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Pavli Magazine Issue 5 - style publication for brave and bold people!

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Pavli Magazine Issue 5

  1. 1. MAGAZINE ISSUE FIVEOrsikaFrancescaMarthese
  2. 2. 02 ISSUE 5 S/S 201304TheWalkcontents08Girl BehindArtigli14New Yorkeron the rock18Tina Backmandesignstudio20Red HeadGirl28Objects ofDesire38Le SoleilD’Or48BeautyEdit56RunwayGibraltar
  3. 3. 03ISSUE 5 S/S 2013pureissueCREDITSCreative Director:Pavli MedvedovaArt Director:Nicholas CutajarnicodesignEditor:Pavli MedvedovaWritten Contributors:Alexia FenechStephanie LauriMaria MichelaOMG! I can’t believe weare bringing you the fifthissue already!Every issue is unique and thattiny bit different from theprevious one. There is alwaysan incredible amount of workbehind the magazine and I havetears in my eyes editing the magazine and seeing allthat work come to live!Past 2 months were just mind-blowing. From havingforeign models on the island to travelling to Spainand head styling a massive event in GIbraltar -Runway, to showcasing my first design collaboration- Celeste & PavliStyle SS2013 collection during MaltaFashion Week.This issue is packed with photography, new namesand faces you should know and of course trends andinspirations for your ‘drobe.Pure bliss!Love Pavli Magazine is abi-monthly digital & printmagazine about fashion,style, art, and people.Views expressed in thismagazine are not necessarilythe views of the publisherand is not responsible for anyrepercussions that arise fromthese views.© Copyright 2013Me with Gori de Palma in Spain! X(Psst, he has my name tattooed on his arm!)
  4. 4. 04WALKTHEISSUE 5 S/S 2013Photography: Karl Cutajar Models: Malin and Rodrigo for SO ManagementHair: Clinton Chetcuti for Vigorous - power to your hairMake-up: Stephanie Lauri blogger for thinklovemakeup.comStyling: Pavli Medvedova for PavliStyle.comAccessories from Suiteblanco
  5. 5. 05ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  6. 6. 06 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  7. 7. 07ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  8. 8. Artigli is an Italian brand, franchised bythe lovely Claire Formosa on our islands.The 23-year old business woman is theowner of an independent shop; Emporio,and also of the franchised brand.With a love for fashion and anythingpretty, Claire, with the help of her family,opened two Artigli stores – one in Gozoand another one in Plaza, Sliema – andthree Emporio stores – two in Gozo andanother one in Sliema, as well.Italian style, I must admit, is my favourite.From the casual every day wear to theeccentric evening pieces – Italians knowbest. Claire has a weakness for Italianstyle, so no wonder she opened an Italianfranchise in her country.Spring/Summer 2013 at Artigli is acolourful, wonderful one.Photography: Robert BajadaModel: Anna GrechStylist: Maria MichelaClothes: Artigli Sliema & GozoMake-Up & Hair: Deborah PortelliGIRL BEHIND ARTIGLIby Maria Michela08 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  9. 9. Denim /FloralsI mixed a denim shirt with floralshorts to create a casual, morninglook. Button up to the neck thedenim shirt, and you can adda statement necklace to it, andyou’re good to go.The make-upapplied was fun and hip – pinklips and purple eye shadow.09ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  10. 10. See-Through KnitsMix a colourful knit with a pair of denim shorts andsandals and go have fun in the sun.You can wear it overa bikini or a simple vest to turn it into a more summerykind of look. Summer is all about fun, so don’t be afraid tosplurge some colour to your outfit.010 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  11. 