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    Natcep day 11 Natcep day 11 Presentation Transcript

    • NATCEP Day Eleven Practices that Prevent the Growth and Spread of Pathogenic Microorganisms
    • Objectives • Identify practices that hinder the spread of infection • Identify methods used to control or eliminate microorganisms on supplies and equipment • Discuss reasons for correct hand washing – SKILL: Handwashing • Demonstrate effective hand washing techniques
    • Objectives • State the purpose of standard precautions – SKILL: – SKILL: – SKILL: – SKILL: – SKILL: Using an Alcohol-Based Hand Rub Removing Gloves Donning & Removing a Gown Donning & Removing a Mask Double-Bagging • Demonstrate standard precaution techniques • Demonstrate isolation techniques
    • Ways to Prevent the Spread of Infection • Handwashing • Cleaning – Unit – Items Used • Handling bed linens correctly • Disposing of contaminated items correctly • Keeping yourself & the resident clean
    • Methods of Controlling or Eliminating Microorganisms on Supplies and Equipment • Disinfection – Process of destroying as many pathogens as possible. – Slows growth & activity of those not destroyed – Many chemicals; follow instructions & MSDS • Sterilization – Process of killing all microorganisms – Autoclave – standard sterilization machine
    • Reasons for Correct Handwashing • Everything you touch has a microorganism on it. • In your work, you use your hands constantly. • Your hands carry microorganisms from resident to resident and from the resident to you • First line of defense against spread!
    • Keys to Correct Handwashing • When? – Before and after contact with each resident – After using toilet – Before handling food – After gloves removed – After handing potentially contaminated objects – Before carrying for another resident
    • Keys to Correct Handwashing • How? – Use enough soap to produce good lather – Rub soap vigorously over the surface of your hands (including fingers and wrists) to help – Remove watch – Hold your hands below your elbows while washing – Rinse hands thoroughly under running water with fingertips pointed downward – Dry your hands with clean paper towels – Use clean, dry paper towels to turn off the faucet
    • Purpose of Standard Precautions • Assure a safe, sanitary and comfortable environment for residents • To control the development and transmission of infections and disease
    • Standard Precaution Techniques • • • • • Handwashing Gloves Gowns Mask Eyewear/Goggles • • • • Shoe Covers Sharps Containers Biohazard Bags Waterproof Linen Bags
    • Transmission-based Precautions & Isolation
    • Transmission-based Precautions & Isolation
    • Transmission-based Precautions & Isolation
    • Transmission-based Precautions & Isolation