acting Dean McCusker strategies to develop new levels of support and(IAMOT) recognized Howe as one of the top Technology oversaw the finances of a $170 million-rev- recognition for Stevens’ programs, faculty andManagement Programs in the world at the IAMOT annual meeting Acting VP Everitt enue company; and prior to that, he started Vienna, Austria. Further recognition came as SAP named the up and managed a nationwide financial In June, an important transition occurred with the departure of Dean A sterling financial operations team has come on board to ensure shared-services center and staff of a Center of Excellence in Business Process Innovation, only Jerry MacArthur Hultin, who was selected to serve as president of effective management of the gains made during a decade of rapidone of five such centers worldwide Douglass Horr just arrived and brings strong Polytechnic University in New York. growth. In March 2005, Stefano Falconi assumed office as Stevens’The Business and Technology (B&T) program graduated its second credentials for the role of Institute Auditor. Vice President of Finance, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer. He During his five years at The Howe School, Hultin oversaw the expan- He previously served as Senior Auditor,class. Nationally, the starting salaries of business majors tend to be less is now in the process of creating the necessary financial mechanisms Mr. D’Onofrio sion of new graduate programs in technology management in the Internal Audit Department at Rutgersthan those of engineering and science graduates. However, Stevens and controls to guarantee that future growth can proceed apace. New York/New Jersey metropolitan region, as well as nationwide and University, where he also held the positions of Project Team Lead forB&T graduates are very much on par with engineering and computer globally; he also presided over a major increase in research funding, Falconi’s experience includes positions of responsibility Harvard Rutgers Integrated Administrative System, and Senior Executivescience majors, given an average starting salary of $54,000. B&T wel- and the successful inauguration of the undergraduate program in University, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon University. Falconi has a J.D. Assistant, Office of the VP for Administration.comes 60 new freshmen this year, now bringing the total program Business and Technology.student body to 200 strong.The B&T program prepares a whole new kind of graduate for the At Stevens, Hultin promoted government research interest in Stevens’ technologies for homeland security and military defense. Hultin also FA C I L I T I E Sworkforce of the 21st century. These young people know exactly led a much-cited September 2004 research study, titled “Securing the Under the guidance of the Vice President for Now under construction, The River Terrace Apartments complex willwhere they want to go when they graduate, exactly how to get there, Port of New York and New Jersey: Network-centric Operations Facilities and Support Services, Henry open in late spring 2006, ready to accommodate upward of 200and how to handle major responsibility when it’s entrusted to them. Applied to the Campaign against Terrorism.” Dobbelaar, Stevens is looking forward to the undergraduate residents.They are among the most savvy and sought-after graduating seniorsfor mid-level executive positions in telecoms, pharma and the finan- Upon Hultin’s departure, I was pleased to appoint Associate Dean Lex debut of several major facilities over the nextcial industry – as well as by any firm where the understanding and year. The renovation and expansion of the world-renowned high-speed test- McCusker as Acting Dean of The Howe School. A long-time execu-management of both business and technology is crucial, and where ing tank in the Center for Maritime Systems’ Davidson Laboratory tive at AT&T, McCusker brings a history of high-level technologythe intersection of the two is appreciated as mutually reinforcing. Scheduled to open its doors in the fall of will provide Stevens with the most modern facility in the world for management responsibilities and project oversight, principally in the 2005, the Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. Center for testing naval architectural design and large-scale environmental and field of telecommunications. He is an expert in the areas of operationsOn the graduate level, a unique MBA program in Technology Technology Management, a six-story, 95,000 ocean engineering projects. Re-opening of the facility is slated for and logistics; general management and change management; strategicManagement, directed by Dr. Murrae Bowden, graduated its first square-foot structure, will serve as the new early 2006. planning, analysis and implementation; and organizational develop- VP Dobbelaarclass. The school