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This is a good MBA project on performance appraisal and you can download full report from

This is a good MBA project on performance appraisal and you can download full report from

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 2. PREFACE  At ACME TELE POWER LTD., PANTNAGAR, the employees are considered as most valuable asset and strength for sustained growth in the development of the company.  Like any other organization, ACME TELE POWER LTD., PANTNAGAR has framed Rules, Regulations, Policies, Systems and Schemes etc.
  • 3. CONTENTS  CHAPTER 1 – Introduction – Objectives of the study – Research Methodology – Scope of the study – Limitations of the study – Operational definition of the concept – Learning’s in the Executive training  CHAPTER 2 – Company Profile – Human Resource Development (Performance Appraisal)  CHAPTER 3 – Data Analysis – Interpretations and findings – Suggestions  CHAPTER 4 – Recommendations –
  • 4. CHAPTER 1 ( INTRODUCTION) ● In the so highly competitive and rapidly changing environment to survive the companies need well trained and skilled worker. India is a very rich country in the term of resources, weather natural or technical and scientific .But it is very sad to state that India, till now, has not perfectly learnt how to develop its man power and tap its human resources for the betterment of its citizenry and business goal.  For summer training I got an opportunity to do my summer training in ACME TELE POWER LTD., PANTNAGAR because it is one of the biggest, well established and renowned in its field and serious about training its worker and intent to make it understood that they really care for them.
  • 5. OBJECTIVES OF STUDY  To understand the Performance Appraisal activities of ACME TELE POWER LTD., PANTNAGAR.  To find out if the Performance Appraisal activities help the employee in his performance.  Take the response of employees towards the Performance Appraisal activities carried on upon them.
  • 6. SAMPLE SIZE & RESEARCH METHODOLOGY  The sample size is of 100 employees, from ACME TELE POWERLTD, PANTNAGAR.  The study was done with the help of primary as well as secondary data. Primary data were collected through the questionnaire while secondary data were collected through: ● Internet ● Company report ● Brochures etc.
  • 7. SCOPE OF THE STUDY The topic chosen Performance appraisal was aimed for the betterment of the organization in terms of quality as well as quantity. The scope of the study under mentioned points depicts the same. 1. To increase the productivity by increasing the level of performance. 2. The programme would help the organization in meeting it future personal need. 3. The programme will help the employee in their personal group by improving their knowledge as well as skill.
  • 8. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY 1. Lack of expertise trainer handed in the prosecution of Performance Appraisal programme. 2. Lack of feeling in people of against the awareness for the Performance Appraisal programme. 3. Search for the exact Appraisal was also difficult to define.
  • 9. OPERATIONAL DEFINITION OF THE CONCEPT PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM Performance appraisal is a process of evaluating employee performance for the purpose of placements, selections for promotions, career planning, motivation etc and performance appraisal seeks to achieve following objective. ● To assess the performance, personal attributes and potential of the employee. ● Performance based rewards in terms of promotion, increments etc. ● To identify training needs. ● To assess strengths, areas of improvements and give feedback to the employee.
  • 10. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL PROCESS 1. HR to prepare the Appraisal Form of individual employee to be appraised and send it to concerned Reviewing Officer/HOD. 2. Reviewing Authority/HOD will arranged distribution of form to individual employee through Appraising Officer/S.H. 3. Employee shall fill his part in the Appraisal form in the appraisal form and shall hand over the same to Reviewing Officer/S.H.
  • 11. CHAPTER 2 (COMPANY PROFILE) ● ACME Tele Power Ltd. was incorporated in 2003. The company was established with a mission to provide innovative and creative solution to hltherto unaddressed infrastructure –and power –relative problems faced by the telecom operators in the country. The idea was to provide solutions that are cost effective, environment friendly, reliable and delivered a quick ROI.  ACME Tele Power Ltd. (ATPL), provides comprehensive passive infrastructure solutions to wireless telecom players both in India as well as overseas. It has three main policies. These are:- ● Zero defect products ● Total customer focus ● Implementation of Kaizen
  • 12. PRODUCTS OF THE COMPANY As on date, ACME Tele Power Ltd. boasts of a rich and variegated portfolio of cost effective and innovative products based on the modern technologies. These include :-  Green Shelter  Power Interface unit  Line Conditioner unit  Thermal Management System with PCM  AC with free cooling  Heat Exchanger  Battery Life Enhancer  Fuel Cells  Battery coolers  NACC Compressor less Air Conditioner  Micro Turbine Each of the organization’s products considerably reduce the dependence on diesel generators for cooling requirements during power outages and provide stable power supply.
  • 13. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Company considers its human resources as the most valuable resources for its growth & development. Performance appraisal seeks to achieve the following. 1. To set realistic & challenging targets/ key performance area on annual basis for the individual. 2. To assess employee’s performance based on person attributes. Job performed targets achieved/ specific achievements. 3. To assess the strengths, weakness& potential of the employee. 4. Performance based reward in terms of increment& promotion etc.
  • 14. APPRAISAL PERIOD Appraisal period is from April to March. Every employee is appraised at the end of the appraisal period. Employees joining during appraisal are appraised on completion of their one year service& employees joining after March are appraised in next appraisal.
  • 15. METHOD OF APPRAISAL The employee’s performance is appraised by the department & sectional head in consultation with his immediate supervisor on personal attributes, job performed targets achieved/ specific achievement. Finally the appraisal is reviewed & approved by the review committee to ensure uniformity& objective.
