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  1. 1. Innovative Business Softwarefor Retail and Petroleum Industry
  2. 2. EDI POS Compliance Vendors Direct CSO ATG HR Connect Mobile C-Store Fuel- Price Book Office Central Competitors Inventory Financials Dealers Scheduling2
  3. 3. Petrosoft products are central piecesof business automationC-Store Office is an internet-based back office and tracking taxes. It will also end double entries, run-application that provides a wide range of solutions for outs, haul backs and other problems that waste time andgas stations and convenience stores. This back office cost fuel marketers profits. Fuel-Central will help jobberssoftware system is the cost-effective solution that delivers to optimize scheduling while minimizing downtime andthe power of c-store automation and gives operators an optimizing site fuel inventory.unfair advantage over the competition. C-Store Office CSO Mobile cuts the chain that previously tied back officeonline tools are packed with features that optimize store software users to a desk. By adding agility and mobility toinventory, manage costs and set pricing to maintain tight all C-Store Office applications, customers now enjoy thecontrol over both fuel and store margins. C-Store Office added freedom to work anytime, anywhere.smoothly integrates store and supplier data offeringflexibility and versatility in enhancing business. This Direct Connect makes implementing all of Petrosoftsoftware integrates with most handheld devices, POS and software products easy and cost effective. Direct ConnectATG systems. serves as the hub that unifies POS and ATG systems to the software, eliminating the need to have a computer atFuel-Central fuel distribution management software from each location. It greatly improves the speed of informationPetrosoft automates fuel distribution management to exchanged with stores and minimizes rollout time for newoptimize inventory, maximize truck utilization and driver customers.productivity, and minimize operating expenses withoutcompromising on customer service. Fuel-Central puts an Data Entry Service reduces labor at site level byend to time-consuming manual processes like collecting providing data processing services and slashesaccurate inventory and sales information, invoice creation paperwork by as much as 75%. 3
  4. 4. Integration Diagram TCP/IP or serial Direct Connect TCP/IP or serial TCP/IP or serial Vendors & EDI Suppliers Our cloud-based software helps integrate all sources of information for the fuel and retail industry on the internet and automates most common business procedures for its users. Petrosoft servers collect information4
  5. 5. Personal Mobile Applications CSO Mobile Cloud Petrosoft WEB Portal Petrosoft Fuel Management Petrosoft Data centerfrom store hardware such as POS systems and ATG’s without the needfor a computer in the store. This makes implementation of our servicessimple and cost effective and connections robust and reliable. 5
  6. 6. Relevant Reports Convert Knowledge into Profits ledge Profts i Know ation orm Inf Data ►► Companywide Integration ►► Maximize Turns ►► Integrated Accounting ►► Over 200 Reports ►► Eliminate Dead Inventory ►► Enhanced Operations ►► Item Level Inventory ►► Reduce Overstock6
  7. 7. Inventory Optimization and ControlInventory Optimization increases the quality of store inventory, eliminates dead items and overstocks which lead to spoilage,breakage and theft. The reports on inventory status determine optimal stocking levels and recalculates inventory values to quicklyspot slow moving items quickly. Functionality Excessive Solution Improved Cash Flow Reports Inventory Reduced Shrinkage Procedures Inventory Pain Optimization Reduced Spoilage Business practice Benefits “What I like best about C-Store Office is that Petrosoft keeps updating it based on their knowledge of the market. They own their own stores and use that retail experience to keep adding fresh new applications and reports to the site to help keep our business up to date. They also integrate directly to QuickBooks, which really helps us streamline our accounting.” Sajir Haribal The Market, El Paso, TX 7
  8. 8. Operations Optimized C-Store Office Traditional Minutes 0 20 40 60 80 “The reason I use C-Store Office is because it makes my job very, very easy. C-Store Office has all the tools I need to run my business the way I want to and it saves me an enormous amount of time. The big pile of paperwork that used to be on my desk every morning is gone!” Vijay Patel, Stop N Go Convenience Stores, Asheville, NC8