introduced new programs in Management of signature headquarters for the Wesley J. Howe ment and communications. Finally, the renovation of the fourth-floor of the Edwin A. StevensInformation Systems, directed by Dr. Jerry Luftman, in areas of School of Technology Management, along with other Stevens depart-Outsourcing, Legal Compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley) and Cyber Security, During the search for a new dean, I look forward to working with ments and research centers. Building has provided a much-needed modern suite of offices andand a program focused on Technology Management in the pharma- Acting Dean McCusker in continuing to build the distinctive gradu- conference facilities for the Dean of Engineering and the Schaeferceutical industry, directed by Dr. Joel Dobbs, was also debuted. The ate and undergraduate programs at The Howe School. The construction of this premier facility was made possible by a gen- School’s administrative also added new talent and capability in key research areas for erous personal gift of $6 million from Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr., theStevens, including the new Center for Decision Technologies, directed New Additions to Faculty Vice Chairman of Verizon and the Chairman of the Board of Stevensby Dr. Jeffery Nickerson. Institute, and an additional $18 million in contributions from strong Joel H. Dobbs joins the Howe School as its Stevens supporters, including Verizon, Lucent, AT&T, the State ofOn a global scale, in combination with WebCampus.Stevens, Howe Executive in Residence and Program Director, New Jersey and other esteemed Stevens alumni.graduated Stevens’ first master’s degree students in China, at Beijing Pharmaceutical Technology Management.Institute of Technology (BIT). Under the direction of Dr. Audrey Previously, Dobbs was Vice-President, As the home of The Wesley J. Howe School, The Babbio Center willCurtis, the graduate program in Project Management will soon be Research Information Services and Global IT further reinforce Stevens’ global presence in the field of technology-offered at BIT as well. In the fall, the Howe School as a whole will Strategy and Compliance, for Schering- management education and research.move into a state-of- the-art facility, the Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. Plough Corporation before he retired in 2004.Center for Technology Management. At Schering-Plough, he was responsible for all The new Schaefer School Faculty & Deans Complex, 4th floor, Dr. Dobbs EAS Building, which had been unused for decades. 2
  3. 3. PRESIDENT’S LETTER 2005STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT In the term just concluded the Stevens also had its first national champion in the form information technology for the Schering Plough Research Institute as Jan Klein joins the Howe School as an Instructor. Professionally, he Institute conferred degrees upon of Equestrian Team member Kerri Rettig, who as a fresh- well as for strategy and IT regulatory compliance globally. Dobbs’ has been involved in many areas of capital development, controller- the largest undergraduate and man finished first in the Intermediate on the Flat at the professional experience prior to joining Schering-Plough includes 12 ship, investments and investor relations, business development and graduate classes in its history. 2005 Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National years with Glaxo, Inc., in various management and executive positions marketing and sales. Among his accomplishments, Klein has support- Under the leadership of Vice Championship Show held in May. in regulatory affairs, medical services and information services. He ed the $13.5 million in series B and C round for a fables semi-con- President for University also served a professor of pharmacy at Samford University in ductor firm (2002-2003), raised approximately $1 million in seed Enrollment and Academic This combination of intellect and talent in athletics, as Birmingham, Alabama. Dobbs is the author of numerous scientific financing Services Maureen Weatherall, we evidenced by Stevens students, is a hallmark of the talent- and technical publications and frequently speaks at industry-related base needed for the US to compete in the global econo- for a WiFi software company (2002), created an entrepreneurial are looking at the largest incom- seminars and conferences. He has served on many boards and com- my – tech-creative students who excel in the fields of aca- finance teaching program at Fairleigh Dickinson University (2001 and ing class of freshman ever in the Kerri Rettig mittees, including the Compaq Computer CorporationVP Weatherall 2002), developed budgets/accounting records and financial reports for fall – more than 500 students demics, technical achievement and in leadership and Pharmaceutical Advisory