Champions of the world grammar


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Champions of the world grammar

  1. 1. Daily Language Arts: DLA #2: DLA #1:Sentence Combining. 1. Ed it the ball. 1. Mike throws the ball.Combine the two Todd stole a base. Chris swings.smaller sentences 2. Joey pitched well. 2. The ball goes far.into one sentence Sally hit hard. The crowd cheers.using comma and a 3. The parade was 3. The team won. Theconjunction (such as long. The boys were players were happy.and). tired.DLA #3: DLA #4: DLA #5:1. The team waved. 1. Jim hit a home run. 1. The race was on.The people shouted. Todd cheered. We went to watch.2. I drove the car. 2. Sara was up at bat. 2. Sammy hits hard.She honked the horn. The crowd was silent. The ball goes far.3. The game was 3. Mark broke the 3. Todd was safe.tied. Cardone ran record. His son was The game was proud.
  2. 2. DLA #1:1. Mike throws the ball. Chris swings.2. The ball goes far. The crowd cheers.3. The team won. The players were happy.
  3. 3. Lesson 5 - Combining SentencesActivity A page 43 The cat was lost. The dog cried all night. Paula painted the pictures. Suzy hung them on the wall. The guitar stood in the corner. The flute was on the chair. Thanksgiving is almost here. My parents are planning the dinner. The rainbow arched across the sky. I counted the colors in it.
  4. 4. DLA #2:1. Ed it the ball. Todd stole a base.2. Joey pitched well. Sally hit hard.3. The parade was long. The boys were tired.
  5. 5. Lesson 5 - Combining SentencesActivity B (page 44)2. Michael weeds the garden, and Todd waters the plants.3. I had the chicken pox, and Sam will help me fe eel better.4. The owl hunts for food at night, and sleeps in the day.5. Kelly put jelly on the bread, and Suzy put bread on top
  6. 6. DLA #3:1. The team waved. The people shouted.2. I drove the car. She honked the horn.3. The game was tied. Cardone ran fast.
  7. 7. Lesson 3 - Combining Subjects Activity A (page 37)1. Jose washed the car. Rick washed thecar.Jose and Rick washed the car.2. Puppies try to catch their tails. Lion cubstry to catch their tails.Puppies and lion cubs try to catch their tails.
  8. 8. Lesson 3 - Combining Subjects Activity A (page 37)3. Erica hit a homerun. Katrina hit a homerun.Erica and Katrina hit a home run.4. Beth went to the store. Dad went to thestore. Beth and Dad went to the store.
  9. 9. Lesson 3 - Combining SubjectsActivity A (page 37)5. Joe played the piano. Miriam played thepiano.Joe and Miriam played the piano.
  10. 10. DLA #4:1. Jim hit a home run. Todd cheered.2. Sara was up at bat. The crowd wassilent.3. Mark broke the record. His son wasproud.
  11. 11. Lesson 3 - Combining SubjectsActivity B (page 38)1. The German shepherd ran down thestreet. The cocker spaniel raced down thestreet. The German shepherd and thecocker spaniel raced down the street.2. The president stepped out of the car. Thesecret service agents got out of the car.The president and the secret service agentsgot out of the car.
  12. 12. Lesson 3 - Combining SubjectsActivity B (page 38)3. Carlos read his report to the class.Marshall presented his report to the class.Carlos and Marshall presented their reportsto the class.4. Kim cleared the leaves. I raked theleaves. Kim and I cleared the leaves.
  13. 13. Lesson 3 - Combining SubjectsActivity B (page 38)5. Ms. Johnson spoke to my mom. Theprincipal talked to my mom. Ms. Johnsonand the principal spoke to my mom.