  9. 9. The Benefits of Operations ControlThe architecture of Petrosoft solutions is designed to drive productivity gains throughout the operation. The time-consumingprocess of purchasing inventory offers a good example. C-Store Office is engineered to reduce the time required whiledrastically improving the process and lowering inventory costs.Manual approach: No system Petrosoft Approach: Focused System ArchitectureA time-consuming manual process with no capacity A fast, productive process with total control and thefor oversight or ability to verify results: ability to accurately verify results:►► Manually review and count items in stock ►► Order is produced based upon on-hand inventory►► Manually write up an order and sales projection data►► Receive order and manually verify ►► System automatically bars restricted items►► Enter the invoice into manually ►► Best sellers are stocked appropriately ►► Accurate, item-level invoice produced automaticallyOutcome: Poor quality, poor control, no oversight Outcome: High inventory quality, accurate stockingon ordering process levels, complete verification of results.Total Time to Process: Over one hour Total Time to Process: Less than one minute 9
  10. 10. Promotion and Merchandising Support Today’s convenience store market constantly offers new promotions intended to merchandize the thousands of different products sold in the store. New product launch programs, seasonal promotions and others help build customer loyalty to brands, while increasing traffic in “I am the price book manager for the store. Given the sheer volume and diversity in store our company and the C-Store Office inventory and the hundreds of promotions available, price book is my favorite feature of managing these efforts can be time consuming and the system. It really makes my job so challenging. This is why C-Store Office is a must have to much easier because C-Store Office automate these processes and maximize profits. C-Store catches every price change on every Office will help retailers to capitalize on the promotions shift and makes sure that I can see and more effectively. approve all of them before it updates our registers. I am always confident our C-Store Office tracks inventory levels with margins pricing at the registers is correct.” automatically, to measure the effectiveness of promotions. This gives confidence in stocking levels and margins regardless of how many promotions are running. Amber Rench The Pumping Stations, Augusta GA10
  11. 11. Enhancing Franchisewith Enterprise TechnologyC-Store Office is an ideal tool for franchisors to enable An excellent example of this synergy is the C-Storethe rapid growth that operators seek. Strenghtening the Office price book. Our SaaS model allows Petrosoft tobusiness of both franchisors and franchisees through the offer a centralized price book which the franchisor canpowerful synergy its cloud-based architecture creates. quickly and easily deploy to franchisees. Retail prices andC-Store Office provides the flexibility to meet the needs promotion program participation can be made mandatoryof individual franchisees while still providing the reporting or optional, depending on the franchisor’s requirements.uniformity required to scale and expand an already C-Store Office builds franchise value by giving theproven model. franchisor level of control desired and the flexibility to offer options to the franchisee wherever appropriate. Franchise Headquarters ►► Robust Infrastructure ►► Rapid Deployment ►► Centralized Data ►► Promotion Participation Management Franchise Operators ►► Automated Royalty Calculations ►► Inventory Reconciliation ►► Mobile Applications ►► Lottery Management 11
  12. 12. Go Mobil. No PC required Petrosoft has always prided itself on providing the most in- demand, up to date technologies to its customers. In today’s fast paced world, smart phone applications are the only way to move at the speed of business. Whether the store just experienced a cost increase or inventory levels are running low, CSO Mobile is there to assist. This is an excellent and powerful means to directly raise awareness throughout the business. When users can carry item level information in the palm of their hand, they can surely increase profits, reduce shrinkage and have a smoother running operation. CSO Mobile gives users the chance to handle issues when they arise instead of days later. This is the fast, easy way to get up-to-date information anywhere at any time. CSO Mobile allows the flexibility to manage multiple stores or a single location right from the palm of your hand.12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Direct ConnectCommunications InnovationThe Direct Connect terminal from Petrosoft enables retailers to directly to Petrosoft servers from POS and ATG systems. Storeconnect POS and ATG systems directly to the internet without owners will find it the fastest, most economical route to a fullthe need for an onsite computer. It connects in minutes to implementation of Petrosoft services.create a high-speed internet connection. Direct Connect costs Petroleum marketers often serve a diverse network ofless than even the most basic PC, saving users hundreds of customers with many different levels of technology. Directdollars in hardware per site. Connect works in any dealer location because it does notDirect Connect will update a POS system faster than a PC. require a computer on site. With Direct Connect no computersThis high-speed unit is robust and reliable, communicating or computer skills are necessary to have all locations reporting uniformly.