Mobile payments in last chaos


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This guide will help you how to integrate PayGol as your sms payment gateway in Last Chaos server

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Mobile payments in last chaos

  1. 1. Automatic SMS payments in Last Chaos using PayGol You will learn how to: ● Create a multi-price service for Last Chaos ● Receive automatic payments ● Update user's cash ● Test your service ● Download file from ●
  2. 2. You will learn how to receive automatic sms payments in Last Chaos without doing anything manual. Users can enjoy their cash right away without waiting hours or even days. If you still don't have a PayGol account please start by creating one from this link www.paygol. com/register Introduction
  3. 3. Follow these steps: ●Download the file from ● ●Upload the paygol.php file to your server. ●Create a new service of type Multi-price and fill all the fields. For this example we will create the following options: -An input field where player can enter his character or username -And the next prices with their web cash: 100 web cash = €1 200 web cash = €2 300 web cash = €3
  4. 4. Here you can see a example picture about how your service creator will look like: Don't forget to save (click on the yellow save button) all changes for these options button
  5. 5. On field URL Background add the full path where the paygol.php file is located (e.g.:http://www. This file will be called after every payment has been processed, sending you several parameters to make all the process automatic. Save all changes and set your service as Testing and test your service until you are sure is working as you want.
  6. 6. Edit your paygol.php file and replace the "xxxx" by the real data to connect to your database, you will see something like this: //set host, username and password for DB $dbhost = "xxxx"; $dbuser = "xxxx"; $dbpass = "xxxx"; $dbname = "xxxx";
  7. 7. Pay attention on the lines: $custom = $_GET[custom]; $points = $_GET[points];//cash $custom is the variable where the username or character of the payer will be stored. $cash is the total of web cash that user paid for.
  8. 8. Adding the pay button Click on the tool button you see below and paste the piece of HTML code into your web page.
  9. 9. On this section you will see 2 different ways to use your service, with Pop-up and Post. For this example we will use Pop-up. Copy all the code into a HTML page.... test.html for example.
  10. 10. Trying your service By clicking your service button you will now see your service working
  11. 11. Testing your service Go to My services and change the status of your service from Testing
  12. 12. Now press the small red arrow, choose demo using post or popup mode. Payment screen will display now in test mode (Blue tube indicates test mode) Notice the name of the payment screen is the one you entered when you created the service. We used Test Service as our service name. Test Service £1.00, instruction states: Send GOL 813725 to phone number 88080 You are supposed to send this and receive a pin code , you don't need to do this in test mode. Your test pin code will be 123456, you must enter this pin on the field and press OK Wait for valid confirmation, after this you will be redirected to your designated Success URL. When you are sure everything is working as you want then go back to your service and set it as Enabled.
  13. 13. That's all! At this point your Last Chaos game would be fully working accepting automatic sms payments with PayGol. Have Fun !!!