Professional Billing Services
                       By Payment Automation Network, Inc.
Eliminate the frustration monthly...
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Professonal billing service flyer new

  1. 1. Professional Billing Services By Payment Automation Network, Inc. Eliminate the frustration monthly billing and invoicing with our automated profes- sional billing service and document delivery service from Payment Automation Network. Our professional billing service will free up your time and save you money. Let us do the work for YOU! ° No more stuffing envelopes What are the benefits of hiring a ° No more trips to the post Professional Billing Service? office ° No more address labels ° No more hassle! 1. Better Control Over Slow Pay- ment. All of this while REDUCING your current cost outlay for Our reports will let you know imme- document delivery and saving diately who is slow in paying, how valuable manpower expenses! much they owe and how long they How Much Does It Cost? have owed. In addition, we can fol- Our pricing depends on the number low up with collection letters at your of invoices to be processed. A small request. service fee per invoice is typical. The good news is there are no mini- 2. Improved Billing Accuracy. mums or maximums to worry A Harvard Business School study shows that the average small business spends $5-$10.00 to produce a single in- When billing doesn't get accom- about. voice. This is overhead that cuts into your profits. plished on time, it is often rushed out, Our service will bill you monthly for changes are overlooked, money falls doing your invoicing based on the Why would anyone need a through the cracks and you don't get number of accounts, the frequency paid for services rendered. This is and the complexity of your billing, Professional Billing Service? LOST money! etc. We will do a free cost analysis Tired of late nights handwriting or typing based on the needs of your business. invoices? Had enough of tracking receivables 3. Consistent Repeat Marketing. We will go over exactly what your and staying on top of slow paying accounts? business needs, so we can establish a Interested in improving your cash flow and Our on-time billing service can mar- level of service. There is no cost or image? ket other goods and services your obligation to you. We will show you business offers. Enclosed right along Maybe someone convinced you that with your bill each month, we can how to save money, save time and computerizing your business would cut costs. help produce a promotional stuffer. improve your cash flow. The idea of saving money by using a computer to help run your business sounds good, but it 4. Reduced Overhead Costs. may not quite work that way. You may be managing to get your Having someone outside your company do your billing done. But what is the cost of billing can save you money, time and the lagging cash flow? How much does aggravation of trying to do it yourself. Your poor image cost? How much gets business may be a perfect candidate for a Payment Automation Network Inc. Professional Billing Service. "Written off"? And how much do you Call (800) 813-3740 x 1 lose each month just because the cor- rect amount isn't billed? PROFESSIONAL BILLING SERVICE - Toll Free 800-813-3740