11. Prim and ProperA one-shoulder salmon dress waschosen for this trend. Perfect fora morning wedding or a specialoccasion.We put some fun intothis dress by putting on goldbracelet cuffs and a chained goldbelt to give the trend a bit of edge.011ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  12. 12. MonochromeBlack and white are in now.Wematched a gorgeous black andwhite striped shirt with a pairof black trousers and black shoeboots – perfect to seal the deal.We gave this trend a rock ‘n’ rolledge by using a lot of black eyeshadow and red lips.012 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  13. 13. 013ISSUE 5 S/S 2013ClassicCutA white shirt isa must in anylady’s closet.This lovelysee-throughshirt with ablack collarwent perfectwith a pair ofblack trousersand some crazyheadgear.The angelearrings andheadband, ascan be seen inthe photo, weredesigned by thephotographerhimself, RobertBajada. Suchamazingaccessorieswere carriedperfectly bythe model andcreated a lookthat was meantfor a deity.Wefinished such alook with fullpurple lips
  14. 14. 014 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013NewYorkeron the rock
  15. 15. 015ISSUE 5 S/S 2013Who are you and what do youdo?My name is Federico Peltretti, I am aphotographer from Bologna, Italy.I started my career in fashionphotography in my home city, butit wasn’t so booming so I movedto Milan where I worked and collaborated with variousdesigners and magazines.I moved to NY where I lived for 4 years. I grew a lot inmy profession. They say: once you live in NY you are aNew Yorker. I moved back to Europe looking for a simplerlifestyle, NY is busy! The American lifestyle is definitely notfor me. I had enough of cool times, time to go back tosimplicity and Malta is now the new promise land for me.What do you love about being a photographer?I love the creativity, the possibility to create somethingendless, still in the time from the reality. I love to see theworld , the people in a different way, to look over what is infront of you , to see it different.”Malta isnow the newpromise landfor me.”Federico Peltretti Interview
  16. 16. 016 ISSUE 4 S/S 2013Best photo shoot everwasWell, difficult to say, do notreally think there is one inparticular that should beconsidered the best, I lovethem all.Describe your perfect dayWake up next to my girlfriend,have a coffee and a cigarette. Ilove to have breakfast outsideand then a nice photoshootin a great location. Goingback home after the shoot todownload and edit the shotsof the day. I also love to cooksome Italian delicatessen. Butmostly I love the sun. With thesun shine, it’s already a perfectday!What are your plans inMalta?I am planning to work onmany projects with awesomepeople, enjoy the relaxed life,the sun, the Mediterraneanfood and fantastic sea. I wantto enjoy the simplicity of thelife, because that is the secretof living.
  17. 17. 017ISSUE 5 S/S 2013”Enjoy thesimplicityof the life,because thatis the secret ofliving.”
  18. 18. 018 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  19. 19. 019ISSUE 5 S/S 2013It all started at Central Saint Martins in Londonwhere Tina studied Graphic design (BachelorsDegree). After she graduated she moved toStockholm to set up her studio and to studyGraphic design and illustration at KonstfackUniversity (Masters Degree).Since then Tina Backman designstudio has worked with a varietyof clients both in Sweden and abroad.Please visit for more information. “We focus on our passion for illustrationand surface pattern design both for printedmatters and for textiles and home products.”
