Chapter 13
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  • 1. Chapter 13 God's Tender Mercy
  • 2. Chapter 13 - Vocabulary forgiveness grace mortal sin venial sin 1. forgiveness - the act of pardoning someone who has done something wrong. 2. grace - the life of God in our souls. We receive grace from the sacraments, from prayer, and from doing good works. 3. mortal sin - a very big sin that kills all life of grace in a soul. 4. venial sin - a small sin that makes a soul weak and less pleasing to God
  • 3. Chapter 13 - Lesson 1 - Gods Merciful Love Jesus the Good Shepherd Shepherd with Sheep: · Finds lost sheep · Feeds his sheep · Leads his sheep · Protects his sheep · Cares for his sheep Jesus with Sinners: · Seeks out sinners · Feeds Christians Eucharist · Is the invisible head of the Church · Protects sinners from Satan
  • 4. Chapter 13 Lesson 2 - Forgiveness Read, reflect & respond... 1. What were the sins of Peter and Mary Magdelene? 2. Were they sins against God, man or both? 3. Why did Jesus forgive them? 4. How did they show that they wanted God's forgiveness? 5. How did Jesus show that they were forgiven? 6. Did Jesus' forgiveness change them? 7. Was Jesus angry? 8. How did He receive them as sinners?
  • 5. Chapter 13 Lesson 2 - Forgiveness 5 Steps to a Good Sacrament of Penance 1. Examination of conscience 2. Have sorrow for sin 3. Resolve to not sin again 4. Confess to a priest in the Sacrament of Penance 5. Do the penance given by the priest
  • 6. Chapter 13 Lesson 3 - Penance • Penance - the work prescribe by the pries to aid us in changing our sinful ways and making up for the damage done by our sins. • Confession - the act of confessing our sins. • Reconciliation - the effect of the Sacrament of Penance, to be restored to relationship with God and neighbor in the Church through the absolution said by the priest, speaking on behalf of Christ.
  • 7. Chapter 13 Lesson 4 - Effects of Penance Forgiveness of moral and venial sins. Grace is restored to the soul. Healing. Helps us to overcome our sins. Reconciliation with God and neighbor through the Church. • Meeting with Christ. • • • • •