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  • The internet is a landscape that is like a blank sheet and awaiting people to stake their claim.
    Ownership will be awarded to the first to arrive and claim their place on the internet.
  • Option 1. Do nothing
    This is portrayed as the “thing” to aspire to.
    We live busy lives doing the 8-5 work life with 2.5 kids on a suburban block of land with a mortgage for the next 20 years.
    But the world is moving on.
    Other people, other countries are desperate to do “something” today and today their country has inched forward while we desire to do nothing.
    We need to consider ourselves, our families our children’s future.
    We need to do something.
  • Sometimes it is easier to see parallels or similarities between two different concepts.
    So online networking can be like the Kath & Kim TV show where there was use of humour and some stories to push their message out to the watching public. There was no interaction with the viewers and the show was valued as entertainment of a low level.
    The Voice was a singing TV show where the crowd could interact and provide some feedback with a count of votes.
    Whilst the TV show “ My Kitchen Rules” has not only viewer voting but also on show personal who were both participants and experts giving a judgment of someone else's skills in cooking.
    The Block took the experience of delivering quality of a long period of time with the rewards only appearing right at the end with actual $$ being used to measure the quality.
    While The Antique Show discovers lost gems and priceless artifacts which goes to demonstrate that quality will withstand time.
    And lastly, the H2O Mop X5 show which just fills air time about a mop 24/7 demonstrates that if good content is not available then very low level content will fill the void.
  • Personal Branding will only ever succeed if it really is you and only you.
    There are different platforms to work on with the Social Platform the most easily recognisable.
    But other platforms are Blogging, Area 51, Flickr, Quora, YouTube, flaming forum.
    Just starting, then just leave a 2 line comment on an article and slowly work you way towards being an author (3 years)
    But stay in your zone, your “long tail”
  • Types of Engagement
    Commentator leaves 1 or 2 lines of commentary on a range of topics
    Contributor provides a small article of 400-800 words on a specific context
    Tutor takes time to help people with various issues within forums or on Q&A sites
    Critique or Assessor will provide the best way to achieve an outcome and is capable of being judgmental
    Author creates eBooks which is a large collection of articles or writings and editted into a comprehensive and orderly form
    A Teacher will develop Courseware to encourage new learners to gain more knowledge about their industry
    And a Celebrity provides hope and goodwill for those who are striving to achieve
  • The best place to start as at the point of where “You are”
    Because you are uniquely qualified to talk about that place.
    You have the qualification to talk from this point through your industry, your locality, your level of expertise, your organisation type and your experiences. No-one else can be as well qualified as you from this perspective.
    So start fro You and start to gain a following from that point.
  • It is important to Make a start, find the time to invest today for tomorrow’s future
  • It can end when you reach the beginning for someone else.
    Become an Industry Professor, become a teacher, develop your own online curricula, find your “class”, your followers.


  • 1. creating and maintaining an online network Phil Baskerville
  • 2. ... Great Land Rush 1889
  • 3. Do nothing………watch the world go by?
  • 4. What is online network like?  Kath & Kim TV …… Look at me push media  The Voice… popular vote crowd following, crowd voting  My Kitchen Rules …. skillful artistic putting it all on the table / judged  The Block … skillful standards build it and they will come to buy  The Antique Show … specialise value better.  H2O hidden gems, the older the Mop X5 ……..specialise new gadget someone will fill the void
  • 5. Real estate – Town Planning – domain names ( Types of Platforms The Journalist – curiosity The Prophet – authenticity The Artist – beauty The Professor – learn The Celebrity - charisma The Troll - baiting 
  • 6. Types of Engagement  Commentator  Contributor  Tutor  Critique / Assessor  Author  Teacher  Celebrity
  • 7. The Internet is a big place…. Personal Branding – be you and only you  Your Industry Field  Your Locality  Your Level of Expertise  Your Organisation type  Your Experiences
  • 8. Where to start?  Linkedin            CV Pick a profile photo for life Join your Groups, create your own group (Private is a safe setting) Go onto other platforms and intertwine between platforms Follow recommended people Ask for endorsements, earn awards, gain reputation Add comments, ask questions, provide answers, write an article Spend 10% of your time (average spend on Marketing per Oganisation) Be passionate, be current, be relevant, be honest, be proud, be thoughtful Leave a gift, a gem for life and watch it be discovered time and time again. Quality, quality, quality…. location, location, location
  • 9. Then where?  Google +, Facebook, etc  Become a real person on the Internet  Safer to be easily identified by all than someone faking your ID   Hacked in Russia but “Blocked” because of my real address in Australia Create a ROI from your online networking      Gain a better job Gain respect and a reputation Gain a large follower base Become an “Industry Professor” Earn an income from your online network
  • 10. Industry Professor  Extensive industry experience (20+ years)  Willing to share knowledge with the current learners on the web  Willing to provide best practice expertise within their context  Wishing to be recognised for their wealth of knowledge  Provide in excess of 100,000 words to the Industry  In connection with Industry Professor Association (INDPA), develop Courseware  Teach Courseware that is aligned to Nationally Recognised Training of Australia
  • 11. Why the urgency? The other 3 billion (O3b)