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Natcep day 31
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  • 1. General Safety Practices & Procedures for Oxygen & Oxygen Equipment NATCEP Day Thirty-One
  • 2. Identify modes of oxygen delivery  Identify safety precautions for oxygen use  Identify equipment conditions that could jeopardize the use and application of oxygen  Discuss the role limits of NA and oxygen setup  Objectives Slid e2
  • 3. Cannula  Mask  Tracheotomy Mask  Wall Unit  Oxygen Tank  Oxygen Cylinder  Oxygen Concentrator  Methods of Oxygen Delivery Slid e3
  • 4. Precautions for O2 safety should be posted outside room  No SMOKING  Electrical equipment should be grounded.  Avoid the use of an electrical razor when oxygen is in use.  Avoid static electricity as much as possible.  Proper Transportation  Safety Precautions Slid e4
  • 5. Container secured?  Fittings tight?  Pressure gauge functioning?  Equipment Considerations Slid e5
  • 6. Report repair needs to the charge nurse immediately  Report to the nurse if the resident is using the oxygen improperly.  Oxygen tubing may be a fall and strangulation risk – keep off the floor.  Nurse adjusts settings for oxygen flow.  The STNA’s Role Slid e6
  • 7. Prosthetic Devices NATCEP Day Thirty-One
  • 8. Describe the purpose of prosthetic devices  List examples of prosthetic devices available  Discuss care of resident with prosthetics  Discuss ways to care for prosthetic devices, including storage  Objectives
  • 9.  Purpose ◦ Replacement of a missing part by an artificial substitute  Examples ◦ Artificial eyes ◦ Limbs ◦ Hearing Aids Prosthetic Devices
  • 10. Prosthetics
  • 11. Check plan of care  Follow the directions of the nurse before assisting with prosthetic devices  Care Provided?
  • 12.  Storage ◦ Label properly ◦ Stored according to facility procedures  Cleaning ◦ According to facility procedures or manufacturer’s instructions Caring for Prosthetic Devices