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The team Big slice of reasons on changes in fashion over last 50 years
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The team Big slice of reasons on changes in fashion over last 50 years



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  • 2. Clarification: we talk about the fashion of our grandmothers and grandfathers who have lived in the Soviet Union. It does not apply to Europe Union. All pictures in presentation were made by our parents and grandparents, not from the internet!
  • 3. Fashion in 60's. Some facts ● Clothing and shoes were handed down ● Clothing worn for very long time ● The clothes were very hard to get ● The clothes were made by own hands
  • 4. Why? ● In order to save money, clothes passed down from generation to generation ● It was very hard to get imported clothes, and the Soviet clothes had poor quality ● Materials for making clothes was quite enough, because The Soviet Union produced their own materials
  • 5. Some cloths names in 60's CASUAL CLOTHS SPORT CLOTHS SMART CLOTHS ● Mini skirt ● Pants to the chest ● White shirts ● Corduroy suits ● Sneakers ● Elegant ties ● Nylon shirts ● Tight Pants ● Flared trousers ● Costumes ● Coat
  • 6. Some pictures
  • 7. Fashion in 80's. Some facts ● Appeared more imported clothing ● Appeared new technologies in the production of clothing, thereby the quality of the clothes was improved ● Fashion is closer to the modern type
  • 8. Why? ● the Soviet Union improved relationships with other countries thereby the exchange of goods was improved ● Textile industry had Improved ● Appeared new types of clothing that are similar with modern cloths thanks to the development of textile industry
  • 9. CASUAL CLOTHS SPORT CLOTHS SMART CLOTHS ● “Stone washing” jeans ● Sneakers ● Costumes ● “Banana” jeans ● Pants to the chest ● Suits ● Leather Jackets ● Similar to the 60's ● Dresses ● Hessian boots ● Similar to the 60's ●Vest ● “Banana” jeans- cloth which is wide in the bottom ● “Stone washing” jeans- cloth which is washed in boiling water in order to give a worn-out appearance
  • 10. Some pictures
  • 11. Fashion in 2000 ● Everyone can afford clothes what they want from a variety of dresses to jackets ● Cheap cloths ● Wide choice ● high quality of clothing
  • 12. Some pictures
  • 13. In conclusion ● In general terms, for 50 years the fashion has changed in three areas: quality, quantity and cost. While smart clothing and sportswear has not changed at all
  • 14. Thank you for watching Sincerely Big Slice OF team