“What originally made us decide to go with C-Store Office was the ease of installation.We have thirty two locations and at the time, we had no price book, zero scanning andno back office. Within two weeks they had us scanning at thirty locations! The reasonwe have stayed with them is because we have a comfort level with the way they dobusiness. They don’t have a long term contract. It’s month to month, so they have toprove themselves every month and they do.” Michael Harrell Duckthru Convenience Stores, Ahoskie, NC14
  15. 15. PetrosoftData Entry ServicesPetrosoft data processing services eliminate hours of paperwork and allow store managers more time to spend on the tradefloor. This unique service makes it possible and practical for businesses of any size to do perpetual inventory and automaticordering.Store managers simply scan their paper invoices using a standard desktop scanner and save it to C-Store Office.Petrosoft product specialists then create electronic invoices containing item-level data. Invoices are returned in hours and allowstore managers to track costs and inventory at item level. Combined with EDI managers will track all purchases, at item-level,without ever manually processing an invoice.C-Store Office generates detailed reports on item velocity and stocking levels. Overstocks and dead items are flagged to beeliminated from inventory. Inventory is optimized and managers spend minutes instead of hours on invoices. “As both the Director of Operations and the Price Book Manager, ►►Reduce paperwork by 75% I was concerned about getting timely operating data from our forty-nine locations and keeping tight control on prices, too. ►►Increase item level accuracy C-Store Office gives me the data I need to run the business properly and the data entry service helps us keep a tight rein on ►►Reduce labor costs our supplier pricing.” Rizzy Mohammed AMI Stores, Panama City, FL 15
  16. 16. Fuel-Central:Fuel Distribution ReinventedFuel-Central is reinventing the fuel distribution industry with Fuel-Central allows distributors to project sales weeks inpowerful, cloud-based applications that boost productivity advance to optimize purchase strategies and capitalize onand drive costs out of the channel. Fuel-Central helps price fluctuations as they arise.distributors save time and money by reducing errors and With their private web interface, dealers will have the flexibilitypaperwork and lowering the cost of doing business throughout to place orders online or over an automated phone systemthe organization. Fuel ordering, pricing and scheduling and view their account histories, pricing trends and invoicesare automated for accurate and reliable results. Customer along with other account information.purchases, payables and credit card transaction records aremanaged electronically saving time and money. Fuel-Central simply provides the best end-to-end business solution that lets jobbers grow their business with lower staff expense and deliver superior service to dealers. Regular Regular Regular Diesel Plus 2,700 2,300 1,700 1,700 1,10016
  17. 17. Maximum productivity.No compromise on customer service At the heart of Fuel-Central is the most advanced dispatch center available today. Petrosoft took full advantage of cutting edge technology that makes it easy for dispatchers to schedule hundreds of loads weeks in advance, quickly and accurately. ►► Collect payments faster ►► Track Price Changes on Commission Agents ►► Real Time Store Inventories ►► Daily Sales ►► Complete or Split BOL’s ►► Connect to Point of Sale ►► Connect to ATG The console provides the dispatcher with deep business intelligence on every customer including up-to- date inventory, upcoming delivery schedules, driver shift schedules and even current customers’ credit and payment history. With the click of a mouse, drivers can be assigned to future deliveries or rerouted to make current delivery assignments more efficient. Fuel-Central allows you to do more with less, optimizing employee scheduling with no compromise on customer service. 17
