Using sustainability to build a generational bridge


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Presentation summarizing strategies to engage "rock star" employees of all ages.

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Using sustainability to build a generational bridge

  1. 1. Using Sustainability to Build a Generational Bridge
  2. 2. “The Band” -Paydirt helps clients build practicalsustainability strategies that delivermaximum benefit to both the environmentand their bottom lineCore Services: • Strategy Development • Environmental Assessment • Program Design and Implementation • Strategic Communications
  3. 3. Our Typical “Gigs”Sample engagements include: • Environmental assessment of business operations and facilities • Life cycle assessment of products or services • Greenhouse gas emission audit • Performance measurement strategy and implementation • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting • Internal and external communications strategy • Employee engagement and mobilization
  4. 4. Sustainability as Rock Star Cause?Green groupiesinclude celebrities,musicians, actors,professional athletes
  5. 5. Sustainability as Rock Star Cause?Generations X and Y are passionate greenadvocatesBaby Boomers return to activist rootsTraditionalists value and practice ethics ofconservation and restraint
  6. 6. The First Hurdle:Defining Sustainability
  7. 7. The Rock Star DefinitionPeople, Planet and ProfitThe Quadruple Bottom LineThe “Woodstock” Definition: • Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future
  8. 8. The Second Hurdle:Making the Business Case
  9. 9. Sustainability as Strategic ImperativePercentage of U.S. CEOs that believe thatsustainability is “vital” to profitability:70 percentPercentage of European business leaders thatbelieve that responsible business practicesallow companies to invigorate creativity andlearn about the marketplace:80 percent
  10. 10. Driving ChangeCost and efficiencyRegulation and complianceSupply chain, investor andconsumer pressureCompetitive advantageTalent recruitment and retention © 2009 Paydirt, LLC 10
  11. 11. The “X Factor”Quantitative v. qualitativeBrand equityMorale Percentage of Gen Y that say it’s very important to work at a green-conscious company: 81%
  12. 12. The Third Hurdle: “On the Road”
  13. 13. Planning the “Tour” Culture Products & Services Process Incremental © 2009 Paydirt, LLC 13
  14. 14. Engage your Biggest FansEmployees are keystakeholders in any CSRprogramSustainability programs failwithout their understanding andbuy-in
  15. 15. Engage your Biggest FansHigh performing CSR organizationsintegrate and foster a culture of triplebottom line sustainability throughout theiroperationsOpportunity for cross-disciplinary andintergenerational team-buildingReward and incentivize sustainabledecisions
  16. 16. Igniting the Internal “Buzz”Build excitement andmorale through: • Conservation programs • Active environmental improvement • Issue support and advocacy • Green events • Corporate innovation © 2009 Paydirt, LLC 16
  17. 17. Marketing your Green GigConsider all stakeholderinterestsAvoid greenwashing ANDgreenmutingEmphasize authenticity,transparency andmeasurable results © 2009 Paydirt, LLC 17
  18. 18. Going for PlatinumAlign with brand, missionand goalsImprove company-widesustainabilityCelebrate successStrive for ongoingimprovement © 2009 Paydirt, LLC 18
  19. 19. For More Information Contact Eliza Clark or 612.385.3710