Board, the Digital Equipment Corporation team-building through athletics. private companies as an interim/part-time CFO and managed nation-enrolled and headed to campus. At the same time, we are Pharmaceutical Advisory Board, the PhRMA/FDA Information al revenue quotas, branch budgets and the compensation program forable to be more selective than ever in our approach to Management Working Group and the PMA Safety Surveillance As a sign of young alumni dedication emerging from this a $14-billion division of a large telecom. He also lead the financialadmissions. Committee. Dr. Dobbs represented the pharmaceutical industry on constituency, within a year of their graduation, scholar- team in all phases of the AT&T $12.6-billion acquisition of McCaw the steering committee for the Industry Coalition on Part 11, whichThe Stevens tradition of entrepreneurialism and inven- athletes Allison Donnelly, Lindy Gibbons, Giuseppe Cellular, built business and financial plans that supported partnership worked with the FDA to successfully revise the guidance for compli-tion, originating with the Institute’s founding family, was Incitti, and Brian Lalli, all Class of 2004, took the time initiatives between early-stage firms and large cap domestic and for- ance with this regulation.fully on display this year as well. Stevens graduating sen- to establish a new and exciting alumni organization – the eign companies and managed a $60-million annual advertising budgetiors continued to turn out more examples of patentable Stevens Varsity “S” Alumni Club. Dobbs received a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of for new product introductions, usage stimulation and competitive wintechnologies. Tennessee (1976), a Master of Public Health from the University of backs. He has held multiple marketing positions in sales planning, The four founders will assume positions on the Executive Lindy Gibbons Alabama in Birmingham (1982), and a Bachelor of Science degree in promotions and advertising in telecom and high-tech segments andOur Division III athletics program is attracting extraordi- Board along with other volunteers. With their advisor, pharmacy from Samford University (1975). He has also completed was the lead equity analyst at a major Wall Street institution sellingnary young scholars – 160 freshmen alone will participate Athletics Director Russ Rogers, they will help with executive programs at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business high-tech and service provider stock recommendations. Klein found-in a team sport – and our division ranking is rising fast. organization and setup of specific self-sponsored events and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ed, co-founded or advised on a number of early-stage corporate for- that promote Stevens athletics and alumni activities. The mations and is a frequent presenter at industry forums and analysts Elliot Fishman joins the Howe School as anIndeed, for the first time since the inception of the award, club as a whole, say the organizers, “will aid, when need- meetings. He holds an EMBA from Cornell University (1987), a Industry Associate Professor. Before coming toStevens finished among the top 50 schools in the United ed, with recruiting, fund-raising, forums for prospective MBA in Finance & Investment from George Washington University Stevens, Fishman was an Adjunct Professor atStates Sports Academy Division III Directors’ Cup. With students, and other events.” The club will also “promote (1972) and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Pennsylvania State New York University’s Stern School of Businessfive teams qualifying for the NCAA Tournament this past the overall culture of Stevens athletics, as well as model University (1972). in the Executive MBA Program. He was theyear and four advancing past the first round, Stevens the success rate of students moving into the professional Giuseppe Incitti Founder and President of Astrina Capital, Peerasit Patanakul joins the Howe School asearned its highest-ever finish at 46th, marking the most world,” said the founders. LLC, a consulting firm involved in advising on an Associate Professor and Postdocturalsuccessful year in the history of athletics at the institu- Dr. Norman Marcus, a well-known pain management technology commercialization, and he also Fellow. Patanakul earned a doctorate intion. physician at NYU Medical School, worked in collabora- founded and managed the New York office of Systems Science/Engineering Management tion with Team MECCo, one of our 2005 Biomedical Advantage Capital Partners, LP, a $440-million Dr. Fishman from Portland State University in 2004. His Engineering Teams in Senior national venture capital fund. In addition, research centered on the development of a Design. Together, they designed Fishman directed the product group leading to a successful