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Cloud Computing as we all know has changed the dynamics of how we build and run applications. We at PayPal X, truly believe in the power of Cloud Computing as a way to drive Innovation and to speed the Time to Market for your applications. This session introduces the new PayPal X Payments Platform and the toolkits/SDKs provided to simply the process of integrating payments in to applications built and run the cloud. We will walk through several use case scenarios (gaming, social apps, disbursements, digital goods, etc.) with unique payment requirements and how our ePayments Platform enables those.

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  • Like what is for Salesforce !
  • As a developer, the sender and receiver may have many different names, depending on their role and objective. PayPal X Open Payments Platform enables almost any of them.
  • As a developer, the sender and receiver may have many different names, depending on their role and objective. PayPal X Open Payments Platform enables almost any of them.The API Caller also needs a PayPal Business Account as the application is moving money between multiple parties and could possibly take it’s own cut/commission.
  • Monetization Made Easy On The Cloud

    1. 1. Praveen Alavilli, Developer Evangelist<br />@ppalavilli<br />Monetization made Easy On Cloud<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br /><ul><li>What is PayPal X ?
    3. 3. Adaptive Payments
    4. 4. Adaptive Accounts
    5. 5. Toolkit for
    6. 6. PayPal X on IBM Cloud
    7. 7. Q & A</li></ul>4/29/10<br />2<br /><br />
    8. 8. PayPal X<br />Open Global Payments Platform for developers<br />Enables various Monetization Models<br />Subscriptions<br />Pay as you use<br />Free to use, pay to services<br />Freemium<br />eCommerce<br />4/29/10<br />3<br /><br />
    9. 9. The PayPal X Platform<br /><ul><li>Facilitates Payments</li></ul> - Pay anyone, receive from anyone !<br /><ul><li>Provides Account Management </li></ul> - Identity, Permissions, Accounts<br /><ul><li>Tools for Information and Reporting</li></ul> - Notifications, Reporting, Search<br />4/29/10<br />4<br /><br />
    10. 10. Payments oh my!<br />4/29/10<br />5<br /><br />Travelers checks<br />Bill payments<br />Check or draft<br />ACH payment<br />Cards, cards, cards<br />Net-based payments<br />Many others<br />
    11. 11. PayPal<br />The Sender<br />A person or business whose PayPal account is being credited<br />A person or business whose PayPal account is being debited<br />C<br />The Receiver<br />The API CALLER<br />The API access account who makes the Adaptive Payments service calls: usually owned by the developer<br />For Developers<br />4/29/10<br />6<br /><br />
    12. 12. Adaptive Payments - API<br />USE CASES<br /><ul><li>Send money
    13. 13. Split payments
    14. 14. Bill payments
    15. 15. Payroll payments
    16. 16. B2B payments
    17. 17. Remittances
    18. 18. Marketplace payments
    19. 19. Virtual currencies
    20. 20. Points and miles
    21. 21. Mass payments
    22. 22. Invoice payments
    23. 23. Recurring payments
    24. 24. Scheduled payments
    25. 25. Money transfers
    26. 26. Mobile/device payments
    27. 27. Government travel
    28. 28. Future payment scenarios…
    29. 29. Payment APIs
    30. 30. Pay: Transfer funds between parties. Supports simple, chained, parallel, preapproved payments, etc.
    31. 31. PaymentDetails: Get details of a payment
    32. 32. Preapproval APIs
    33. 33. Preapproval: Preapproval agreement signup
    34. 34. PreapprovalDetails: Get details of a preapproval
    35. 35. CancelPreapproval: Cancel an existing preapproval
    36. 36. Refund: Refund a payment (complete, partial, etc.)
