Rules and regulations road map


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Internal Competition for case study. college club level rules.

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  • Talk about your customer segments, geographies, total market size
  • How will your idea make money? What value propositions do you successfully offer to customers to generate revenue streams?
  • Rules and regulations road map

    1. 1. Drishti Presents..11 Feb 2013 thROAD MAPPlay% Game% the% %
    2. 2. Instructions• Do not add or delete any slide.• Do not change the font size.(Use calibri-44 for heading, and calibri- 22 for body)• Provide relevant information under each category• Once submitted, Contestant is not allowed to change or modify any content.• Use of charts, graphics, pictures and verbiage should be simple and easily read.• Each slide should have between 3 and 6 bullets that are succinct (no paragraphs, uncluttered)
    3. 3. Order of Presentation• Introduction• Executive Snapshot• Team Structure• Opportunity• Customers• Competition• Business Model• Financial Projections
    4. 4. Introduction• Briefly introduce yourself and your company • Company name • Presenters names (give titles if pertinent) • Sector / Industry focus • Contact coordinates : • Mobile no • Land no • Email id • Address
    5. 5. Executive Snapshot[this is a very important slide that requires lots of time to create because it must be succinct, comprehensive and COMPELLING]•Brief overview of company • What exactly does the company do (stated briefly) • Products or services offered • What is the problem being solved • Why these products or services are compelling, e.g., “…the only product that enables [solution] to [the problem]…” • Operations (if any) that may have started.
    6. 6. m ion ss i al Tea re i ty rs e ti t sine l anc ns tu po rtun t ome p Bu de Fin tio truc Op Cus Com mo ec S Proj• Build investor confidence with team • Credentials, proven track record, domain experience (do not include weak credentials) • Describe skill and experience gaps to be filled• List the company’s leadership team • Include name, position, experience (abbrev.) • These are credentialed experts• List of company Directors and Advisors • Include name, summary of experience
    7. 7. y m Tea re rtunit rs e ti t ion ss sine l i al anc ns ctu ppo t ome p Bu de Fin tioStru O Cus Com mo ec Proj• What is the opportunity you are looking to tap?(or what is the consumers searing pain you are looking to address?)• How many organizations/people do you think feel this pain?• Describe, Why now is the right time for a solution?• Which geographies will you cover?• What is the value addition you are providing to the society at large?• Illustrate the company’s solution with graphics, pictures or videos as necessary (keep this very simple)• What is the company’s potential in the market?• Estimated Revenue Growth in graphic or tabular form (see next slides, for examples)• Market share projections are optional
    8. 8. ity ss i al m Tea re ortun ome rs e ti t ion sine l Bu de anc ns Fin tioStru ctu Opp Cus t Com p mo ec Proj • Who will be your consumers? (customer profile) • Value proposition to customer • Validation of Customer Acceptance • Customer Feedback, Survey Data, Testimonials • Purchases, Letters of Intent • Partners • Example of customer
    9. 9. n ss i al m Tea re rtun i ty ome rs e titio sine l Bu de anc ns Fin tioStru ctu Op po Cus t Comp mo ec ProjCompetition• Describe the direct (competing product or service) and indirect competition (alternative solution) for your company and its product or service.• Describe specific strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities related to competition.• Describe how your product, technology or service differentiates itself from the competition? [very important]• What makes your team special?• What are the unique advantages you have?• How do you maintain these advantages? Describe “barriers to entry” created by your product (e.g., patents)
    10. 10. n ss i al m Tea re rtun i ty ome rs e titio sine l Bu de anc ns Fin tioStru ctu Op po Cus t Comp mo ec ProjCompetitive Advantage• What is the company’s competitive advantage? • Why will customers buy your product or service over the competition? • Show a competitive matrix to illustrate differentiation (see below) Solution we can offer/ Solution they can they cannot offer/ we cannot Competitor-1 Competitor-2 Competitor-3 ***Replace competitors in above table with company/entity name
    11. 11. ss i al m Tea re i ty rs e ti t ion sine l anc ns ctu po rtun t ome p Bu d e Fin tioStru Op Cus Com mo ec Proj• Describe the company’s business and revenue model • What is the overall business strategy? • How will you sell your product or service (distributors, internet)? • How will the company generate revenue for its product or service? • Describe the sales cycle for the company’s product or service
    12. 12. ss i al m Tea re i ty rs e ti t ion sine l anc ns ctu po rtun t ome p Bu d e Fin tioStru Op Cus Com mo ec Proj• Describe the Marketing Plan (if appropriate) • What is the go-to -market strategy? • What is the pricing model? Gross margin? • How will you access customers? (including advert. and promo.) • How will your product or service be distributed? • What customer support will be needed?• Note any commitments from partners, distributors, granting agencies, etc. regarding benefits of your product• Regulatory issues (Any Govt. licenses, approvals, required/obtained etc.)
    13. 13. m ion ss sine l ia l Tea re rtun i ty ome rs pe ti t Bu de anc ns Fin tio ctu po Cus t Com moStru Op jec Pro• Provide 3-5 year financial projections for the company (abbreviated table—see next slide)• Scalability – Is your business idea scalable as its operations grows?• List down major facts and assumptions- Make sure that assumptions are believable and achievable.• What funding has the company received to date? (Amounts and sources)• How much money is your business plan currently seeking from Investors? – How will the funds be used? (use tabular format—see next slide for an example) – What key value-building milestones will be achieved with funds (market test, market expansion, etc.)
    14. 14. m ion ss sine l ia l Tea re rtun i ty ome rs pe ti t Bu de anc ns Fin tio ctu po Cus t Com mo Stru Op jec ProIncome Statement Summary (Sample)Financial Year 2010 2011 2012 2013Revenue 10,00,000 13,50,000 21,00,000 30,00,000COGS 5,50,000 9,25,000 13,50,000 15,00,000Gross Profit 4,50,000 4,25,000 6,50,000 15,00,000Opex 2,50,000 2,15,000 2,75,000 3,25,000Net Income 2,00,000 2,10,000 3,75,000 8,75,000
    15. 15. m ion ss sine l ia l Tea re rtun i ty ome rs pe ti t Bu de anc ns Fin tio ctu po Cus t Com mo Stru Op jec ProStartup Budget/Use of Proceeds (Sample) First year Budget Cost Salaries Repairs & maintenance Local Advertising Marketing Accounting and legal Rent Internet & Telephone Equipment Domain Name Total
    16. 16. Annexure As part of Annexure, you may add 1-3 slides showing pictures on the key offering of your business (like the product, snapshot etc).