  20. 20. 020 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013red head
  21. 21. SHOOT: GEMMODEL: Valentina Fyorh CassarASSISTANT: Fred Spiteri HiliPHOTOGRAPHER: Svetlana SP / 5 S/S 2013
  22. 22. 022 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  23. 23. BiographySvetlana is a 20 year oldemerging fashion and portraitphotographer. She hasexperienced life in different partsof the world by originally comingfrom St. Petersburg, Russia andlater on living in Bournemouth,England for a year to manifest hercreative desires at AUB, all whileliving in Malta in between. Raisedin a creative environment; art,fashion, music, dance and actingwere instilled at a very young ageand have been the priorities ofthis girl for many years. This isparticularly why much of her worksurrounds themes in fine art andfashion. As she remains in Maltato spread her name, she’ll be onher way back to the UK by theend of Summer to continue herstudies, travels and life-changingexperiences.023ISSUE 5 S/S 2013SvetlanaPandolfinoINTERVIEW
  24. 24. 024 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013“The first time I took aphoto, I was around 7 yearsold. I had just gotten a filmcamera in the shape of apenguin as a present, andarrived at my dacha forthe beginning of summer.I spent 2 weeks carefullytaking photos of the beautyin the forest around me,and I made sure I did notwaste the film. As I lookedthrough that lens I feltthe magic just blind me.Of course, a month laterI went to check up on mysupposedly developedfilm at the photographystore and to my terribledismay they said the filmwas blank. I later found outthat my dad had openedthe back of the camera bymistake, and since then Ihave always had a longingto capture moments andnever let them go. I hadput so much time andeffort into something that Iwanted so badly to achieveas a young girl, and gotabsolutely nothing in returnexcept for heartache. Thoseimages which cease toexist, still haunt me to thisday.”Short, or rather, long quote
  25. 25. 025ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  26. 26. 026 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  27. 27. What do you think about fashionand style?I was brought up in a very creativehousehold. For starters, my mother was aRussian prima ballerina.I watched her allthroughout my childhood performing onstage, and this is how I first got influencedby fashion - by those dramatic andtheatrical costumes that most peopledidn’t wear on the street! I understoodthat costumes in dance and dramaconveyed personalities, emotions andfeelings without even saying a word,so I’ve grown up realising that it is true: Fashion is a means of a designerexpressing him or herself, and styleis a means of expressing ourselvesthrough fashion! Needless to say,I highly appreciate the existenceof fashion and style, it is an art initself and me being the creativeindividual that I am, will always beone with anything aesthetic.027ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  28. 28. 028 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013OBJECTS
  29. 29. 029ISSUE 5 S/S 2013OF DESIREby Alexia Fenech
  30. 30. 030 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013all about the teeTees are on top of the fashion radarright now!Colourful, textured,embellished, printed– the variations areendless and daringMix and match as youplease: tuck into jeans ortrousers, dressed downwith shorts or turn intofabulous evening-wear bytucking into pencil skirtand adding statementjewellery. Grab Them Fastif you’re Lucky!CarvenStripe TeeMatchesKENZO streetstyle 1http://hayashishop.wordpress.comKENZOJungle Teemytheresa.com3.1 Phillip LimNueva York
  31. 31. 031ISSUE 5 S/S 2013Prominent inmajority of theshows, tees are nolonger just basics butalso show-stoppingitems for yourwardrobe.Great way to startadding designeritems to yourwardrobe withoutbreaking the bank isinvesting in fabulousdesigner teesKENZO, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander McQueen, CarvenKENZORed Stripe Topmytheresa.com3.1 Phillip LimRunwayAlexander McQueenteealexandermcqueen.euKENZO streetstyle 1
