Getting Safe Swiss Cloud up and running with CloudStack

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In this presentation we share our experience of getting Safe Swiss Cloud up and running with CloudStack. It includes a basic introduction to the CloudStack architecture.

In this presentation we share our experience of getting Safe Swiss Cloud up and running with CloudStack. It includes a basic introduction to the CloudStack architecture.

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  • 1. CloudStack: Overview and Report Prodosh Banerjee, Managing Partner 11 June 2013 Swiss Cloud Day
  • 2. Who are we? B2B web, mobile and cloud solutions ... ... with integrated cloud infrastructure
  • 3. Safe Swiss Cloud Our infrastructure runs on CloudStack ... ... and is the basis for:!
  • 4. Agenda 1.  Background: why CloudStack? 2.  What is CloudStack? 3.  Features 4.  How is Anolim using CloudStack? 5.  Demo 6.  What next?
  • 5. 1. Background 2012: Tried out OpenStack, OpenNebula and a few other technologies. Started looking for better options that were mature and easier to manage. Enter CloudStack ....
  • 6. 1. Background End of 2012: After a test project with CloudStack …. … converted most of our infrastructure of dedicated servers to CloudStack Just worked - easy and painless
  • 7. 2. What is CloudStack? “Apache CloudStack is open source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform.” Source:  h*p://  
  • 8. 2. Who is using CloudStack? Source:  Chip  Childers:  h*p://­‐dc-­‐meetup  
  • 9. 3. CloudStack Features Compute orchestration Network-as-a-Service User and account management A full and open native API Resource accounting First-class User Interface (UI) “CloudStack is a turnkey solution that includes the entire "stack" of features most organizations want with an IaaS cloud.” Source:  h*p://  
  • 10. 3. CloudStack Features Source:  h*p://­‐US/Apache_CloudStack/4.0.2/html-­‐single/InstallaCon_Guide/index.html  
  • 11. 3. CloudStack Features Source:  h*p://­‐US/Apache_CloudStack/4.0.2/html-­‐single/InstallaCon_Guide/index.html  
  • 12. 3. CloudStack Features Source:  h*p://­‐US/Apache_CloudStack/4.0.2/html-­‐single/InstallaCon_Guide/index.html  
  • 13. 3. CloudStack Features h*p://­‐US/Apache_CloudStack/4.0.2/html/InstallaCon_Guide/large_scale_redundant_setup.html  
  • 14. 3. CloudStack Features h*p://­‐US/Apache_CloudStack/4.0.2/html/InstallaCon_Guide/large_scale_redundant_setup.html  
  • 15. 3. CloudStack Features Source:  h*p://­‐dc-­‐meetup Web   VM  1 Web   VM  2 Web   VM  3 Web   VM  4   Virtual   Network   VLAN  100 Virtual   Network   VLAN  1001 App  VM   1   Virtual   Network   VLAN  141 App  VM   2 DB  VM   1     Virtual  Router       Customer   Premises   IPSec  or  SSL  site-­‐to-­‐site  VPN   Internet   Monitoring  VLAN   Virtual  Router  Services   •  IPAM   •  DNS   •  LB  [intra]   •  S-­‐2-­‐S  VPN   •  StaCc  Routes   •  ACLs   •  NAT,  PF   •  FW  [ingress  &  egress]   •  BGP   Load  Balancer   Unified  mulC-­‐Cer  virtual  network  
  • 16. 4. How Is Anolim Using CloudStack? Swiss based cloud Infrastructure High Availability solutions Production: client deployments Development servers
  • 17. 5. Provisioning a VM with the GUI
  • 18. Trust
  • 19. 6. What next?
  • 20. 6. What next?
  • 21. So, who can you trust?
  • 22. 6. What Next? Safe Swiss Cloud focus! Privacy for organizations More Swiss based cloud Infrastructure HA as a Service File Clusters as a Service
  • 23. 6. What Next? CloudStack! Version 4.1 just released Version 4.2 in feature freeze
  • 24. 6. What Next? Prodosh Banerjee, Managing Partner Anolim GmbH - Safe Swiss Cloud – Apache CloudStack - What sort of cloud services do you need? Come and talk to me in the break or drop me a line