Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Others


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Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Others

  1. 1. PRESENTAION ON Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Others:Employee Connectivity Trumps ROI as Wireless Mobile Devices Change the Work EnvironmentPRESENTED BY:Depa ShresthaDepika ShresthaPawan KawanPitamber NepalShishir GiriShishir KC
  2. 2.  Wireless telecommunication is the transfer of informationbetween two or more points that are not physicallyconnected. Wireless technology used to empower a mobileworkforce Blackberry handheld systems as essential to its globaloperation. There are several business benefits to the companiesfrom Wireless Mobile Devices. There are several challenges to employees andorganizations with Wireless Mobile Devices.
  3. 3. Benefits to the Companies from Wireless Mobile Devices Strong visibility by managers to its employees and customers. It reduces the additional cost of network setup at various locations. It provides greater scalability, reliability and responsibility in the service provided by the companies to their customer. High-end telecommunication solutions provide many features. It improves the productivity of the employees and lowers the down-time which helps in improved customer satisfaction.
  4. 4. Challenges with wireless mobile device(i) Challenges faced by Company Security Problem Overuse creates disturbance Misuse and personal use of the device Employees become irritate
  5. 5. (ii) Challenges faced by Employees  Disturbance in Personal Life  Burden for employees  No peace from bosses  Reduces extra time of employees
  6. 6. Advantages of Deploying Mobile Computing Devices Better productivity: Due to the presence of wireless devices ,employees can have work efficiency which ultimately improves the productivity of the organization. Quick and efficient service: Wireless mobile device helps the organization to provide the efficient and effective service to the customers .Thus wireless mobile device is significant for the organization to make the customer satisfied with the efficient service.
  7. 7.  Easiest and fastest tool: Wireless mobile device is the easiest and fastest tool which helps to do job better and quickly. Wireless device saves times which is one of the important factor for running the business. Timely communication: Due to the simplicity and easiness of the mobile devices timely communication between the employees can be possible.
  8. 8. Problems Due To Overuse of Wireless Mobile Device Disturbances in the office environment. Decrease in the productivity of the employees. Misuse can cause the reduction in cost-benefit of the device.
  9. 9. Solutions To Overuse of Wireless Mobile Device Instructions to the employees to keep the device on silent mode, and attend the important calls in recreation rooms. Company’s Security team should not allow ear-phones and head-phones in the office. Tracking of the phone bills to inform the employees for not using the device for personal use.
  10. 10. Conclusion Wireless technology used to empower a mobile workforce. Wireless technology improves the productivity of the employees and lowers the down-time which helps in improved customer satisfaction. Significant of wireless mobile device:• Better productivity• Efficient service• Customer satisfaction• Empower workforce