  18. 18. Customers Success Stories —Waseem PetroleumKey to Success: Flexibility For Director of Operations Ejaz Rahim at Waseem Petrosoft offers a number of products to different sectors of the retail Petroleum, the key to achieving his business Petroleum industry, but the specific needs of Waseem Petroleum called goals was going to require a flexible approach. for a different type of solution. Two products from Petrosoft proved just The Madison, New Jersey Shell and BP-branded the solution. i49 fuel sales reporting application is a web-based tool distributor has a very diverse business. The that collects and reports data on fuel sales, costs, prices, margins and company owns convenience stores, a number of can project delivery schedules. It also provides statistical inventory gas stations and has a co-branding relationship reconciliation reporting (SIR) automatically. It is easy to use and provides with 7 Eleven in its North Jersey region. Beyond Waseem Petroleum with exactly the data needed to run their business that, there were different types of technology efficiently. in different locations. They have networked ATG’s, Tying the whole system together is the Petrosoft Direct Connect DC 101 non-networked ATG’s, a mix of POS systems and unit. A smart, fast proprietary hardware that can connect to PCs, Ethernet in the case of the 7 Eleven locations, proprietary and internet networks to communicate data to Waseem Petroleum from POS systems. In all, Waseem Petroleum services each of the locations they service. over 70 locations in New Jersey and New York. “Petrosoft can pull data from registers and networked Veeder-Root gauges “We had just gotten too big to monitor gas sales or allow manual entry through a PC,” says Rahim, “and we get all the dataand inventories manually” says Rahim, “but trying to find an electronic we require online at an extremely low price.”solution that could pull all of these various types of businesses together All Petrosoft products are compatible, so as they move forward, Waseemwas a real challenge. We really needed to automate data collection, but petroleum is thinking about expanding the sophistication of its Petrosoftthere just did not seem to be one solution out there that could fit all these applications where appropriate.situations. We didn’t know our true pool margins at various locations, andwe were having trouble getting timely inventory data to base delivery “These units can all be combined together like building blocks,”schedules on.” he noted. “In the convenience stores, we are planning to upgrade to the full back office and it will work perfectly with the gear and software we alreadyThat is when Rahim discovered Petrosoft and contacted the company. have for those locations. It gives us a clear path forward.”18
  19. 19. Retail Customers success stories —Saneholtz-McKarnsKey to Success: User-FriendlinessSaneholtz-McKarns, Inc. of Montpelier, Ohio is a petroleum marketer teachable interface. I was confident my managers would be able to learnand convenience store operator serving northwestern Ohio and southern C-Store Office quickly and that they would use it.  That was the key thingMichigan. The company owns and operates sixteen retail locations. — we had to make sure our managers would use it effectively.” General Manager Jeff Erb wanted to streamline and automate operations Erb is pleased with the level of acceptance C-Store Office has gained fromat his stores, but his past experience with back office systems made him employees and they are seeing the results they anticipated. “C-Store Officevery cautious about selecting a vendor.  makes it possible and practical for us to reach the goal of managing our“We did a very thorough search and looked at a number of back office inventory at item level. The managers can use it, and they can get the worksystems,” says Erb. “We wanted to begin keeping our inventory at item we want them to do, completed in a reasonable amount of time.”level and were also looking for a system that would give us a complete There were a few pleasant surprises as they began to phase in C-Storesuite of reports on all aspects of the business.” Office at their retail locations, too. “One thing we didn’t expect wasPast experience had taught Erb to be careful about which software how much increased oversight we’d have over our vendors,” Erbpackage he chose. “We had used another software product in the past,” noted. “Because of the way C-Store Office handles invoices, we arehe noted, “but it was so complicated that it ended up costing us more able to catch vendor errors easily.  We are a margin-driven company,time than manual operations did. It had all the features we wanted, but it and C-Store Office displays the margin on every item in every invoicewas just too difficult to work with.” so we can spot errors right away.”Erb spent many months looking at back office systems including C-Store Going forward, Saneholtz-McKarns’ strategy is to automate the businessOffice.  