White Paper: The Business of Selling EBooks


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A white paper on eBook selling trends, techniques and requirements. To learn more and start selling eBooks, visit https://www.payloadz.com

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White Paper: The Business of Selling EBooks

  1. 1. PayLoadzThe Business of Selling EBooksA white paper on eBook selling trends, techniques andrequirementswww.payloadz.com3/24/2013
  2. 2. Table of ContentsTRENDS DEFINING EBOOK SALES 3WRITING FOR THE RIGHT REASONS 4MARKETING FOR BETTER SALES 4Get the Packaging Right 5Concentrate on Social Media 5Generate and Utilize Reviews to Your Benefit 5Use Multiple Sales Options 5SELECTING A SALES PLATFORM 5BIBLIOGRAPHY 7
  3. 3. Trends Defining EBook SalesSome of the factors fueling the growth of eBooks and their sales are the availability of affordable titles,increased penetration of e-reading devices, accessibility along with mobility and ease of self-publishing.According to a survey by Pew Research Center, nearly one-third of the U.S. adult population uses eitheran eBook reader or a tablet.The popularity of e-readers will increase steadily and, it is estimated that by 2015, there will be 57million people with e-readers,which will be almost a quarter of the U.S. adult population (eMarketer,2012).EBooks are gradually taking a lead over other forms of media, including hardcover books According toOnline Publisher Association, 35 percent of tablet owners bought eBooks, much more than any otherform of media such as movies, TV shows and newspaper subscriptions.
  4. 4. A major factor in the rising sales of eBooks is the availability at affordable prices, thanks to thetremendous growth in self-published books. Between 2006 and 2011, self-published books increased bya staggering 287 percent, with more than 211,000 self-published titles coming out in 2011.Self-publishing allows authors to keep their prices much lower than traditional publishers.Becausebuyers perceive eBooks as having lower value than physical books, keeping a lower price helps increasesales. Today, most self-published eBooks are available for less than $2.99, and some bestsellers areavailable for under $10.The growth of eBooks is not just a U.S.-based phenomenon. The eBook market has expanded to China,Russia, Japan and India, opening more doors for publishers and self-publishers to make money by sellingeBooks.As indicated by these trends, the future seems promising for eBooks. In fact, the entire eBookecosystem, right from authors to sellers and e-delivery platforms to e-reading devices, is poised fortremendous growth in the years to come.Writing for the Right ReasonsA writer creates for a reader; however, writing for your own benefit is just as important. Roughly, 81percent of Americans believe they have a book they could write or have someone write for them(Herther, 2013). The reason is simply fascination. Everyone has a story to share, and many people wishto record it for future generations. Before you start writing, consider what story you have to tell, themeaning behind the story, whether its a learning experience you want to share or whether you want torecord an important moment in your life. If you can find a lesson, theme or value for your eBookcontent, someone else can too. Authors are successful when they have a story that brings readers in.Comedic situations, heartwarming tales or a niche topic means a successful book.Picking the right title and genre for the story you have to tell are the next challenges you need toovercome. Does the title fit the books content? Will the title catch a readers eye? Did you place thebook in the proper genre? A semi-autobiography with names and certain events changed for morereader interest requires a fiction genre. Use your experiences to choose a proper genre, which includesmysteries or sci-fi thrillers.Before you seek publishing avenues and marketing, it is essential to gain feedback. Writers conferences,seminars and writing courses show you whether there will be interest in your eBook. Fellow writers canalso suggest grammar and style corrections. Let the participants in seminars tell you whether the title,genre and content work for them.Marketing for Better SalesMarketing is the key to achieve greater sales for your eBook. Creating a great eBook with a proper title isonly the beginning.
  5. 5. Get the Packaging RightPackaging an eBook refers to creating an attractive cover to draw attention and using a well-writtendescription to convince people to buy the eBook. The cover is what most buyers will see before theylook at the title or download a sample chapter. EBook descriptions are as necessary as the coverbecause they give the reader a clear idea of what the eBook is about. Write a professional description tolet people know why they would enjoy the book.Concentrate on Social MediaPeople often rely on recommendations before they buy books. When you have a new eBook ready forsale, announce it on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Take that a step furtherby offering the first chapter for free. The first chapter should also be available on your website. Evenfamous authors, such as Nora Roberts, offer the first chapter on their official websites. A good exampleof shares on Twitter would be 160 characters of your most interesting or attention-grabbing line. Youremember Charles Dickens’ opening sentence, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," for areason: it was intriguing and contained an extreme contrast between the two subjects. J.K. Rowling used"The Boy who Lives" as her first chapter title, which gained the attention of many people. The title isinteresting and captures your attention. Use your writing skills on social media activity to make peoplenotice.Generate and Utilize Reviews to Your BenefitPeople look for reviews before buying a book. It’s no different with eBooks. Reviews can be a greatadvantage, particularly if you have an influential person review your book before it is released for sale.The comments can become part of the eBook and can act as a convincing tool. Reviews can also besecured from bloggers who review books and from buyers who have bought and read the book. Thereviews should be highlighted on your website and sales pages. Reviews should be genuine; otherwise,the buyers will be turned off, and the credibility will be lost.Use Multiple Sales OptionsOne important component in marketing is placement. You need to get as many eyeballs as possible tosell eBooks successfully. The way to achieve that is to be present at most of the websites frequented byeBook buyers and not just be limited to selling on your website. This works similarly to selling hardcoverbooks in several stores. Some of the most popular eBook stores include Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, eBay,iTunes Store, Google Play and the PayLoadz Store. By being present on all or most of these stores, youensure that you are not losing any opportunity for selling your eBook. While it may sound confusing andcomplex to maintain presence on multiple stores, sales platform are available that can help you do that.Selecting a Sales PlatformA sales platform helps you sell eBooks, process payments and deliver eBooks to buyers.
  6. 6. A sales platform makes it simple for your customers to buy eBooks. At the beginning, you may have onlyone or two eBooks to sell. But you can always add more eBooks as you get them finished. Whether thebuyer finds your eBook on your website or through your listing on eBay and other web pages, you needtools to make the purchase process functional.With automated delivery, the buyer receives the eBook immediately instead of waiting on you toprocess the purchase request.The sales platform that you choose should have the following features: An easy-to-use process to upload and publish your eBook sales listing A way that allows selling an eBook on your website, other sites and popular eBook stores Marketing tools for increasing popularity and sales Automated delivery of eBooks Multiple payment gateway choicesPayLoadz is one of the sales platforms available to you. It is a full-service sales platform for sellingeBooks as well as other digital content such as audiobooks and videos. With PayLoadz, uploading youreBook, creating a store listing and marketing the book are easy and quick.Writing an eBook takes time and dedication. To ensure your hard work is not lost, you need a salesplatform and marketing techniques that help readers find and buy your eBook. You can then becomesuccessful making money selling eBooks.Find us at www.payloadz.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/payloadz Twitter:www.twitter.com/payloadz
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