IPO at decision-support model for assigning multiple and built a device to facilitate a Doubleclick, Inc., and served as Vice President of Technology concurrent projects to project managers. new high-tech method for diag- Management & Funding, LP, a technology consulting firm. Patanakul’s work has been widely published. Dr. Patanakul nosing and treating pain. (See Fishman’s main areas of research interest are technology management His research interests focus on project manage- SPOC, “Institute Technology Brian Lalli and innovation, commercialization of new ventures, technology ment, new product development, and strategic management.He is a Initiatives.”) assessment and valuation of intellectual property and venture capital member of the Project Management Institute, IEEE and Professional and governance of new enterprises. His numerous publications Engineer, Engineering Institute of Thailand, and serves as the Team MECCo’s achievement include “Securitization of Intellectual Property” and “Equity Conference Coordinator for the Project Management Track for the represents just one of the Valuations in Technology Transfer,” which both appeared in International Conference on Management of Technology. In addition patentable technologies to Technology Access Report. to his doctorate Patanakul holds a Master of Science degree in emerge from the Stevens 2005 Engineering Management from Portland State University (2000), and Senior Design program. Fishman holds a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania (1996) a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from and a MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand (1995). (1994). He received his BSE in Electrical Engineering from Duke University (1986). Allison Donnelly Prof. Yan Meng with student and intelligent light-sensitive robot. 3
  4. 4. PRESIDENT’S LETTER 2005THE SCHAEFER SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING unnecessary surgeries or treatments. Clinical trials will begin this fall. Physicians, sports teams, physical therapists have already been inquir- A bold new world of engineering has opened up, and at The ing when the product will be available. Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering, under the leader- Castle Point Scientific, the most recently formed start up, will provide ultra sensitive optical sensors and the associated customized system for ship of Dean George Korfiatis, a burgeoning network of research ultimate protection in border and perimeter security. The patent on the nanoscale has only begun to hint at the future benefits that pending sensors, developed by Professor Hong Cui the company founder, are based on nanotechnology-enabled photonic crystal fibers, will yield over time. which provide orders of magnitude improvement in detection sensi- tivity over mechanical approaches. This sensitivity enables the sensors to easily distinguish between different types of vehicles and alsoWell prior to the US Nanotechnology Initiative of 2001, engineers reduces false alarms. The same sensor technology can be used forand scientists at Stevens were performing distinguished and highly additional applications such as intelligent wells – oil exploration andrecognized funded research in the fields of nanotechnology and well-monitoring – as well as for monitoring structural integrity ofmicrotechnology. Since 2001, with growing federal support and new Dr. Wisniewski with the SPOC Team at the Technogenesis Awards structures such as bridges. Dean Korfiatis Ceremony. Left to right: Ryan Stellar, Daniel Silva and Jeckin Shah.faculty added to strengthen work in interdisciplinary focus areas,greater strides are being made each year. The Office of Sponsored Research, the func- Stevens Multi-Media was created by students in the music technology tion of ITI that provides support services to and technology management programs at Stevens, with the encour-Dr. Henry Du and his broad-spectrum research team have faculty and staff for contract and grants as well agement of Mr. David Musial. A part of Stevens Multi-Media ispioneered work on the integration of photonic crystal fibers as the financial services for billing and invoic- Castle Point Records, and the students have already produced a CD,(PCFs) with nanoscale technologies that will potentially lead ing has experienced a significant reorganiza- with sounds of exciting new bands, that will be sold this fall. The pur-to robust chemical and biological sensing devices. The tion during FY ‘05. Dr. Wisniewski promoted pose of the company is to provide a learning experience for studentsNational Science Foundation has funded Du’s team to pur- Ron Abraham and Lisa Farese to Deputy desiring to enter the music media field, and current students are elect-sue their multidisciplinary project. Using molecular and Directors, and hired a new Director, Glenn ed