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  • How KiJiJi could FAiL: http://www.slideshare.net/ishmelev/kijiji-fail or WIN: http://www.slideshare.net/ishmelev/kijiji-strategy the classifieds market.
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  1. 1. Submitted to: Mrs.Richa Arora Asst. Professor PCTE Group of Institutes Submitted by: Sagar Sood sagarsood@icloud.com
  2. 2. Presentation Plan E-Commerce Types of E-Commerce Introduction to OLX Overview of OLX About the founders Objectives Advertising Campaigns SWOT Analysis Market share Conclusion Source of information
  3. 3. What is E-Commerce?? Full form is Electronic Commerce. Buying and selling of good and products over internet. Effective way of conducting business.
  4. 4. Types of E-Commerce • Business to Business (B2B) • Business to Consumer (B2C) • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  5. 5. Introduction about LX LX ( n Line eXchange)was founded by Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford in march,2006 OLX is present in 105 countries and has more than 100 million unique visitors.
  6. 6. Overview One of the world’s biggest free online classified. Unique platform for people to buy or sell items. OLX India is spread across all the major cities in India.
  7. 7. Fabrice Grinda Co-founder of OLX Internet Entrepreneur & Investor Graduated from Princeton University in 1996
  8. 8. Alec Oxenford Co-founder of OLX An Entrepreneur Completed MBA in 1997 from Harvard Business School.
  9. 9. On one can: Easily design rich ads with pictures. Control your selling or buying activity in My OLX. Display your ads on your social networking profiles. Access the site from his mobile.
  10. 10. Objectives Awareness of the service. Awareness of the brand. Higher Market Share. Beating the competitors and remain at top.
  11. 11. Advertising Olx used different advertising techniques to gain popularity among people. Online media like facebook, google ads etc Marketing Campaigns
  12. 12. Online Media Used
  13. 13. Campaign: Ghar Baithe Kamao Objective: Things lying ignored in your house may be useful to someone else and can become a profitable means for you to earn some cash by selling them through OLX!.
  14. 14. Campaign: “bech de!” OLX has started a new campaign namely “bech de!” in which they released new TV commercials so as to attract more number of fans.
  15. 15. Swot analysis STRENGTH: • • • Easy availability of products that the customer needs at good cost . Easily designed website with rich and colorful listings with pictures and videos. We can view OLX in our local language.
  16. 16. WEAKNESS: • No assurance of quality. • Fraud is possible. • Unskilled work force. • Not registered in Stock exchange. • Transportation is slow. • Some people posts fake ads
  17. 17. Opportunity: • People who want to buy can buy the produts according to their needs. • Sellers gets millions of buyers so they can sell products easily & gets good benifit. • Jobs are also available. • Real estate property is also available.
  18. 18. Threats: competitors
  19. 19. Market share Managed to capture 60% of the online classified marketshare. Its traffic has grown 55 times in the last 22 months Crossed half a billion page views in July 2013 OLX mobile apps have exceeded 3.2 Mn app downloads in India.
  20. 20. Has OLX achieved its objectives? Bounce Rate decreased from 60% to less than 40% 2 to 4 million unique visitors every month as compared to 1 million in 2010 Increased social media presence – 2.9 million Facebook fans. Managed to be India’s largest free online classified website.
  21. 21. Conclusion Successful campaigns Attracted many users Outperformed most competitors Has the ability to be India’s No. 1 Online Classified Website
  22. 22. Source of information o http://www.iamwire.com/2013/08/olx-india-claims-60-marketshare-online-classified-flipkart-launches-voice-search-feature/ o http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OLX o http://creativeoverflow.net/olx-india-makes-waves-with-tv-adcampaigns/ o http://www.indiantelevision.com/mam/marketing/mam/olxinlaunches-a-new-campaign-to-strengthen-its-bech-de-proposition
  23. 23. Thank You