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The Role of Curation in Content Marketing: Content2Conversion 2013
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The Role of Curation in Content Marketing: Content2Conversion 2013



Slides from my talk along with Lisa Rhodes of Verne Global at the Content2Conversion conference in New York (April 2013). ...

Slides from my talk along with Lisa Rhodes of Verne Global at the Content2Conversion conference in New York (April 2013).

Talk abstract:
There’s a good reason why content curation is such a hot topic these days: It works! Explore real-world examples of how leading B2B marketers identify, find, organize and share relevant content with their core markets via content curation, and learn why curation delivers strong ROI for today’s marketing organizations.



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    The Role of Curation in Content Marketing: Content2Conversion 2013 The Role of Curation in Content Marketing: Content2Conversion 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • Lisa Rhodes. Verne Global.(@VerneGlobal)Pawan Deshpande. Curata.(@TweetsFromPawan)Content2Conversion. April 2013
    • Curation Content Curation
    • Why curation is relevant now?Consumers have too much content
    • But marketers have too little.
    • ©2012 Curata, Inc. Annual Content Curation Adoption Survey
    • The Content Beast
    • • Blog Posts• News Sites• Newsletters• Social Media• Podcasts• eBooks• Special Reports• Infographics• Polls & Surveys• Video• WebinarsDownload atcurata.com/resources
    • Content Curation“A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups,organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on aspecific issue online.”-Rohit Bhargava
    • Curation in MuseumsYou can create value simply by curating.
    • • IBM• Whole Foods• Oregon Wine Board• FedEx• Intel• United Nations• Adobe• & more…Download atcurata.com/resourcesWith a foreword by Rohit BhargavaAuthor of Likeonomics &Personality Not Included
    • 37%7%6%1%3%4%10%31%Verne GlobalData CenterHydroelectic SourcesGeothermal SourcesBrilliant Idea in a Unique Location: Verne Global
    • Interrupted by The Black Swan TheoryThe disproportionate role of high-profile, hard-to-predict, andrare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations inhistory, science, finance, and technology. “Fooled By Randomness” byNassim Nicholas Taleb
    • Beyond the Realm of Normal
    • Presents Opportunity for Content MarketingThoughtLeadership• Become newssource for GreenDataCenter/Green IT• Bloggers fromIndustry Sourcesto keep contentoriginal and freshInbound Interest• Create positivenews buzz aboutCompany and thelocation• Develop thepersona of alarger and moreestablishedcompanyLead Generation• Newsletter builtimmediate leadgenerationplatform• Social mediainterfacesprovidesstreamlinedopportunity tocommunicatewith leads
    • Results in www. greendatacenternews.org
    • 1. Identify2. Find3. Organize4. Share5. CreateSteps to successful curation:
    • IdentifyIdentify: http://bit.ly/CurationTopic
    • FindSources– RSS Feeds– News Sites– Blogs– Trade Pubs– Twitter– JournalsSchedule a regularand consistent timeevery day to reviewcontent.Blog Post: http://bit.ly/CurationSources
    • Organize• Categorize• Tag• Group• Index• Archive• RecommendThink like a librarian when organizing content.– Use categories & tagsin blog software– Make your CTA pointto another piece ofcontent– Create digests & roll-up summariesBlog Post: http://bit.ly/CurationOrganize
    • Share• Website / Microsite• Blog• Mobile devices• Email Newsletter• Embeddable Widgets• Feeds• Social MediaShare contenteverywhere youraudience is.Blog Post: http://bit.ly/CurationShare
    • Create – add value• Annotate• Analyze• Recap or summaryAdd more commentary that amount ofthe content you repost
    • Content Curation & Fair Use• Share only a portion of theoriginal content• Always attribute sources• Drive visitors to the originalpublication• Follow the Google “Rule ofThumb”Create, curate, but never pirate content.Blog Post: http://bit.ly/CurationEthics
    • Think beyond your own brand• Include competitorcontent• Include content thatmay not agree withyour position• Need this to become atrusted and reliableauthorityYou may need to curate competitor content tobecome a thought leader.
    • Content Curation ResourcesSite & newsletter: contentcurationmarketing.comLinkedIn Group: Content CuratorsEmail: pawan@curata.comTwitter: @TweetsFromPawanResources: www.curata.com/resources/