He found that many of them had the features he was looking for. as much as possible and use C-Store Office to continuously streamlineHowever, the usability factor kept surfacing in the various demonstrations the operation. “I can see where C-Store Office can play a role inhe saw.  improving our operations in other areas, too,” He offered.  “The next step will be to interface between C-Store Office and QuickBooks, so we“In the end, after doing all our research, we just kept coming back to can begin to get our accounting automated as well. There are a lot ofC-Store Office,” says Erb. “We liked it the best because it was so user opportunities here for increased efficiency and we plan to use them all.” friendly. It had all the features we were looking for but it also had a really 19
  20. 20. Cloud Facts Powerful Less Expensive Secure Easy to integrate Higher performance20
  21. 21. Is cloud computingright for you? “For us, one key factor in deciding to go with C-Store Office was the fact that it is web-based and reasonably priced. That meant aReduce Costs — Through this delivery method simple, easy set-up and a smaller impact on our working capitalPetrosoft customers do not need to invest in hardware as we were launching the business. Our time management isor infrastructure because the software is ready to be much more efficient using C-Store Office to run the business anddeployed through the web browser. we really like the one-on-one relationships we have with the tech support people.”Increased Mobility — Since the way companies dobusiness is changing, requiring more employees to be Tom Cookat more locations the cloud allows them access to the Jump Start Markets, Ozark, MOwork applications from any part of the world via theinternet at anytime.Less Technical Problems — The back end Data Storage and Back up — Through the Petrosoftinfrastructure is maintained and monitored by full time Cloud clients will be able to store as much data astechnicians. This allows companies to implement a they would like to the system. Additionally redundantPetrosoft product without increasing the workload to backups and tested disaster recovery plans are intheir IT staff. This also allows single store operators the place for data protection.benefits of having an IT staff without the cost. Flexibility — All subscriptions are month to month from the very first day. This allows customers to ensure they have made the right decision without over committing themselves or their resources. 21
  22. 22. SaaS and Cloud Technology SaaS or Software as a Service is the delivery model Petrosoft uses to supply its clients with the most up-to-date tools available in software technology today. It lets clients access our application through their web browser and deploys updates and new releases fast. Cloud computing and our global internet presence in North America, Europe and Asia allow us to rapidly deploy our applications anywhere in the world and service our customers promptly and efficiently. We use a variety of devices to create robust and efficient business communications networks anywhere our customers do business. “For me, the cloud computing model was the most important factor in choosing C-Store Office. It works amazingly well from anywhere in the world! I own several businesses that are quite remoter from each other and I love having total access to my convenience store business data whenever I want it, no matter where I am.” K. B. Roowalla MetroGas, Los Angeles, CA22
  23. 23. What does Petrosoft do? Petrosoft LLC is the leader in internet-based business solutions for retailers and distributors. With a special focus in the retail petroleum industry, we provide integrated communication and business intelligence services across all segments of the marketplace. Provide back office software- as-a-service for retail stores and gas station operators Provide Distribution Management software for Fuel JobbersProvide businessintelligence software formarketers and franchisors Vertically integrate all sources of information through the petroleum sales channel. We connect dealers, vendors, distributors and POS equipment. Automate business processes to streamline communications and drive out costs across the entire segment. 23
  24. 24. Petrosoft, LLC Copyright Information2025 Greentree Road Pittsburgh, PA 15220 All Contents Copyright © 2012 Petrosoft, LLC. All Rights Reserved.1.888.306.0640 All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies which they are associated. Specifications are subject to change without notice. is not responsible for errors and omissions. Petrosoft makes no warranties or concerning the availability of future products or versions.