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Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online
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Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online


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A guide on starting a digital products selling business. Visit to know more and start selling digital products.

A guide on starting a digital products selling business. Visit to know more and start selling digital products.

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  • 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSWhy Sell Digital Products?....................................................................................................3What Kinds of Products Can You Sell?..............................................................................5How to Get Started Selling Your Own Digital Products...............................................7Beware of Copyright Hassles...............................................................................................9Marketing & Sales of Your Digital Products....................................................................9
  • 3. WHY SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS?Have you been looking for a way to start your own business buthave more talent than money to invest? Do you need a way tocreate some income working from home? Selling digital productsmight be a perfect opportunity for you.Digital products are anything that can be downloaded on acomputer. An endless number of items to choose from exist.Depending on your talent and interests, almost anything that canbe made into a digital file on your computer can be sold online.Just think of the advantages of working from your own home. Nomore fighting traffic in the everyday commute. No more puttingup with the daily grind at work. You’ll have the flexibility to makeyour own schedule that fits your lifestyle. The amount of moneyyou earn is only limited by the amount of time and effort youhave to put into it. You can start part-time and go from there.Because all your products will be stored digitally and sold online,you won’t have huge startup costs or inventory storage. There’sno need to hire a staff, and you won’t incur packaging andshipping costs. Because all your business operations are handledelectronically on your computer, you can operate your businessfrom anywhere you have an online connection.You can sell digital products you make yourself or collaboratewith other friends and family members. Start small and go fromthere. The opportunities are limitless.Online shopping is convenient and popular with consumers. Yourproducts can be marketed domestically or worldwide. Customerswill receive instant delivery once secure payment is made to youraccount. Why wait when you can start making money today?
  • 4. WHAT KINDS OF PRODUCTS CAN YOU SELL?Any item that can be downloaded on a computer can be soldonline. Just think of all the ways people use a computer. You cansell music, videos, software, art, eBooks, forms and any number ofdigital files over the Internet. You might have even purchasedsome yourself. What’s stopping you from using your talent andpassion to create your own business?SOFTWAREIf your expertise is developing computer software, an onlinebusiness might be right up your alley. Why work for someone elsewhen you can be the one making profits? Whether your softwareis for business applications or personal use, it can be sold totargeted markets worldwide with a secure online system. You canreach an unlimited customer base and watch your sales soar.EBOOKSTalented writers often need an outlet for their books. Finding apublisher who will get your books printed and marketed can bedifficult. Selling eBooks online is easier, and the sky’s the limit.From short stories to epic novels or simple how-to books, all canbe sold digitally to customers from your home computer.Products like the Kindle, iPad and other digital book readers aremaking printed paper books obsolete. EBooks can be easilydownloaded from your online business so you can spend moretime writing and less time trying to sell your work.MUSICITunes and other online music outlets have nearly put recordcompanies out of business. Any talented musician can create andsell music digitally. With the right equipment, you can producehigh-quality music videos showcasing your unique music style in
  • 5. your home studio. What might start as an outlet for friends andfamily to share your music can grow to be a lucrative career. Withthe right marketing, you can establish a global following and be onyour way to becoming the next rock star sensation.MOVIES AND VIDEOSPerhaps your passion is making movies. Whether on your own orcollaborating with others, writing, producing, directing and actingcan be captured digitally and sold online. Your creations, fromhow-to videos to full-length dramas, can find an Internet outlet.There’s no business like show business, and you can use yourtalents to start your own business.DIGITAL ARTThere’s no need to be a starving artist if you can sell your digitalart online. Use your creative talents to start an online business,and the opportunities are endless. Photographs, graphic design orany art that’s created digitally can be downloaded and sold tocustomers worldwide. Even paintings and drawings can bescanned into your computer to be reproduced digitally.MANUALSManuals can be bulky and expensive. People who need instructionmanuals would be thrilled to buy them in a downloadable versiononline. If you have the knowhow to produce manuals digitally,you can easily start your own online business right away.ANYTHING THAT CAN BE DOWNLOADEDThe items mentioned have merely scratched the surface ofpossibilities for starting your online business. Articles, certificates,forms, files and anything else that can be downloaded on acomputer can be sold with a click of a mouse. Wherever yourinterests lie, there’s a way for you to make money over theInternet. All you need is a computer and the drive to succeed.
  • 6. HOW TO GET STARTED SELLING YOUR OWNDIGITAL PRODUCTSThe first step to starting your online digital product business isdeciding what you will sell. Your best choice would be somethingyou know something about. It really helps if what you sell issomething you’re passionate about. You’re unlikely to besuccessful if you try to sell something you don’t know much aboutor don’t care about. You can concentrate on one item or sell acombination of items. You’re only limited by the time and energyyou put into it.The next step would be to start creating your products. You’llneed some inventory to start with that you can build on as you go.
