Paymenex Solutions and Products


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Paymenex owns the Paymenex card and operates the "Paymenex TransNET" interchange network used by its members to deliver range of end-to-end prepaid payment card, Disposable eVoucher, E-Money and Mobile Wallet products to their customers.

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Paymenex Solutions and Products

  1. 1. Paymenex Solutions and Products
  2. 2. Presentation Outline Paymenex Solutions  Card Issuance and Management System  Paymenex Merchant Acquiring System  Paymenex Mobile Money and eWallet  End-User Business Systems Paymenex Products  Paymenex Cards and D-Voucher  Getting Started with Paymenex
  4. 4. Paymenex Solutions Card Issuance and Management System (CIMS) Paymenex Card Issuing system providesadvanced and fully integrated card issuingcapabilities and features. The high-performancesolution is designed to support millions of cardsacross every possible type and range of product.Paymenex provides its members a complete, automatedapplication processing features to support all theinformation required to set up new clients and to issuenew card products. It handles the issuance of newcards, renewals and re-issues.
  5. 5. Paymenex Solutions End-User or Consumer products from CIMS Prepaid Card Gift Card D-Voucher (Virtual Card) Money Transfer Card Bill Presentment and payment Card (BillPay) Point Collection (Reward and Loyalty Program) eWallet Mobile Money E-money
  6. 6. Paymenex Solutions Paymenex Merchant Acquiring System (PMAS) Paymenex end-to-end merchant acquiringsystem begins at merchant enrolment and continuesthroughout all levels of transaction processing.It ensures secure transaction processing powered by 3WSentry security protocol and provides support for multiplecurrencies in cross-border acquiring environments as wellas switching to multiple institutions.Designed to manage efficient large-scale acquiring and toenable acquiring business through POS, ATM, Mobile andself-service kiosk networks.
  7. 7. Paymenex Solutions End-User or B2B products from PMAS Merchant Account Facilities. Payment processing and gateway. E-commerce and online payment. Point of Sale (POS) or store retail payment. Payment Service Provider gateway. Mobile Money/eWallet payment processing (internet, mobile and SMS). Merchant transaction processing, clearing and settlement in multi-currency.
  8. 8. Paymenex Solutions Paymenex Mobile Money & eWallet System (PMM) Paymenex offers instant issuing andmanagement of Mobile money and eWallet. Our Mobilemoney, Virtual card and eWallet solutions are builtaround Paymenex multicard account which boostcapabilities of Paymenex members to offer end-to-endsolutions in a box.End-User product from (PMM) Mobile Money Account. eWallet Account
  9. 9. End-User Business Systems Merchant Manager Application View payment in real-time Cancel and Refund Payments. View cleared transactions. View settled transactions. View transactions from online store and POS store in one screen.
  10. 10. End-User Business Systems Merchant POS Terminal Accept Paymenex Card payment Accept Payment with Mobile No (Cardless) Check Card balance, Issue D-Voucher (Virtual Card) on Demand. Validate, and Activate Cards and D-Vouchers Bill Payment Service Money Transfer services.
  11. 11. End-User Business Systems Paymenex Agent and Merchant POS Accept Card payment Check Balance Bill payment services Money Transfer Services Accept Payment with Mobile No (Cardless) Issue D-Voucher (Virtual Card) on Demand. Validate, and Activate Cards and D-Vouchers
  13. 13. Paymenex Products Paymenex Card Family
  14. 14. Paymenex Cards and D-Voucher Paymenex Prepaid Card• Convenient to pay online, in-store, and share money.• Worldwide and multi-currency coverage.• 3W Sentry card security.• Reloadable, Online Monthly statement,• Chip and PIN.
  15. 15. Paymenex Cards and D-Voucher  Paymenex Gift Card• Easy to use & accepted in the same way as any other Debit Cards• Convenient to pay online, offline and share money.• Worldwide and multi-currency coverage.• 3W Sentry card security• Reloadable, Online Monthly statement,• Chip and PIN.• Mobile and eWallet features• Perfect Gift for friends & families.
  16. 16. Paymenex Cards and D-Voucher Paymenex MSB Card (Money Transfer Card)• Send and Receive Money in a Card.• Convenient to Send and to Receive.• Worldwide and multi-currency coverage.• No need to present ID each time you want to send money.• 3W Sentry card security• Reloadable, Online Monthly statement,• Instant, Fast, and Secure• Prevent Identity theft.
  17. 17. Paymenex Cards and D-Voucher Paymenex BPP Card (BillPay Card)• PayBill and setup Direct Debit for recurring bills and fees.• Paybill from abroad and manage all bills in one Card.• Bill Card, Club Card, Access Card, VIP Card, Student ID Card, Hospital card, Loyalty Card, Petrol Card, Membership Card.• Setup bills for OneTime, Weekly, Monthly, Fortnight, Quarterly, Semi- Annually, Annually, flexible dates.• Reloadable, Monthly statement.• 3W Sentry card security.• For all Bills, Charges, income, taxes.
  18. 18. Paymenex Cards and D-Voucher Paymenex D-Voucher• Disposable eVoucher for top-up and payment.• Non-Reloadable.• Issued instantly.• No Identity Check.• Quick access to Paymenex network.• Multi-denomination and Currency.
  19. 19. Getting Started with Paymenex
  20. 20. Getting Started with Paymenex Activating Your Paymenex Card  Online at any Paymenex website worldwide.  Online at any Paymenex member’s website.  By Sending SMS to Paymenex shortcode.  At Agent Location or Bank.  By Phone with customer service or IVR.Instant : Send “NEW” by SMS to Paymenex shortcode to receive your Card details alreadyactivated and ready to use. (premium charges may apply)Purchase: Buy a non-activated card from Agent or Bank and follow the activation steps.
  21. 21. Getting Started with Paymenex  Funding your Paymenex Card Online or by SMS with D-Voucher. At Bank Branch or Agent Location. Receive money from others.Receive Money: Receive money from friends and families (International orDomestic)Purchase: Buy a D-Voucher for top-up, or load fund directly from an Agent orBank location.
  22. 22. Getting Started with Paymenex  Accessing your Paymenex Card Online or Mobile. Check Balance by SMS, At Agent or Bank location.Internet Banking: View your transactions, edit your profile,manage your account and view statements online.Mobile Banking: View your transactions, manage your account onPaymenex mobile apps, or by SMS.
  23. 23. Getting Started with Paymenex  Using your Paymenex Card Send money to Friends and Families. Pay Online, in-Store, or mobileShop, PayBill, Setup Direct Debit.Direct Payment: Pay anywhere with your Card, Mobile phone andSMS.Direct Debit: Stepup and pay by Direct Debit forRecurring bill, fee charges