POERUP - policies for open(ing up) education(al) resources uptake - elevator pitch

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This is an introductory presentation designed for the EDEN Synergy workshop

This is an introductory presentation designed for the EDEN Synergy workshop

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  • 1. POERUP: an overview Paul Bacsich, Sero (UK) 19 October 2013 EDEN Synergy http://www.poerup.info and http://poerup.referata.com 1
  • 2. Focus of POERUP • Stimulating the uptake of OER by policy recommendations • Building on previous initiatives • Through country reports: 27 by POERUP and about the same number by others (UNESCO Mosocw, OER Asia, etc) • And case studies, evaluating successful OER communities: – OER u, Futurelearn (MOOCs), ALISON, Wikiwijs, BC Campus,… • • • • Linked to other EU and non-EU initiatives And to research on competences, retention, accreditation Underpinned by research on costs/time in online learning And work on social analytics and curriculum design Budget circa €600K 2
  • 3. POERUP and its partners autumn 2013 1. Sero (coordinator) 2. University of Leicester 3. Open University of the Netherlands 4. University of Lorraine 5. EDEN 6. Athabasca University (Canada) 3
  • 4. An exciting POERUP recommendation The Commission should set up a competitive innovation fund to develop one new “European” university each year… with a commitment to low-cost online education around a core proposition of open content.
  • 5. An “unexciting” recommendation: Assessment and accreditation of modules • Universities should improve and proceduralise their activity on APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning) including the ability to accredit knowledge and competences developed through online study and informal learning, including but not restricted to OER and MOOCs, with a focus on admitting students with such accredited studies to the universities’ own further courses of study. [think about the implications] 5
  • 6. The national policies are in preparation - with your help! Paul Bacsich For the POERUP EU-level policy team Policies in preparation for/with UK(x3), Ireland, France, Netherlands, Spain, and Poland; We want to work with other EU countries too including Scandinavian region and Hungary