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Web 2.0, What's is all about, and why do I care?
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Web 2.0, What's is all about, and why do I care?



Why should we care about social networking? isn't it just for fun? You have a facebook page, you're linkedin, but who cares? How are you driving business to YOU by what YOU do online?

Why should we care about social networking? isn't it just for fun? You have a facebook page, you're linkedin, but who cares? How are you driving business to YOU by what YOU do online?



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Web 2.0, What's is all about, and why do I care? Web 2.0, What's is all about, and why do I care? Presentation Transcript

  • What’s It All About & Why Do I Care? WEB 2.0
    • The information included in this presentation was taken from an event hosted by Mediasauce . Some slides were changed or added to fit our company business model.
    • Mediasauce Business Development Manager, James Burns, presented this information at an event held at the Indianapolis public library in December of 08, and then again January 09.
    • MediaSauce transforms organizations through the power of digital and social media.
    • “ If you’re looking for ways to win in today’s business, Mediasauce is a company that can help you get there!” – Patty Bender. www.mediasauce.com 317-218-0500- Located in Carmel, IN
  • How do you get people to invest in you, or your services when they…
    • Have never heard of you
    • Don’t have any affinity to you
    • Don’t live near you
    • Have no reason to listen to you when you speak
    • Have other options offering similar services
  • How did this guy…
  • … become this guy?
  • His aspirations exceeded his present path We need to do something dramatic and different !
    • You have know your GOALS
    • & build the proper STRATEGY
    • You cannot afford to
    • If you want to OUTMANUEVER
    • If you want to
    • OUTWIT
    • If you want to
    • WIN
    • YOU
  • What is your unique selling proposition?
    • CHANGE
  • Obama’s Campaign pictured this as their competition More of the same versus Change
  • Not just talk change, be change 75% of the entire world access the internet
    • Integrate the Internet into everything you do; make the web the hub of your business
    • Be grassroots; think at the individual consumer’s level
    • Create and maintain connections, big and small, to make customers become part of your strategy/mission
    • Internet needs to be an integral part of our business.
    • Are you on the bus, or running to catch up? Do you know the bus is in the station?
    • There’s no such thing as a ‘web-guy’ – That’s so 2006 – EVERYONE IS THE WEB GUY!!
  • 9 Lessons to Learn From OBAMA
    • Lesson # 1
    • A centralized customer database is the difference between marketing wisely and marketing poorly
  • A centralized database of every voter
  • Lesson # 2 Social Networks leverage vast audiences quickly
  • Only three are a ‘must’ right now
  • 3.9 million friends More than 500 groups 300 + applications 12 different fan pages 407 Topics being discussed on the one fan page
  • Quick stats, amazing facts
      • Obama: 2,379,102 supporters
      • McCain: 620,359 supporters
      • Obama had 380% more supporters than McCain
    • My Space
      • Obama: Friends: 833,161
      • McCain: Friends: 217,811
      • Obama had 380% more supporters than McCain
  • Lesson # 3 YouTube is a powerful tool to spread your message
  • Quick stats, amazing facts
    • 139,000 different Obama related clips uploaded, 1,800 were official clips
    • More than 14.7 million hours of Obama related clips have been viewed
    • “ Yes We Can” Music Video viewed more than 14.2 million times
    • 15 videos viewed more than 1 million times
    • Obama: 1792 videos uploaded since Nov 2006, Subscribers: 114,559 (uploads, about 4 a day) Channel Views: 18,413,110
    • McCain: 329 Videos uploaded since Feb 2007 Subscribers: 28,419 (uploads about 2 a day) Channel Views: 2,032,993 Obama had 403% more subscribers than McCain Obama had 905% more viewers than McCain
    Quick stats, amazing facts
  • Lesson # 4 No sale is too small in generating a relationship with the consumer
    • 3 million online donors
    • 6.5 million online donations adding up to more than $500 million
    • Of the 6.5 million donations, 6 million were in amounts of $100 or less
    • The average online donation was $80, and gave more than once.
    Quick stats, amazing facts
  • Lesson # 5 Targeted email marketing with the proper message can generate business
    • More than 1 billion e-mails were sent
    • 7,000 different messages, targeted to specific audiences
    Quick stats, amazing facts Subject: It’s in your hands : Colin: The next 5 days are going to be the toughest we’ve seen, and I need your support to reach as many voters as possible Donate $5 or more today …
  • Lesson # 6 Mobile applications engage your audience (customer) anytime, anywhere
    • 1 Million+ people signed up for text message alerts
    • Supporters received 3 text messages on election day alone – (Get out and vote)
    • On election day, Obama used texting to coordinate field organizers with Headquarters
    Quick stats, amazing facts
  • Lesson # 7 Twitter enables quick notification to your audience
    • Obama: had 112,474 followers
    • McCain: had 4,603 followers
    • Obama had 240 times more followers on Twitter than McCain
    Quick stats, amazing facts
  • Lesson # 8 When transactions are expected, don’t give the consumer any excuse not to buy
    • Upwards of 13 Million email addresses were captured
    • Approximately 1 million mobile phone numbers collected
    • 200,000 supporter organized events
    • 3 million phone calls in the final 4 days
    • 3 million donors
    • 6.5 million donations
    • 6 million which were $100 or less
    • $100 million raised in September alone
    • $500 million were raised online
    • $639 million total
    Quick stats, amazing facts
  • Every 3 seconds …
    • 1 person buys a device to access the internet
    • 2 blogs are started
    • 3 youtube videos are posted
    • 4 people sign up for facebook
    • 500 words are added to wikipedia
  • The more people you can connect to the more you can spread the message Social Networks are Powerful, but there are lots of options, so choose wisely!
  • KEEP UP!
    • 90 days Web 2.0 applications are outlived! KEEP UP
    • This is not about technology
    • It’s about tools and relationships and connections
    • “ If change is happening on the outside faster than on the inside, the end is in sight” ~Jack Welch
  • Recipe for a transformation Dose of desire Layer of big think Unyielding commitment
  • Start with 3 essentials Remember-Just being there isn’t enough
    • Playground for adults – Professional Adults
    • 11.9 Million unique visitors each month
    • 25 new members join every minute
    A professional network of more than 21 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries. You create your profile and list your professional accomplishments. Your profile helps you find and be found by former colleagues, clients, partners, college, etc. Your network consist of your connections, your friends connections, and their friends connections
    • Average age 35
    • 39 Million Unique Visitors each month
    • 116% growth year after year
    Facebook is a social utility that connects with friends locally or around the globe Keep up with friends, share links & videos Share status updates Create ‘pages’ to promote a business, event, band, etc.
  • 110 Friends Boo? Not about how many, it’s how you use what you got!
    • 5.57 Million unique visitors per month
    • Fastest growing website in the world
    • 7.5 thousand new accounts daily
    Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging site that allows you to send and read others updates Teaches you to communicate succinctly
  • On my way to an open house, 123 Elm Carmel meet me for the grand tour and free lunch 2-5PM
  • SYSTEM –A New Client
    • Register them in voicepad
    • Add them to your Realtor Resource Center (LeadMine)
    • Add them to a drip e-mail cam paign (RRC)
    • Ask them to Link In/Facebook Friend
    • Research them on Linkedin/Facebook
    SYSTEM –A New Prospect
    • Register them in voicepad
    • Add them to your Realtor Resource Center (LeadMine)
    • Add them to a drip e-mail cam paign (RRC)
    • Research them on Linkedin/Facebook