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  • 1. The olympic games
  • 2. The olympic games The  Olympic Games arean international multi - sport events, occurringeveryfour years, organizedby the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Inthese games wecan observethousands of
  • 3. origin of The olympic games Onceeveryfouryears, menfromall over Greece cameto competeinagreat athletic festival inElis, inwesternGreece (Womenwerenot allowedto compete). This was calledthe Olympic games becausetheplacewas calledOlympia. It was
  • 4. abouT olympic flag and iTs symbol The design of the flag had been received by the French educator Pierre, Baron de Coubertin , who developed the modern Olympic Games. The five rings represent the five continents i.eEurope,Africa,America, Asia andOceania
  • 5. Olympic symbOls Winner’s Medals : Medals are awardedineach event, withgold medals forfirst place, silverfor secondandbronze forthird, atradition that startedin 1904.Thereverseside
  • 6. Olympic Flame: Months beforethe Games areheld, the Olympic flame is lit inOlympiaina ceremonythat reflects ancient Greekrituals. Thetorchis thentaken out of Olympiamost oftento betaken aroundwheregames
  • 7. Olympic spOrts  ThemodernOlympic Games aretheleading international sporting event featuring competitions inwhich thousands of athletes participatefromvarious countries  The Olympic Games programconsists of 26 sports, 39disciplines andnearly400events.  TheOlympic Games are consideredto bethe world’s foremost sports competitionwithmore
  • 8. Olympic spOrts These games are classified into four types: Olympics SummerOlympics WinterOlympics Paralympics YouthOlympics
  • 9. summer Olympics • Thesummergames are about 2½ years after theWinterGames. • TheSummerOlympics havecompetitions for sports that are considered'warm weathersports'. • Thesesports include athletics (trackand field), marathon, equestrian, weight lifting, swimmingetc.
  • 10. Winter Olympics • Thewintergames are about 1½ years after theSummerGames. • TheWinterOlympics havecompetitions for sports that are considered'cold weathersports' , these sports canonlybe doneonsnow orice. • Thesesports include skiing, speedskating, ski jumpingetc.
  • 11. paralympics • The Paralympic Games is amajor international multi- sport event, involving athletes witharange of physical and intellectual disabilities , includingmobility disabilities.
  • 12. yOuth Olympics • The YouthOlympic Games (YOG) is an international multi- sport event • Theagelimitationof theathletes is 14to18. • Thegames areheld everyfouryears in staggeredsummerand winterevents consistent withthe current Olympic Games format.
  • 13. Difference betWeen ancient anD mODern Olympics • ModernOlympics haveaddednew games andevents as there wereintheancient time. • Theancient Olympics wereheldonlythroughout Greece, for Greeks; themodernGames areheldaroundtheworld, for peopleof everynation. • Theancient games allowedonlymentocompete. Women werenot allowedto participate. • Inancient times, winners wereoftenawardedexpensive prizes, includinglandandolives (aprecious commodityin ancient times) but now inmodernOlympics victorious athletes willhavemedals.
  • 14. achievements by inDian athletes  P. T. Usha, is an Indian track and fie ld athle te fro m the state o f Ke rala. P. T. Usha has be e n asso ciate d with Indian athle tics since 1 9 7 9 . She is re g arde d as o ne o f the g re ate st athle te s India has e ve r pro duce d and is o fte n calle d the "queenof Indiantrackandfield“. P. T. Usha wo n 4 g o ld m e dals and 1 silve r m e dalin the track and fie ld e ve nts.  Bharat Chettri is an Indian ho cke y playe r. Bharat m ade his de but in inte rnatio nalho cke y in 20 0 1 playing in the Prim e Ministe r’s Go ld Cup to urnam e nt. He was the captain o f the 1 8 -m e m be r Indian sq uad at the 20 1 2 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia, which wo n the bro nze m e dal. Che ttri le d the 1 6 -m e m be r Indian ho cke y sq uad in  MilkhaSingh, also kno wn as TheFlyingSikh, is a fo rm e r Indian track and fie ld sprinte r. he is the o nly Indian m ale athle te to win an individualathle tics g o ld m e dal. He was awarde d the Padm a Shri, India's fo urth hig he st civilian ho no ur, in re co g nitio n o f his spo rting achie ve m e nts.
  • 15. conclusion Economic impact : It is estimatedthat the2012Games supporteda£16.5billion (2012prices) contributionto UKGDPspreadover12years. Of this, 82% is from result fromthepre-Games andlegacyconstructionactivity, 12% fromtourism and6% fromtheexpenditurerequiredtostagetheGames.
  • 16. sourcE of information http://www.olympic.org/ancient-olympic-games http://history1900s.about.com/od/fadsfashion/a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympic_Games
  • 17. prEsEntEd by • sagar sood • nigam gupta • navprEEt singh • gursimran singh rEprEsEnting :-