its officers.nanoscale surface modification, state-of-the-art laser tech- Davis. In addition, Dr. Wisniewski installedniques, and computer simulation, their research seeks to SPOC also illustrates the entrepreneurial spirit new institute wide software to streamline both Mr. Davisenhance the prospects of PCF sensors, sensor arrays, and that has inspired Stevens’ students. SPOC is pre and post award phases and ensure compli-sensor networks for diverse applications such as remote and based on a patent pending medical device that ance with government filings. This restructuring has been a factor indynamic environmental monitoring, manufacturing process was developed as the senior project of Ryan the research growth and will play an important role in its continuedsafety, medical diagnosis, early warning of biological and Stellar, Daniel Silva and Jeckin Shah, under growth.chemical warfare, and homeland defense. The other Stevens the guidance of Professor Vikki Hazelwood.researchers include Professors Kurt Becker, Christos The new Institute five-year growth plan, and our proven track record, A discussion with the microchemical team at Stevens. These students are the founders of the compa-Christodoulatos, Hong-Liang Cui, Rainer Martini, position Stevens well for achieving its goal of $35 milllion in research ny together with Dr. Marcus, a pain manage-Xiaoguang Meng and Svetlana Sukhishvili. The project is conduct- is director of the Electron-Optics Laboratory. Libera’s group has been revenues in FY ‘06. ment physician at NYU Medical Center,ed in collaboration with OFS Laboratories, a world leader in fiber using electron microscopes not only as materials-characterization tools whose methodology motivated the creation ofoptic research. but also as materials-processing tools. High-energy electrons can mod- Prof. Hazelwood the device. This device can locate the precise ify the structure and properties of polymers, and because electrons can point of muscle pain and can help preventAt the New Jersey Center for MicroChemical Systems, Dr. Adeniyi be focused by a microscope into fine probes with nanoscale dimen-Lawals team is currently demonstrating two novel microreactor-based sions, electron microscopes can be used to pattern polymers intoprocess intensification concepts for on-demand, on-site, energy effi- nanostructures. Libera’s work on nanohydrogels holds implications forcient, and cost-effective chemical production. Both projects are fund- the eventual production of the next generation of protein microed by the US Department of Energy to develop and deliver advanced arrays, which can be used to establish the function of various genestechnologies that increase energy efficiency, improve environmental that become active during cancer, disease, and aging processes.performance, and boost productivity. The Lawal teams ingenious pro-totypes for microchannel reactors stand to revolutionize the produc- These are just a few of the exciting nano- and microtechnologytion and delivery process for highly volatile, widely used industrial research projects now under way at The Schaefer School.chemical compounds, such a hydrogen peroxide. Among Technogenesis projects, Dr. R. Chandramouli used a SmallDr. Matthew R. Libera leads the Microstructure Research Group and Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant from the US Air Force Research Lab to develop a commercial software product, based on his research in steganalysis, or the detec- tion of hidden digital information, to automatically scan e-mails and web downloads for hidden messages. Chandramouli received the STTRThe Stevens Nanosensor Group: Professors Martini, Du, Sukhishvili, Cui, Becker, Christodoulatos & Meng Dr. Cui recently demonstrated his patent-pending technology that forms the basis of Castle Point Scientific.
  5. 5. PRESIDENT’S LETTER 2005I N S T I T U T E T E C H N O LO GY I N I T I AT I V E S grant to pursue the development project jointly with a commercial research interests focus on biomaterials design, cellular and tissue partner. The grant led to the production of an initial prototype and engineering, and cell signaling in tissue engineering. Before joining in demonstration of the software’s capabilities. Stevens, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Wellman Center Under the leadership of our new Vice President, for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard In undergraduate education, Dean Korfiatis and Associate Dean Medical School. He then worked at a Dutch biomedical company, Dr. Helena S. Wisniewski, the Office of Institute Keith Sheppard continue to implement modernizations to the total IsoTis NV. Wang has received a broad and systemic training in chem- body of the curriculum, and the newest programs are growing rapidly. istry and polymer chemistry, as well as biomaterials design and tissue Technology