    37. 37. ConvertCurrency: Get currency conversion (foreign exchange) rates for a list of amounts and currencies (PayPal-supported currencies).</li></ul>4/29/10<br />7<br /><br />
    38. 38. Simple Send Money<br />Basic building block allows merchants to transfer money from one entity to another<br />Sample Use Cases: P2P payments, Social Networks, Gaming applications<br />8<br />
    39. 39. Preapproved Payments<br /><ul><li>Pre-authorization of money transfer from customer (sender) to API caller
    40. 40. Allows an API caller to make payments on behalf of a sender within the constraints specified
    41. 41. PIN optional for future payments made within the authorized amount
    42. 42. Useful for single/multi use, and subscription payments</li></ul>C<br />Pre Approval<br />Sample Use Cases: Pay as you use, Micropayments for Digital goods, Subscriptions<br />4/29/10<br />9<br /><br />
    43. 43. Parallel Payments<br /><ul><li>Pay multiple recipients at once
    44. 44. Future interactions with each transaction can be separate
    45. 45. Enable partnership opportunities
    46. 46. Facilitates multiple use cases: marketplace payments, service fees, multi-merchant checkout, and so on</li></ul>$10<br />$100<br />Sender Visibility<br />$40<br />$50<br />Sample Use Cases: Payouts, Disbursements, Affiliate fees, MarketPlaces<br />4/29/10<br />10<br /><br />
    47. 47. Chained Payments<br /><ul><li>Instant payment and disbursements</li></ul>Sender sees one payment to primary receiver<br />In one motion, money to secondary receivers sent<br /><ul><li>Supports commission-based payments
    48. 48. Facilitates multiple use cases: marketplace payments, service fees, multi-merchant checkout, and so on</li></ul>$100<br />$10<br />$40<br />Sender Visibility<br />Primary<br />$50<br />Sample Use Cases: Multi-Merchant Marketplaces, Gaming platform, Referral programs, Property Management (Rent Payments)<br />4/29/10<br />11<br /><br />
    49. 49. Combine Chained and Preapprovals<br />C<br />Primary<br />AND<br />Pre Approval<br />4/29/10<br />12<br /><br />
    50. 50. Combine Parallel and Preapprovals<br />C<br />AND<br />Pre Approval<br />13<br />
    51. 51. Sample Interaction Flow<br />A Rental App that allows tenants to pay rent to a property management that splits the payment to the actual owner and the HOA.<br />4/29/10<br />14<br /><br />
    52. 52. API<br />WEB<br />Sender<br />Rental App<br />Pay API<br />Pay Key<br />Redirect User to PayPal<br />Return URL<br />User Name = Rental_admin.api Secondary Receiver [2] = Sec<br />Password = keep$secret Amount = 50.00<br />Signature = 23KJHO5AS09I32SDROR Tracking ID = 234235986<br />Sender Email = Cancel URL =<br />Currency = USD Return URL =<br />Primary Receiver [0] = Prim<br />Amount = 1000.00<br />Secondary Receiver [1] = Sec<br />Amount = 40.00 <br />Request<br />IPN=<br />Sender Email:<br />Receiver Email:<br />Pay Key = PA-84HK2A57FCOP3RW <br />Response<br />Notification<br />Confidential and Proprietary<br />15<br />Confidential and Proprietary<br />15<br />15<br />
    53. 53. Adaptive Accounts API<br /><ul><li>Programmatic interface to PayPal account creation
    54. 54. Account created can be used with any PayPal APIs, including Adaptive Payment APIs
    55. 55. Currently supports creation of Personal and Premier accounts. Business account creation to come soon.