  • 7. Begin with a basic product line that you can supplement to meetconsumer demand.Once you’re satisfied with the amount of digital products youhave available to sell, you’re ready to go online and start makingmoney.
  • 8. BEWARE OF COPYRIGHT HASSLESLaws are on the books against selling products created bysomeone else without receiving permission. Copyright laws are inplace to protect people. To avoid problems, be sure to sell onlyproducts you’ve created or have permission to sell.Copyright law also protects images and photos used in yourproducts or online business. Don’t be tempted to copy somethingyou find online without permission. To be on the safe side, useonly photos taken with your own camera or images you createyourself.Plagiarism is using or closely imitating the work of another authorwithout authorization and should be avoided. Copying and sellingeBooks or articles written by someone else could land you in hotwater. Everything you’re selling can be seen by anyone who logsonto the Internet, so don’t take chances.*NOTE: We remind you that the information contained here inregard to plagiarism and copyright infringement is not consideredlegal advice or to be all-inclusive. For legal advice on these issues,please consult a copyright attorney.MARKETING & SALES OF YOUR DIGITALPRODUCTSNow that you’ve decided what digital products you want to selland have started your inventory, it’s time to start selling. Youneed a good online platform to market your products plus a
  • 9. secure way to receive payment and deliver products tocustomers.The beauty of selling digital products online is that you don’t needa physical store or warehouse. Everything is bought and sold overthe Internet, so your website is your warehouse and store.However, creating your own website and generating traffic to itcan be expensive and time-consuming. Having a secure paymentand delivery system that you and your customers can trust mightbe tricky. Online shoppers are accustomed to a variety ofpayment options and want to make sure they get what they payfor. You have some options here.If you don’t have the wherewithal to create your own websitewith a secure shopping cart, digital content delivery services canstreamline that process for you. Digital content delivery serviceshave everything in place to sell your digital products online forminimal cost. is a good example of a service thathas everything you need to start selling your products right away.INCREASE SALES WITH FLEXIBILITYThe more online options you have, the better your chances forincreased sales. can provide you with an onlinestorefront and can promote sales from your own website, eBayand from affiliate sales. PayLoadz can even insert purchasebuttons on your Facebook and Twitter pages that work on alldevices and platforms. Anyone can safely purchase and getdelivery of your products from almost anywhere.Designed to promote and sell digital products, PayLoadz is aservice that will provide you with an online store that helps youmarket your products to customers worldwide who are lookingfor the items you have to sell. Even if you already have a website,PayLoadz has the tools you need to boost your sales an average of1,000 percent.
  • 10. Another advantage of using as your online digitalcontent delivery service is the way it supports eBay auctions. Agood way to market and sell your downloads is through eBay’sDigital Good Auctions. The huge market presence connects youwith customers who want to purchase your digital products.The PayLoadz Affiliate Program is a flexible way to increase youronline sales. This program promotes your products online andallows you to make money promoting the products of others. Thevirtual sales army of more than 100,000 affiliates is ready topromote your products and can provide up to 25 percent of yourInternet sales.All these flexible sales options at your fingertips mean that yourdigital products will have the best opportunities to reach onlinecustomers everywhere.SECURE STORAGE AND DELIVERY OPTIONSTo be successful selling digital products, you need to be sure yourdownloads are stored on secure servers and can only be accessedby paying customers. uses the Amazon S3 platformthat powers the largest e-commerce site in the world. Both youand your customers can rely on safe and secure transactions anddelivery.Having a good storage and delivery system in place makes onlineshopping a pleasant experience for your customers and promotesrepeat business. Both you and your customers are notified byemail when transactions are complete. The money is in youraccount, and they can download your products. A service can eliminate annoying glitches and problems,keeping both you and your customers happy.FLEXIBLE SECURE PAYMENT SYSTEMS
  • 11. People who shop online are accustomed to having severalpayment options. Some like to use credit cards while others feelmore comfortable using their PayPal account. If you use e-commerce platform, your customers will have awide array of payment options. With this service, you can providePayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payment, TrialPay and2Checkout on your site. E-checks, ACH transfers and existingaccount balances are other ways your customers can purchaseyour products. The best way to increase sales is by making it easyfor people to send you money.Having your products available worldwide is another advantage ofhaving an online business. Dealing with other currencies could bea problem, but not for The service supports 190countries and more than 20 currencies. Yen, pesos, euros or anyother currency is automatically converted to your desiredcurrency in your account. What could be easier than that?PROMOTE AND SUCCEED!Starting your own digital products business is a big step, and yoursuccess depends on you. A great digital goods sales and marketingplatform like PayLoadz gives you the tools you need to getstarted. You’re limited only by the time and effort you’re willingto put into it.Don’t hesitate to use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook,email contacts and Google+ to promote your new business andproducts. Encourage friends to share with their family and friends.Now that you have the basics for starting your own online digitalproducts business, there’s nothing stopping you from gettingstarted right away. Get busy and begin making money now!