Initiatives (ITI) has entered a new era The Biomedical Engineering program, directed by Dr. Arthur Ritter, engineering. He has performed research in diverse fields and is the is adding new faculty, expanded features, and upgraded facilities author of 15 scientific papers in the fields of polymer chemistry, bio- of achievement and growth. through the generosity of alumni donors with an expressed determina- materials, tissue engineering and cell signaling. Wang received his doc- tion to create the finest undergrad biomedical engineering labs in the torate in Polymer Chemistry and Physics (Biomaterials Discipline, US. 1998) from the Institute of Polymer Chemistry, Nankai University,Leading the list of achievements is that of surpassing the FY ‘05 $30 Tianjin, China, with honors. He received his second doctorate inmillion goal in research revenue. The $30.6 million figure achieved is In graduate education, Professor John Nastasi’s program in Product- Biomedical Engineering (tissue engineering) from the Institute forphenomenal, since it has tripled since 2000. This major growth was Architecture Engineering, conducted in collaboration with the Design Biomedical Technology, University of Twente, The Netherlands, inpossible because of the outstanding quality of our innovative faculty and Manufacturing Institute, directed by Dr. Kishore Pochiraju, 2003.and research staff, coupled with the interdisciplinary clusters that have Dr. Wisniewski continues to grow in scope and distinction.formed both within institute-wide centers and among groups of facul- Alice Squires brings more than twenty years of experience in engi- New Additions to Faculty neering project management and technical management to the Systemty, as well as the excellent support services provided by the Office ofSponsored Research, (OSR). The major research growth was also Design and Operational Effectiveness (SDOE) Program, for which Xiaojun Yu joins the School of Engineeringa factor in Stevens’ increased rank in the recent US News & World she will serve as Associate Director of the Online Program. Her edu- as an Assistant Professor in the Chemical,Report annual rankings of the “Best Colleges and Universities in cational specialization includes online courses in the areas of systems Biomedical and Materials EngineeringAmerica.” All of these factors form the Stevens competitive engineering, program management and managing innovation, as well Department. Prior to coming to Stevens, Yuadvantage. as ground courses in business administration for a variety of universi- was a research associate at the University of ties. Early in her career she focused on engineering hardware design Virginia’s Department of OrthopaedicThe VP of ITI is responsible for implementing and managing the and related software development, followed by technical management Surgery, where he studied tissue engineeringTechnogenesis process, which has reached new heights in the past and operations management, with a more recent focus on systems and biomaterials. He also served as a researchyear. A perfect example occurred in early 2005 – that of the first engineering, business, and online and classroom education and train- post-doctorate associate in advanced biomateri- Dr. Xiaojun Yusale of a Stevens Technogenesis Company – Hydroglobe. This ing. She is also a technical and organizational change consultant for als and tissue engineering in the Chemical Engineering Departmentcompany was sold to Graver Technologies Inc. for several million multiple large defense companies. Previously she managed the require- of Drexel University. He has been widely published and frequentlydollars plus patent licensing fees and a share in future sales. ments, integration and testing group for the Advanced Amphibious presents papers at industry conferences and meetings. Yu is also aHydroglobe was based on a set of Stevens’ environmental tech- Assault Vehicle (AAAV) built for the United States Marines. Prior to member of the Society for Biomaterials as well as the Materialsnology patents and offered unique technologies and products for this she managed the production system and cost center for Lockheed Research Society. He holds a doctorate in Biomedical from Casefiltering heavy metals – such as lead and arsenic – from drink- Martin’s (now BAE Systems’) radiation-hardened manufacturing line. Dr. White, Dr. Wisniewski and Nicolas Girard examine the Attila prototype at WiNSeC. Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio (2002) and a Master ofing water. The technology inventors were Dr. George She received the General Dynamics Technical Achievement in Safety Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Peking UnionKorfiatis, Dean of the School of Engineering; Dr. Christos Also during FY ‘05 Dr. Wisniewski, together with faculty and stu- in 2002, the Lockheed Martin Outstanding Team Award in 1998, a Medical College, Beijing, China (1992). Yu earned a Bachelor ofChristododoulatos, Director of Center for Environmental Systems; dents, launched four new Technogenesis start up companies: Attila MBA Fellowship from 1994-1995 and multiple technical and sugges- Engineering in Polymeric Materials and Chemical Engineering fromand Dr. Xiaoguang Meng, Director of Technical and Academic Technologies, Stevens Multi-Media, Stevens Proof of Concept tion awards from IBM from 1986 to 1993. She earned a Bachelor of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (1989).Development at the James E. Nicoll Environmental Lab. The fiscal (SPOC), and Castle Point Scientific. Science degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) at Virginia Techyear ended with the potential sale of another Technogenesis company. Yi Guo joins the School of Engineering as an Assistant Professor in (1984) and a MBA at George Mason University (1996). Attila Technologies LLC is a wireless communications company that the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Previously,New to the structure of ITI are institute wide-centers – the Wireless provides continuous broadband on-demand communication devices After a distinguished period of service as a Research Assistant and Guo was a visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of ElectricalNetwork Security Center (WiNSeC) and the Secure Infrastructure that function despite saturated airways. Attila’s approach solves the Graduate Professor, Thomas Herrington has been appointed and Computer Engineering at University of Central Florida. She alsoTechnology Laboratory (SINTEL). During FY ‘05 Dr. Wisniewski two most important problems faced by first responders in a disaster, Associate Professor of Ocean Engineering in the Department of Civil, was a Research Fellow in the Computer Science and Mathematicsappointed Dr. Patrick E. White as the new WiNSeC director, and in as stated by the Department of Homeland Security – continuous Environmental and Ocean Engineering. He is the acting NOAA New Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.FY ‘05 the center won four out of four competitive grants from NSF. communications and interoperability. Attila’s products are based on Jersey Sea Grant Coastal Processes Specialist and the Assistant She has served as a reviewer for many professional journals and con- patent-pending technology developed at WiNSeC, by its Director Dr. Director of New Jersey Coastal Protection Technical AssistanceIn partnership with the US Navy, Dr. Wisniewski announced the ferences and has been widely published. Guo is a senior member of Patrick E. White, and researcher Nicholas Girard, with funding from Service. His teaching and research interests include inlet hydrodynam-debut of SINTEL in July 2005. This unique research facility was the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a the National Science Foundation. Dr. White and Mr. Girard are also ics, wave dynamics, sediment transport, wave-structure interaction,established with an initial grant of $6.8 million from the US Office of member of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. She earned a co-founders of Attila Technologies. Dr. Wisniewski, Chairman of the air-sea interaction, coastal meteorology and coastal hazard mitigation.Naval Research (ONR). An additional $6 million will be awarded in Ph.D. from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, at Board, recently appointed Mr. John E. Bischoff, the former Vice Herrington serves on the ASCE Flood Loads Task Committee, and heFY 2006. SINTEL is an interdisciplinary laboratory for real time sys- the University of Sydney, Australia (1999), an MSEE Department of President of Operations and Finance AOL, as the CEO. Additional is the secretary of the Northeast Shore and Beach Preservationtems development for the protection of maritime infrastructure. It Electrical Engineering, Xi’an University of Technology, China (April applications of Attila include delivery of high resolution mug shots to Association. He has authored or coauthored more than 40 technicaltests and analyzes threat scenarios in the realistic environment of the 1995). She also holds a BSEE from Xi’an University of Technology patrol cars operating in the field, and the future enabling everywhere publications in the field of coastal and ocean engineering. He has aNY Harbor. Defending against the asymmetric threats to our Navy (1992). to be a virtual hot spot. Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering and a Master offorces at home and abroad constitutes the primary research, modeling Engineering and a doctorate in Ocean Engineering from Stevens Hongjun Wang joins the Department of Chemical, Biomedical andand development business of SINTEL. Institute of Technology. Materials Engineering (CBME) as an assistant professor. Wang’s 8 5