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We are a team of young blood. Some of our Payilagam team mates are Childhood friends, few college mates and few other as Colleagues in Professional life and ended as friends. One common thing about the Payilagam team is we have around Five Years of experience in the Software field.

When we came out of our college campus the entire world was new to us. Though we were alumni of various leading government and private engineering colleges, we experienced difficult situations and the road to reach this position had lot of hurdles.

Each of us realized that there is a huge gap between the 10+2+4 education system and the Jobs field what we want to be in. During our initial days of job hunt, we found many software training centers with fake promises of placement and career.

Some of our friends believed those fake promises, joined there with dreams and hopes but all went in vain. None of the claims of these institutes were true, are true and neither will be. These so called “Best Software Training Institutes” captivate the students not for the welfare of the students but for their own profit margins. These taught us strong lesson not to believe these software training institutes in Chennai. All these experience fed us thought for starting a software training institute in Chennai and in turn saw the seed ‘Payilagam’. We don’t endorse ‘Payilagam’ as the best, We don’t endorse ‘Payilagam’ as No 1 institute in Chennai, But we endorse ‘Payilagam’ with its moral.

We started Payilagam Software Training Institute with the moral vision to nurture professionals of high academic caliber and perfect character, nurture with a strong motivation and commitment to serve humanity. We aim at training our trainees to become not only skilled professionals but also excellent human beings to influence the quality of life of people around.

There were no one to guide us when we were about to start our career, But Payilagam is there for you.

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Payilagam oracle dba training syllabus

  1. 1. Payilagam Software Training Institute Payilagam Software Training Institute, No:4/67E, Sri Balaji’s Ishwarya, Vijaya Nagar 3rd Cross Street, Velachery, Chennai – 600042. 044-22592370, 8344777333, 8883775533. Mail :, Website : ORACLE DBA 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Introduction to SQL Administration I Administration II Performance and Tuning Linux 1. Introduction to SQL              1 Introduction. Writing a Basic SQL Statement. Restricting and Sorting Data. Single Row Functions. Displaying Data from Multiple Tables. Reporting aggregated Data. Writing Sub Queries. Manipulating Data. Creating and Managing Tables. Including Constraints. Creating Views. Other Database Objects. Using Set Operators. Payilagam Software Training Institute | | 83 44 777 333 | 8883 77 55 33 |
  2. 2. Payilagam Software Training Institute 2. Oracle 11g Administration I                  Introduction. Oracle Architectural Components. Getting started with the Oracle Server. Database Startup. Managing an Oracle Instance. Creating a Database. Using the Data Dictionary. Maintaining the Control File. Maintaining Redo Log Files. Managing Tablespaces and Data Files. Storage Structures and Relationships. Create and Manage Oracle Users. Managing Undo Data. Managing Indexes. Profiles and Resources. Managing Privileges. Managing Roles. 3. Oracle 11g Administration II              2 Backup and Recovery Overview. User-Managed Backups. User-Managed Incomplete & Complete Recovery. RMAN Overview and Configuration. RMAN Backups. RMAN Incomplete & Complete Recovery. RMAN Repository Maintenance. RMAN Catalog Creation and Usage. Auxiliary Database Creation. Oracle Net Architecture. Oracle Net services Server & Client Side. Datapumping. Export & Import. Payilagam Software Training Institute | | 83 44 777 333 | 8883 77 55 33 |
  3. 3. Payilagam Software Training Institute   Flashback Method. Logminer. 4. Performance and Tuning                  Overview of Oracle Performance Tuning. Sql Query Tuning (Explain plan, Auto Trace) Statspack Method. Shared Pool Tuning. Checkpoint Tuning. Sizing the Buffer Cache. Sizing other SGA Structures. Disk I/O Tuning. Sort Area Tuning. Automatic PGA Memory Management (APMM). Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM). ADDM, AWR Report. SQL Statement Tuning. Database Migration and Upgradation. Oracle Locks. Using Oracle Blocks Efficiency. Oracle Patching. 5. LINUX    Linux Installation. Oracle Installation in Linux & Windows. Linux Commands to Operate Oracle Database. Warm Regards Payilagam software training institute, 8344777333, 8883775533. Mail: Website: 3 Payilagam Software Training Institute | | 83 44 777 333 | 8883 77 55 33 |
  4. 4. Payilagam Software Training Institute 4 Payilagam Software Training Institute | | 83 44 777 333 | 8883 77 55 33 |