  32. 32. 032 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013blacklistedMysterious and deep – with amultitude of options, black alwaysworks.Lace, sheer, leather,intricately detailed,flowy, effortless orstructured – there’sa treasure trove ofblack to choose from.Saint Laurent, Lindex, Celine, Mango, Victoria BeckhamBe on top of thefashion radarby playing withdifferent texturessuch as lace,leather, silk,crochet, sheer…MangoLeather Strappy Sandalsmango.comMangoShirt Dressmango.comLindexBlazerlindex.comYSLSequinEmbellishedCrepe GownMangoWide-legJumpsuitmango.comMangoLeather Shopper Bagmango.comVictoria BeckhamStrappy Maxi Dressnet-a-porter.comVictoria BeckhamBodycon WoolBlend Dressnet-a-porter.comYSLFull-lengthGownmatchesfashion.comLindexBlack
  33. 33. 033ISSUE 5 S/S 2013Black is always there– with no intention toback off. Black WILLnot be sent away intostorage this summer.It is back with moreallure than ever.The wide-brimmed blackhat – as seen at SaintLaurent is a must-have!Be on the lookout formore affordable high-street designer inspiredstyles.My personal favourite?Saint Laurent by newcreative director HediSlimane – luxuriouslyelegant rock ‘n’ rollchic. Shop the full SaintLaurent Collection –www.ysl.euLindexBlack Lace Teelindex.comCelineSleeveless GiletYSLChain-strap Bagmatchesfashion.comYSLFull LengthGownVictoria BeckhamBodycon WoolBlend DressVictoria BeckhamStrappy Maxi Dress
  34. 34. 034 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013Pile on theaccessories – butmake sure theyactually look goodtogether. Accessoriesoverload screamsdisaster not fashiondarling.Could be jewellery,bags, shoes, all sortsof accessories or allof the mentionedThe Blonde Salad(Chiara Ferragni)theblondesalad.comRiver Island, J. Crew, Mawi, New Look, SEFFARRUGIANew LookBlue Gemstone Crystal Ringnewlook.comAimee SongSong of StyleChiara FerragniThe Blonde SaladJ.CrewClassic EnamelLink Braceletjcrew.comMawiPave Hexagon FoilDrop Glitter CollageStatement
  35. 35. 035ISSUE 5 S/S 2013making astatementAdd zest to basics, spruce up yourday-wear and sizzle in yourevening-wear!Don’t be afraidto mix sequins,embellishments andjust the right amountof bling – look atyourself and makesure the look worksfor you.Great source ofinspiration for DIYprojects – Get clicking!thanksimadeitblog.comCheck them out! TheBloggers. Alwayssporting the hotteststatement pieces!Song of Style(Aimee Song) -songofstyle.blogspot.comRiver IslandCoral FringedBuckle Sandalsriverisland.comNew LookTurquoise Stud Strap BlockHeel Platform sandalsnewlook.comChiara FerragniSingle GlitterClutchtheblondesalad.comCelinaFloral Jacketstreetpeeper.comSEFFARRUGIALonnie IslandDark Red Tiger FacePrint Square
  36. 36. 036 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013works-of-artThe skill to MIX and CLASH yourgarments to the best of your abilityand feel like a million dollar baby!Pop-Art is huge!Sequin, neonand basics themedtogether for confident daydressing .Street-style isbest source of inspirationGet Inspired!ASOSOversize TopStripey SuePrintasos.comASOSTop with Open Back in Stripe Printasos.comMother of PearlRhondos printed silkand cotton-jersey tanknet-a-porter.comPreenWyatt poppy print
  37. 37. 037ISSUE 5 S/S 2013Graphic prints are allover the placeMix stripes, polkadots and floral printstogetherASOS, MSGM, Mother of Pearl,Mary Katrantzou, Preen, ZaraASOSHabanera Print Kimonoasos.comASOSShirt Dress In Habenera Printand Embroidered Yokeasos.comMSGMFloral-Print CrepeDe Chine Abitino Dressmy-wardrobe.comZaraStriped Floral Skirtzara.comMary KatrantzouGloria silk-georgette shirt dressnet-a-porter.comStreet Style feat. MarnixH&M, vintage and Balenciagastreetpeeper.comStreetstyle feat.Prada geometric printsstreetpeeper.comCheck outCeleste &PavliStyle newcollections
  38. 38. LESOLEILD’OR038 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  39. 39. Photography: Karl CutajarModels: Marthese, Orsika and Francesca for SO ManagementHair: Clinton Chetcuti for Vigorous - power to your hairMake-up: Stephanie Lauri blogger for thinklovemakeup.comStyling: Pavli Medvedova for PavliStyle.comAccessories from Suiteblanco039ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  40. 40. 040 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013“Working with Pavli is always fun, crazy...”
  41. 41. 041ISSUE 5 S/S 2013Hair stylist:Love your hairVigorousWorking with Pavli is alwaysfun, crazy and exciting and thisis a reflection on Le Soleil D’orshoot. My 3 Vigorousettes lookedamazing in their do’s, donebut undone, messy up-dos aredefinately in for Spring.There are up-dos that aresleek and shiny and covered inhairspray so they don’t budge,and then there are the ones thataren’t so “done” .... the kind thatonly get better as the day wearson. In 2013, effortlessness is thekey to a chic yet sexy up-do.
