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  1. 1. CFA® PROGRAM The CFA® Program is a professional credential offered by the CFA® Program Institute (formerly AIMR) to investment & finance professionals and students. The CFA® Program Certification has three different Levels and the minimum time required to clear all three is approximately 2 years. The requirements for a CFA® Program charterholder membership are 48 months of acceptable professional work experience and passing the Level I CFA Exam, Level II CFA Exam and Level III CFA Exam. DetailsView CoursesFree DownloadsTrial Course FRM PART I FRM Program is a professional credential offered by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA) to risk management professionals The FRM Program Certification has two different Levels and the minimum time required to clear both is around one year. The requirements for a FRM charterholder membership are 24 months of acceptable professional work experience and passing the Part I and Part II exams along with an active membership of GARP. DetailsView CoursesFree Downloads FRM PART II FRM charter holder membership requirements are 24 months of acceptable professional work experience and passing the Part I and Part II exams and an active membership of GARP. DetailsView CoursesFree Downloads PROFESSIONAL RISK MANAGER PRM is a professional designation awarded by the PRMIA to Professional Risk Managers (PRM) who pass the four online exams conducted by them. The exams are offered in over 140 countries at more than 4,000 testing centres. Types of businesses that hire PRMs include Risk Consultancy Firms, Banks, Insurance companies, Asset Management Firms, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks etc. Individuals with the PRM designation may work as Enterprise Risk Managers, Operational Risk Analysts, Credit Risk Managers, Risk Advisory Consultants and more. DetailsView CoursesFree Downloads FINANCIAL MODELING Financial Modeling is the most fundamental and widely sought after skill in the finance industry. It is the art of building a model using MS Excel to depict financial statements and analyze investments. This helps one arrive at optimal business solutions by scrutinizing various parameters. Financial models can be used to represent the performance of a business, a project or any other investment. In these times, financial decision around the world are made based on quantitative analysis. Financial Modeling thus becomes indispensable for Investment Bankers, Equity Research Analysts and Fund Managers. AboutView CoursesFree DownloadsTrial Course EXCEL FOR PROJECT MANAGERS Based on our interaction with Project Managers across different industries around the world, we found that they rely on MS Excel heavily. Most of them spend a lot of time on interpreting project data, project tracking, reporting and manpower planning. This 20 hour program will help Project Managers and Business Analysts
  2. 2. save a substantial amount of time in their project management activities, adopt better solutions to their existing problems and plan more effectively. DetailsView CoursesFree Downloads FINANCE FOR NON FINANCE 'Finance for Non-Finance' is a special course designed for Managers (Middle and Senior level) who are working in Non-Financial domainssuch as Marketing, Purchase, Production, Project, Human resource, etc.Financial statements of the company contain important information about company's financial position and operating results, whereinone shall interpret Company's strengths and assess the opportunities where company should improve upon. As a Non-finance Manager, he/she need not to prepare financial statements but definitely shall be able to interpret them effectively and hence recognize the impact of his/her actions on company's bottom line. DetailsView CoursesFree Downloads FIXED INCOME ANALYSIS Our interaction with top-notch Fixed-Income Fund Managers and Senior Fixed-Income Analysts around the globe has led us to a couple of pertinent discoveries. While they unanimously consider a formal finance or MBA degree as an adequate qualification for a career in Capital Markets, they also feel that it falls short of covering the complete know-how in the theoretical and practical spheres. Secondly, they regard Excel to be a critically important tool towards becoming effective team members in Fixed Income Trading and Portfolio Management, a tool that needs to be mastered as early as possible. DetailsView Courses EXCEL FOR CPA Excel being the accountant's first tool for analyzing and reporting financial data, most accountants have never received any formal Excel training. And because of this, most accountants use time-consuming and error-prone processes to complete their day-to-day tasks. DetailsView Courses LEVERAGED BUYOUTS (LBOS) The secret to corporate growth is maximizing wealth & profit with the least of capital investment. Though it sounds a bit unrealistic, yet it is made possible through Leveraged Buyout techniques. We at EduPristine are pleased to offer a course on Leveraged Buyout Techniques, most commonly used in private equity firms. The basic aim of this course is to bridge the gap between you and your private equity career. DetailsView Courses CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT (CPA) CPA, certified public accountant, CPA's are a vital part of any strong business or organization. In all three major areas of the accounting industry (Public, Private and Governmental) the CPA skill set is valued and respected as the pinnacle of professional achievement, and can equate to job promotions, travel opportunities, and personal growth. DetailsView Courses
  3. 3. ECONOMICS FOR EQUITY RESEARCHER This is a 9 hour course with asynchronous video recordings. It focuses on building a macroeconomic and microeconomic foundation before delving into sophisticated valuation of companies and recommends the stock from a buying or selling perspective. It is customized to impart the critical skills to understand global markets, key industry drivers and the impact of Government and Federal's interventions on different industries to the student. DetailsView CoursesFree Downloads PROJECT FINANCE Project Finance Modeling is a course launched by EduPristine to address the need in the industry today for a systematic approach for project appraisal and evaluation. Excel is the most widely used tool in the industry today for creating project finance evaluation models. In this course the students would learn how to build a Project Appraisal Financial models using Excel for large projects (taking a real estate commercial project as case study) which are normally based upon complex financial and contractual structures involving many legal entities. The main aim of this course is to help you master the art of financial modeling and science of project finance. The course is very popular across the world with 300+ signups. DetailsView CoursesFree DownloadsTrial Course OPERATIONAL RISK MODELING Operational Risk Modeling helps in measuring, monitoring and mitigating the risk of direct or indirect loss caused from inadequate or failed internal processes or from external events. With the growing sophistication of financial institutions, mitigating operational risk has become a prime concern for institutions as well as regulatory bodies. To mitigate operational risk, a comprehensive approach is required that asks for a strong fundamental knowledge of statistics and current regulatory literature, both of which are covered in the course. DetailsView CoursesFree DownloadsTrial Course QUANTITATIVE FINANCIAL MODELING In recent years quantitative finance has become a very famous field. All of the big investment houses are showing keen interest into it as they vision to leverage their efforts and further improve their trading record. DetailsView Courses ADVANCED VALUATION Advanced Valuation Course is a 20 hours intensive course that would help its participants effectively apply valuation techniques in a wide range of practical scenarios. By skill fully coordinating practical exercises with Excel models, video presentations and interactive instruction, this course provides a premier self-study experience. The salient features of the program are building a comprehensive understanding of valuation. DetailsView Courses FINANCIAL MODELING FOR EQUITY RESEARCHER Equity Research is an integral part of research operations at any brokerage firm, investment bank, private equity, financial KPO or corporate involved in M&A and other such activities. Profound knowledge of the concepts involved in conducting objective equity research can boost your career options after
  4. 4. MBA/CFA® Program and/or can be instrumental in a move from non-finance/operations role to a research centric profile. DetailsView CoursesFree Downloads ADVANCED FINANCIAL MODELING Advanced Financial Modeling Program will help you understand understanding the advanced techniques to quickly audit the robust models, advanced excel tools to build flexibility in the models, advanced application of functions in executing nitty-gritties of models, and advanced sensitivity, optimisation, & charting techniques. Financial Modeling rookies and experts would find this course to help them build skills that can take their models go up by a couple of notches. DetailsView CoursesFree Downloads