Sell Digital Downloads Guide


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A guide on successfully selling digital downloads. Visit to know more and start selling your digital downloads.

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Sell Digital Downloads Guide

  1. 1. Sell Digital Downloads GuideAbout 53.5 percent of the population watches videos online, and 70.8 percent ofInternet users do so. The average American spends about 14 hours watching onlinevideos in a month, according to a study by comScore, published in its annual report,“The 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review.” These statistics are about online videos only.They don’t include other media, such as online books, music or games. As the factsshow, selling digital downloads can be quite lucrative. Learn how to get startedwith your own digital products business.What is a Digital Download?A digital download is any eBook, document, music, game, software, photo or otherfile a person downloads. EBooks are often in a PDF file, which can easily bedownloaded and read on a desktop, laptop or e-reader. Numerous people, trying tosave money on legal needs, seek documents such as legal templates for wills. Music,games, software and photos are also popular when in digital format because theycan be downloaded immediately and used. Any digital download can be usedinstantly once payment is made and the download has been run. This works betterthan driving to the store the minute something is released like a new game, movie orbook.Selling Digital Downloads in Three Easy StepsIt’s possible to sell digital downloads using three steps:Know what to sellSelect the right platform to sellMarket your digital productKnow What to SellBefore you choose what to sell, conduct online research. Certain digital goods willbein more demand than others. New games, top Hollywood movies and the latest CDssell well in stores and on places like Amazon. Conducting research can help youlearn how your product marketplace can become a trusted place to sell digitalproducts and how to get the products you want to sell.Buying the products you sell through an affiliate program, where you become adistributor for a producer, is one way to start your e-commerce business. There is asecondary option: You can use your skills to create the products you sell. Maybe youhave photography skills or can write software. If so, sell what you create and keepall the profits.It’s best to use experts to create a finished product. Experts can help ensure your
  2. 2. product looks professional, sells well and has no glitches.This can lead to a better-selling product.Select Sales PlatformLearn to select the right sales platform to sell digital downloads using the followingthree criteria:ReputationMultiple payment optionsKnow the pricingReputation is important. People don’t purchase products online they don’t trust.Likewise, you want to select a company that has a trusted reputation. A companythat has good comments, one that you like the look of and one that has a solidhistory should be a good choice. Analyze different companies to find the best one.See what types of payment options are available. It’s better to accept multiple formsof payment. Customers need a choice in how they pay for your digital downloads.Not everyone has a PayPal account or a credit card. So, you should offer more thanone payment option. A sales platform that offers multiple payment choices is ideal.Otherwise, you’d need toset up one account for selling digital downloads andmultiple accounts through various platforms to get the payment options you want.Pricing varies with different sales platforms. Some charge a monthly fee, which youmust pay for having the account. You would pay this fee whether you sell productsor not. Paying out money when you are starting out with little to no sales puts you inthe red before you begin. It’s better to cut as many fees as possible. Look for acompany that offers a free account and that allows you to store your digital goodswithout paying. You’d want to go this way if you haven’t made any sales yet. Also,see whether the sales platform allows you to upgrade to a paid accountthat includesoptions such as marketing tools and other resources.Market Your Digital ProductMarketing is the most important aspect of a digital downloads businessbesidesdetermining what you will sell. Having a great product only works if peopleknow you are selling it. If you get lost in the cyber world,your sales will be low tononexistent. Butthis can be the reality of Internet e-commerce. You must do somemarketing to be noticed. It’s great to find a sales platform like PayLoadz, which hasa good reputation and a marketing platform; however, you cannot be dependent onyour sales platform alone for success. You still need to do more. The three methodsof successful marketing have these features:A website, blog and several storefronts to display products
  3. 3. Social network activityUse of affiliates to market and sellMarketing starts with a website where you can display your products. It’s good tohave one website, but multiple storefronts are better. With two or three storefronts,you can market to specific target audiences to get more sales. Attach blogs to yourwebsites using WordPressor other options. Even blogging on other sites can be ahelpful marketing tool. Don’t overlook the power of the blog.Blogs get the word outabout your website and that you sell digital downloads.Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook allow you to advertise by talkingabout current news for your business. Mention news in an interesting way insteadof just making a statement.Affiliates can help market and sell your products. You only need to control a coupleof websites when affiliates market for you. You enjoy a cut of the profits from sales,while getting more exposure for your products.What PayLoadz Can Offer YouPayLoadz, a sales platform, provides you a storefront, which can work with yourown website. You can sell multiple forms of digital downloads to gain morecustomers and higher profits.An important PayLoadz feature is the delivery system. You have a bulk uploadoption in which files can be uploaded all at once from an Excel spreadsheet. Oncestored on the secure file server, anytime a purchase is made, an automated deliverysystem kicks in. This system ensures your clients access the purchased filesinstantly instead of waiting for you to hit the send button. PayLoadz also providesmultiple payment options and helps with marketing.Find us at Facebook: