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Pecos bill grammar
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  • 1. Day #2: 1. Bill and Carl _________ Day #1: tomorrow. (talk, will talk,Past, Present, Future 1. He _______ the horse talked)Tenses. Copy each yesterday. (chase, chased) 2. He ______ the horses lastsentence adding the 2. Cookie __________ the week. (watched, will watch,correct tense of the beans now. (stirs, stirred) watch)verb. 3. Ma _________ the children 3. Cookie __________ the last night. (counts, counted) dishes next week. (clean, will clean, cleaned)Day #3:1. Sue ______ billtomorrow. (marry, Day #4: Day #5:will marry, married) 1. Sue ________ with Bill last 1. Bill _______ the guitar last2. The rattlesnake night. (dances, danced) year. (play, played)________ Bill now. 2. Sue ___________ her dress 2. Pa just _________ the(helps, helped, will now. (sews, sewed) wagon train. (join, joined)help) 3. Cookie _________ the pizza 3. Carl ______ in the river3. The coyotes later. (sliced, will slice) later. (swim, will swim)______ Bill lastweek. (miss, missed, Pecos Billwill miss)
  • 2. Day #1:1. He _______ the horse yesterday. (chase,chased)2. Cookie __________ the beans now. (stirs,stirred)3. Ma _________ the children last night. (counts,counted) Pecos Bill
  • 3. Day #2:1. Bill and Carl _________ tomorrow. (talk, willtalk, talked)2. He ______ the horses last week. (watched, willwatch, watch)3. Cookie __________ the dishes next week.(clean, will clean, cleaned) Pecos Bill
  • 4. Pecos Bill
  • 5. Day #3:1. Sue ______ bill tomorrow. (marry, will marry,married)2. The rattlesnake ________ Bill now. (helps,helped, will help)3. The coyotes ______ Bill last week. (miss,missed, will miss) Pecos Bill
  • 6. Pecos Bill
  • 7. Day #4:1. Sue ________ with Bill last night. (dances,danced)2. Sue ___________ her dress now. (sews, sewed)3. Cookie _________ the pizza later. (sliced, willslice) Pecos Bill
  • 8. Pecos Bill
  • 9. Day #5:1. Bill _______ the guitar last year. (play, played)2. Pa just _________ the wagon train. (join, joined)3. Carl ______ in the river later. (swim, will swim) Pecos Bill
  • 10. Pecos Bill