  42. 42. 042 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013Stylist:Pavli Medvedovafor PavliStyle.comWhat I loved about this photoshootwas the uniqueness of three differentmodels representing three differentlooks of “pureness”. White is one ofthe biggest Spring/Summer trends for2013 and based on this trend I wantedto show different styles of wearingit. Orsika was wearing a very elegantpeplum, bandeau dress. I wanted totwist the feel to more rock-ish andadded loads of silver bold accessories,big earings and necklaces. Marthesewas wearing more feminine pencil skirtand lace body. I paired that femininelook with a tribal accessories and goldchunky bangles. Francecsa was purepureness model in this shoot. Her youthand freshnes was pinpointed by casualday wear.
  43. 43. “I wanted totwist the feel tomore rock-ishand added loadsof silver boldaccessories,big earings andnecklaces...”043ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  44. 44. 044 ISSUE 4 S/S 2013
  45. 45. 045ISSUE 4 S/S 2013
  46. 46. 046 ISSUE 4 S/S 2013“I knew that the theme had to be based onsomething pure and fresh.”
  47. 47. 047ISSUE 4 S/S 2013I wanted each model to lookuniformed but unique.The purest was Francesca,I applied a light coveragefoundation for her freckles toshow and lightly dusted pinkon her eyelids. I applied lotsof mascara for a doe eyeseffect and finished with babypink lipstick to give her the“innocent” look. Marthese wasmore of a “vixen” and I wantedto team her beautiful red hairwith bold red lipstick. I usedbronze tones on her eyes andgold shimmer to give her skina sunkissed glow, with a touchof black eyeliner. The rebel ofthe shoot was Orsika with boldorange lips and extremely darksmokey eyes, we wanted togive her a “punked up” vibe.Together the girls wore whitebut the personality and makeup gave them presence andemphasised the uniformitywith a contrast to each other.Make-up artist:Steph Lauri
  48. 48. 048 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013Colour,Colour andmore colour!That is what Spring/ Summer 2013 Make Up trendsare all about!Gone were the days of the no-make up look, thisspring, the flawless look is back! Many runway showswere sporting the flawless look were a natural butperfect finish was given to the Denise & Martina from All Things Fabolousallthingsfablous.blogspot.comBeauty edit
  49. 49. Past runway seasons introduced a healthy glow, however, this spring,a matte, many including the likes of Roberto Cavalli, AlexanderMcQueen and Alexander Wang sported a velvet finish. Other showssuch as Valentino dubbed a pinky glow whilst Balmain played upthat pinky glow with some contouring giving that bronzed feel tothe skin.Eye make up this spring wasprobably the most diverse andmost played up on the runway!From playful eyeliners to boldeye shadows to luscious lashes,Spring/ Summer 2013 trendshave a bit of everything!Although some runway showssported very bold looks,one can still not that somedesigners still opted for thatnatural look played up with astrong black eyeliner whichwas smudged to obtain a softfeel to pull the look together.This look graced the runwaysat shows like BCBG, RobertoCavalli and Lavin whilst thelikes of Diane von Furstenbergand Christopher Kane sportedthis look just on the lowerlash line. Other shows such asThierry Mugler and Miu Miusported the famous cat-eyewith eyeliner flicked out forthat dramatic effect!Left to Right: Alexander McQueen (British Vogue), Valentino (Imaxtree),Balmain ( toRight: BCBG(,Christopher Kane(,Thierry Mugler(imaxtree)049ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  50. 50. 050 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013Coloured eyeliner was verypopular this season. Modelsat Stella McCartney sported ametallic blue green eyeliner onthe water line, whilst MichaelKors models sported a boldturquoise and green eyelinerplaced above the crease of theeyes whilst models at Kenzosported an interesting take onthe coloured eyeliner with a gapleft in the middle of the lowerlash. The most daring eyelinerwas seen at Fendi were threedifferent pieces of fabric wereglued under the models eyesto create a neoprene eyeliner inorder to integrate the eye lookand the collection together.Full on Bright and Bold eyelooks were sported at a numberof shows, from fuchsia eyes atDonna Karan to silver metalliceyes at Chanel, this season isfull of colours! The most popularshades used were shades of blueand green such as the strikingroyal blue at Versus and thebejeweled aqua eye at Dior.From Top clockwise: Kenzo(, Fendi (,Michael Kors ( Top Left clockwise: Donna Karan(, Dior (imaxtree), Chanel(