    56. 56. Benefits:
    57. 57. Streamline user experience
    58. 58. Increase conversion</li></ul>16<br />4/29/10<br /><br />
    59. 59. Create Account API Flow<br />Web<br />API<br />Application Caller<br />User<br />Offer<br />Account Creation Request<br />Consent<br />Creates an <br />inactive<br />account<br />URL Redirect<br /><ul><li>Choose password
    60. 60. Answer security questions</li></ul>Return URL<br />17<br />4/29/10<br /><br />
    61. 61. Use cases for Adaptive Accounts<br />As part of new employee enrollment, business collects information used to create a PayPal account<br />Small Business<br />As part of the onboarding for a buyer and seller, a PayPal account can be created so that the user experience can be localized and personalized<br />Marketplace<br />Create PayPal accounts to enable payments for games, social networking widgets and more<br />Social Media<br />18<br />4/29/10<br /><br />
    62. 62. Toolkit for<br /><ul><li>A set of Apex classes for accessing APIs more easily
    63. 63. Takes care of transport and protocol bindings
    64. 64. Provides easy way to securely manage API Credentials and common request parameters
    65. 65. Supports both Adaptive Payments and Adaptive Accounts API
    66. 66. Supports PayPal Sandbox, Beta and Live environments
    67. 67. Test pages/Scratch Pad to play with all APIs</li></ul>4/29/10<br />19<br /><br />
    68. 68. Getting Started With Toolkit<br /><ul><li>Create PayPal Developer Account
    69. 69. Sign-up on
    70. 70. Obtain ApplicationID from MyApps page
    71. 71. Create PayPal Sandbox Test Accounts
    72. 72. Sign-up on
    73. 73. Create test accounts (buyer/seller) for Sandbox
    74. 74. Obtain API Credentials
    75. 75. Install Toolkit
    76. 76. From CodeShare (package or source code)
    77. 77. Configure Toolkit
    78. 78. API Credentials (Certificate or Signature)
    79. 79. Common request parameters
    80. 80. Remote Site
    81. 81. Play with Test Tools</li></ul>4/29/10<br />20<br /><br />
    82. 82. Using The Toolkit<br /><ul><li>Initialize Toolkit
    83. 83. PPAdaptiveToolkit object with the required API Credentials
    84. 84. PPAdaptiveToolkit toolkit = new PPAdaptiveToolkit('SandboxCert');
    85. 85. Create Request object
    86. 86. PPPayRequestpayRequest = new PPPayRequest('REQ-PARAMS1', SenderEmail);
    87. 87. payRequest .CancelUrl = 'https://' + host + '/PayApiTest?MainMessage=cancel';
    88. 88. payRequest .ReturnUrl = 'https://' + host + '/PayDetailTest?payKey=${payKey}';
    89. 89. Execute the API call
    90. 90. PPPayResponsepayResponse = toolkit.Pay(payRequest );
    91. 91. Handle the response object</li></ul>if( payResponse.PaymentExecStatus.equalsIgnoreCase('Created') ) { <br />// send user to paypal for confirmation<br /> } else if( payResponse.PaymentExecStatus.equalsIgnoreCase('Completed') ) {<br />// success<br /> } else { /*handle error */ }<br />4/29/10<br />21<br /><br />
    92. 92. PayPal X on IBM Cloud<br /><ul><li>PayPal SDK and samples pre-integrated with IBM Cloud images
    93. 93. Enables rapid development and testing with integration to PayPal services
    94. 94. Development and test tooling based on Eclipse with integration to the cloud
    95. 95. Java Sample Applications
    96. 96. Execute against PayPal Sandbox</li></ul>4/29/10<br />22<br /><br />
    97. 97. PayPal X Image<br />Developers<br />Browser<br /> PayPal Specific Image:<br /><ul><li>Tomcat 6.0.26
    98. 98. Eclipse3.5
    99. 99. DB2
    100. 100. PayPal Sample Apps
    101. 101. PayPal SDK</li></ul>IP / URL<br />IBM Development and Test Cloud<br />PayPal<br />VM<br />PayPal<br />VM<br />VM<br />VM<br />VM<br />VM<br />PayPal Sandbox<br />System x<br />System x<br />4/29/10<br />23<br /><br />
    102. 102. Q & A<br />Let us know what you need!<br />(30% of our roadmap is based on your feedback)<br /><br />Twitter: @paypalx, @ppalavilli<br /><br />4/29/10<br />24<br /><br />