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  • 1. OPEN ACCESS FOR RESEARCH The Librarian overview
    PavlinkaKovatcheva, Sciences Librarian,
    University of Johannesburg
    UJ Open Access Week Seminar,
    19 October 2010
  • 2. Presentation Outline
    • Why do we promote Open Access?
    • 3. Open Access for Researchers
    • 4. What else do Researchers need to know about OA?
    • 5. Funding for publishing in OA Journals
    • 6. Institutional Repositories (examples)
    • 7. Open Access Journal Collections (examples)
    • 8. Library user education (searching for OA journals)
    • 9. Promoting Open Access @ UJ
    • 10. Way forward for UJ
  • http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/2582125/UJ_Open_Access_Week_2010
  • 11. Why do we promote Open Access (OA)?
    Open Access provide free, immediate, online access to the published results of scholarly research
    About 25,000 peer-reviewed journals are published worldwide
    Universities and research institutions afford to subscribe to a fraction of those journals
    That means that research is having only a fraction of its potential usage and impact
    If 100% of research articles were freely accessible through OA, then the usage, impact, productivity and progress of research would be maximised.
    “Scientific Dissemination using Open Access”
  • 12. UJ Subscription-based DatabasesOver 150 Databases in 2011; Over R 7.5 millions
  • 13. http://www.univen.ac.za/library_databases.html
    Only 12 Databases +
    2 Open Access Journals collections
    The lack of Databases subscriptions, will restrict students access to information and consequently will lead to low research output.
  • 14. Open Access Journal Collections & Web Resources
  • 15. Open Access for Researchers
    Open Access
    - maximises the access to research findings,
    - increases research impact to a wider readership,
    - expands shared knowledge across scientific field,
    - make your research output more visible to researchers elsewhere, and make research from elsewhere more accessible to them,
    - increases the citation impact of the author,
    - over time increases the journal impact factor (?)
  • 16. What else do Researchers need to know about OA?
    What OA journals exist in your research field?
    - Open Science Directory, PubMed Central, PloS, ...
    What Institutional Repository your institution use and how a researchers can benefit from it?
    - UJDigispace, IRSpace, OpenDOAR, ROAR
    Publishing in subscription-based journals, can limit your readership
    Publishing your pre-print article in OA repositories can enlarge your readership and citation impact: Arxiv.org; UJDigispace.
    Deposit your post-prints in a OA repository: UJDigispace
    As a Researcher you have an option to publish in Accredited Open Access Journals (AOAJSA, cont.)
  • 17. Accredited Open Access Journals – South Africa (AOAJSA)http://www.ais.up.ac.za/aoajsa.htm
  • 18. Funding for publishing in OA Journals
    Funding options for OA journals and researchers:
    - OA journals do not generate revenue
    - OA Publishers receive funding in exchange for advertising on their web
    - Some OA journals require payments from the Authors for article submission
    - Government can subsidise OA publishers/institutions for producing freely available information
    - International funding agencies (Collaboration)
    - Institutional/University Membership paid on behalf of the Authors
    1. SABINET: African Journals Online Archives
    2. SABINET: Open Access South African Journals
    3. SciElo (Academy of Science of South Africa – ASSAF)
  • 20. African Journals Online Archives: Free Access to Journals with a focus in Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • 21. African Journals Archivehttp://www.ajarchive.org
  • 22. Open Access to Current South African Journals
    The collection currently comprises 46 South African journals (12 titles are discontinued)
    Multidisciplinary collection
    Searched individually
    6 000 + full-text articles in PDF
    15 Accredited/Approved Journals (DoE, ISI, IBSS)
    The copyright of each journal in this collection resides with the publisher of the journal.
    The journals are also available on SA ePublications database
  • 23. http://www.sabinet.co.za/?page=open-access-journals
  • 24. The Scientific Electronic Library Online
    Academy of Science of South Africa - ASSAf
  • 25. South African & Internationalinstitutional repositories (IR)
    UJDigispace : UJ IR
    IRSpace: South African IR
    Open DOAR: International IR Directory
    ROAR: Registry of OA Repository
    Driver: IR for European Research
  • 26. http://ujdigispace.uj.ac.za:8080/dspace/
    UJDigiSpace: University of JohannesburgInstitutional Repository
  • 27. http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=013518019117943970829%3Atlw8-sayn_q
  • 28. Open DOARhttp://www.opendoar.org/search.php
  • 29. Registry of Open Access Repository (ROAR)http://roar.eprints.org/
  • 30. Driver for European Research http://search.driver.research-infrastructures.eu/
  • 31. Open Access journal COLLECTIONS
  • 32. http://www.opensciencedirectory.net/
  • 33. http://atoz.ebsco.com/titles.asp?id=8623&sid=128711641&TabID=2
  • 34. http://www.doaj.org
  • 35. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc
  • 36. http://www.plos.org/journals
  • 37. BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search EngineAcademic Open Access web resources
  • 38. http://www.bentham.org/open/tobiocj/index.htm
  • 39. Golonka Resourcese-Math for Africa; e-Physics for Africa; e-Chemistry for Africa
    The main purpose is to promote the use of Open Access journals and other scientific resources, as well as being a platform for consortia building.
    e-Chemistry for Africa: http://chemistry.golonka.se/
    e-Physics for Africa: http://physics.golonka.se/
    e-Math for Africa: http://math.golonka.se/
  • 40. http://arxiv.org
  • 41. http://iopscience.iop.org/1742-6596
  • 42. Open Access Publishers: some statisticshttp://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1010/1010.0506.pdf
  • 43. Commercial Publishers with hybrid option
  • 44. Library user education
    Searching for Open Access Journals:
    • UJLink (Library Catalogue)
    • 45. A-to-Z list
    • 46. Open Science Directory
    • 47. Google Scholar
  • Biochemistry 1B Practical, Aug 2010: Library Training2 Open Access journals to write a research report
  • 48. Search for Journals & Journal Articles
  • 49. Type the title
    Case: A-to-Z JournalsHow to Find Online Journals/Books
    Result List
  • 50. UJLink: Library Catalogue(http://ujlink.uj.ac.za/)
    Your Library Account
    Search for Print & Online Journals & Books
    List of Databases
  • 51. Open Science DirectoryFreely available scholarly journals
  • 52. Google Scholar (Academic articles)(http://scholar.google.com)
  • 54. Promoting Open Access (OA) @ UJ in 2009
    March 2009: UJ Institutional Repository (IR) officially launched (UJDigispace: http://ujdigispace.uj.ac.za:8080/dspace/
    August 2009: Open Access Resources Portal for Sciences http://ujscienceslibrarynews.wordpress.com/open-access-oa/
    October 2009: Library initiative in promoting OA
    - 3 UJ Intranet circular/notifications
    - Brochures
    - Exhibition on each Campus Library
    - Open access T-shirts, notepads, etc.
    - Talk about OA & IR during open access week
    - A post on the UJ Sciences Librarian blog, e-mail to the Faculty of Science academics
  • 55. Initiatives and Raising Awareness of Open Access & Institutional Repository @ UJ in 2010
    UJ Open Access Mandate
    Institutional Repository & Faculty initiatives (ongoing)
    Library Open Access group meetings
    Join into the South African Open Access community
    Official UJ IR website
    Library Open Access week (18-24 Oct) initiatives:
    - OA flyers & posters
    - Exhibitions, video screening & Talks on each Campus Library
    - Open Access Day Seminar, 19 Oct 2010
    - Awareness with social tools: Facebook, Twitter, blog post
  • 56. APK display for OA Week 2010
  • 57. UJ Institutional Repository/Open Access Portal http://www.uj.ac.za/EN/Library/Services/Institutional%20Repository/Pages/Features.aspx
  • 58. UJ Sciences Open Access Portalhttp://ujscienceslibrarynews.wordpress.com/open-access-oa
    OA portal views: 392
    OA blog post 2009: 44
    OA blog post 2010: 5
  • 59. Open Access & Institutional Repository:Way forward for UJ
    UJ Open Access Mandate
    UJ Digispace and deposition of research output
    Building UJ OA Community
    Discuss UJ Institutional Membership to Open Access Publishers
    Collaborate in creation of new UJ Open Access Journals
    Join the world OA movement
    Open Educational Webcasting (lectures; training)
    Raising awareness of OA & IR among our peers
  • 60. Open Access Book
  • 61. PavlinkaKovatchevaE-mail: pkovatcheva@uj.ac.zaUJ Sciences Portal: http://ujsciencelibrarian.pbworks.com/FrontPageSlideshare presentations: http://www.slideshare.net/pavlinka163/presentations
    Thank you