  • 16. APPRAISAL FEEDBACK 1. The appraisal is being discussed with the employee by the appraises to give the employee. 2. Feed back about his performance, strength& weakness employee is also suggested area of consolidation& improvement.
  • 17. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Training & development is an important aspect of the H.R.D. The company believes in training & development of its employees. In hour & outstation programs are arranged for employees by H.R.D. on recommendation of sectional & departmental head.
  • 18. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM It is a process of evaluating employee performance for the purpose of placements, selections for promotions, career planning, motivation etc, performance appraisal seeks to achieve following objective. ● To assess the performance, personal attributes and potential of the employees. ● Performance based rewards in terms of promotion, increments etc. ● To identify training needs. ● To assess strengths, areas of improvements and give feedback to the employees.
  • 20. RATINGS Ratings in the terms are to be awarded to the individual, by his immediate superior and the departmental head in the specific columns. The points are given as: ● OUTSTANDING (OS) ● COMMENDABLE (CO) ● MEET EXPECTATIONS (ME) ● NEEDS IMPROVEMENT (NI) ● UNSATISFACTORY(US)
  • 21. BELL SHAPED CURVE piu stores Standard Actual SCALE RATING STANDARD ACTUAL ..05 OS 3 2 35 31 0.2 CO 12 15 30 25 29 0.5 ME 31 29 numbers 20 .15 NI 9 11 15 15 12 0.1 US 6 4 10 11 5 3 9 6 2 4 0 OS CO ME NI US ratings
  • 22. ISSUES IN PERFORMANCE APRASIAL Formal v/s informal What methods Whose performance When to Appraisal Evaluate? design Who are the partners What to evaluate What problems How to solve
  • 23. METHODS OF APPRAISAL The last to be addressed in the process of designing an appraisal programme is to determine method(s) of evaluation. All the approaches to appraisal can be classified into:- ● past-oriented methods ● future oriented methods
  • 24. METHODS OF APPRAISAL Rating Scale Checklists Essay Forced Choice Tests & Observation Appraisal methods Forced Distribution Field Review Critical Incident BARS
  • 25. APPRAISAL METHODS Methods Past oriented Future oriented Appraisal by objectives Management by objectives Trait Appraisal Rating Scales &Ranking Technique Simple or straight Ranking Forced distribution Ranking Psychological appraisals Paired comparison The Critically incident method Assessment Centers
  • 27. QUESTIONS ASKED DURING SURVEY Q no 1: Number of service years in this organization. Q no 2: Are you aware about your performance appraisal or any evaluation done by your superior. Q no 3: Are you aware about the modern techniques used in performance appraisal? Q no 4: Performance appraisal techniques make you better eligible for promotion, demotion, & transfer. Q no 5: Do you think performance appraisal is useful or just a waste of time? Q no 6: Proper and adequate performance appraisal plays a crucial role in your career development. Q no 7: Does performance appraisal report is helpful in identifying Training and Development need or it lay development plan for you? Q no 8: Performance appraisal is most of the time fair and unbiased. Q no 9: Have you understood clearly, as to what is expecting from you? Q No 10: Does the organization provide counseling after appraisal?
  • 28. FINDINGS 1. As company was set up in 2003 so the years of service in the organization of most of the employees is less than 5 years. 2. 80 % the employees had responded in favor of that they were aware about performance appraisal. 3. Near about 60% of the employees had not aware about modern performance appraisal techniques. 4. The 80% of the respondent’s shows that PARs as a good strategy to go ahead with promotion while 40% of respondents do not agree with it. 5. More than 90% of the employees say that performance appraisal is useful for there self-assessment and promotions. Thus, they cannot ignore it.
  • 29. FINDINGS 6. 92% of the responses show that Performance Appraisal Report helps a lot in the promotional activities. 7. 50% of the respondents are satisfied by the performance appraisal report as it helps them to understand the job profile and helps in training need identification. 8. 65 % of the respondents show that Performance Appraisal report is time fair & unbiased. 9. Near about 75% of the respondents, say that Organization provides counseling after performance appraisal report.
  • 30. CONCLUSION 1. It is truth that no work is completed in itself. Infact, completion of one job is actually the beginning of another job. Likewise, performance Appraisal is never ending process. It is essential for personal & professional development. 2. This project has been considering all possible aspects mentioned in the project booklet. The project is made very clear and precise with the help of the relevant data gathered from the company, company website & through various annexure 3. They believe in investing continuously in human resource for their growth. The company is led by young professionals. They have an open work environment which is achievement oriented.
  • 31. SUGGESTION GIVEN BY EMPLOYEES OF ACME DURING SURVEY  Performance Appraisal should be experience, work skill, labourism sincerity.  Evaluation should be as per performance and shall not be biased.  Valuation of performance should be done in each quarter.  Appraisal should not be Bell Curve. It should be based on department/ individual either 100% or 0%.  Employee is the key resource of the organization. Hence employee satisfaction is the key to success for the organizational growth. For employee satisfaction there should be good incremental and promotional policies.
  • 32. CONT……  Things carried out on paper should be followed/ implemented or at least can be tried.  Performance Appraisal should be done by MBO (Management By Objective) / M&M method of appraisal.  Every employee should have a right of justification for his own roles , responsibilities and designation.  Organization must use 360 degree appraisal method because this method not only includes the performance of an employee but his interpersonal skills also.