  51. 51. 051ISSUE 5 S/S 2013More natural tones were sportedat shows such as Louis Vuittonwho dubbed a Glossy Peach Eyewhilst models at Chloe sported acopper winged, cat eye look.Lashes played a very importantrole this season from femininelashes at Gucci to clumpedlashes at Veronique Leroy to fullon heavy lashes at Moschino.From Left to Right: Louis Vuitton(Fairchild archive), Chloe (imaxtree)Every runway season make uplook is not complete withoutstrong brows! Strong, cleanbrows were sported at Etrowhilst models at AnthonyVaccarello sported strong browsthat sported an un-kept feel.On the other hand, Givenchydecided that brows were notthat essential so models sportedbleached brows!From Left to Right- Gucci(,Veronique Leroy (imaxtree), Moschino( Top Leftclockwise: Etro(imaxtree),Anthony Vaccarello(imaxtree), Givenchy(
  52. 52. Apart from statement eye looks, many designer shows completed theiroverall make up look with a bold statement lip! This season, however, thematt lip was heavily used!Neon lips were by far the brightest of the bunch with bold coral lips seenat Missoni and vibrant fuchsia shades seen at Giles.Red lips were still a staplecolour with a range of redhues from pinky-red shadesat Oscar de la Renta tocherry red lips at Rochas tothe va va voom red at JeanPaul Gaultier to the deepreds seen at Burberry andJonathan Saunders.From Left to Right: Missoni (,Giles ( Left to Right- Oscar de la Renta(, Jean Paul Gaultier (,Jonathan Saunders (imaxtree)Invest in a few bold make up pieces this spring and don’tbe afraid to experiment and have fun with make up!052 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013
  53. 53. 053ISSUE 5 S/S 2013This polish in the day wouldn’t attracttoo much attention, but then at nightunder UV black light these beautiesglow in the dark.The new collectionby Illamasqua is being launched 30-4-13 and is called “PARONORMAL”.They are also introducing a clearpolish which when applied over yourfavourite colours will also make themglow. I can see this replacing the neonsummer trend and I love it!Forget all the other summertrends this is the must have!The new hottest new nailtrend has Stephanie Lauri
  54. 54. 054 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013CELESTEin collaboration withPavliStyleCELESTE in collaboration withPAVLISTYLE show during MaltaFashion WeekSS2013 collection represents energyand spirit of confident, real woman andman. These are people that set thetrends while the rest of us follow. It’seclectic, fun and fast. SS2013 collectionaddresses the real-life needs of people,from work to weekends. Iconic patternis the central piece of the collectionstressing its feminine, yet androgynousaesthetic. Everything is cut to minimalistperfection.Thank you toour sponsorswww.riotboutique.comwww.mvintage.comMusic by James Cassar“We wanted to create a very wearable & funcollection. Colours and prints are in this season!Now let’s see who dares to wear it!”
  55. 55. Iconic. Bold. Real.055ISSUE 5 S/S 2013watch theshow
  56. 56. 056 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013RunwaythroughGibraltarMY EYES
  57. 57. 057ISSUE 5 S/S 2013Runway is a uniqueevent that fusesinternationallyrecognised fashiondesigners with new,innovative,local
  58. 58. let’s be social!058 ISSUE 5 S/S 2013pavlidustpavlistyle
  59. 59. the life ofa designeris a lifeof fightagainst theugliness. contact me on:E nicesign@gmail.comM (+356) 7930 6105FB Strategy | Brand Assessment | Brand Research | Brand PositioningBrand Architecture | Audio Branding | Brand Management | Corporate IdentityRetail Environments | Outdoors Environments | Print Literature | Package DesignWeb Architecture | Internal Communications | Graphic Design