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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program from Computer Society of India and KINDUZ


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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program from Computer Society of India and KINDUZ.

More information is available at:
http://www.csihyderabad.org/ and http://network.kinduz.com/group/lssintro

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program from Computer Society of India and KINDUZ

  1. 1. CERTIFICATION PROGRAM LEAN SIX SIGMA 6 BLACK BELT 6 KINDUZ Enabling Sustained Business Excellence CONTACT CSI AT Email: workshops@csihyderabad.org Phone: +91-40-65243634, Website: http://www.csihyderabad.org/ Address: 302, Archana Arcade, 10-3-190, St. Johns Road, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 500025 quot;GE produces annual benefits of over $2.5 billion across the “No matter which level of Six Sigma training the respondents organization from Six Sigma.quot; - iSixSigma.com completed, their average salaries are higher than the respondents quot;The savings as a percentage of revenue for a company can who didn't complete any Six Sigma training.” vary from 1.2% to 4.5%.quot; - Charles Waxer – Salary Survey, conducted by International Society for Quality quot;During the past 10 years Six Sigma has become one of the “Lean Six Sigma techniques implemented throughout the most widely practiced process improvement methodologies in Army continue to prove successful, and leaders anticipate both service and manufacturing industries.quot; - iSixSigma.com reaching a $2 billion-savings mark this year.” - U.S. Army Professionals in For Profit Organizations, Non-profit Organizations, Government Organizations, WORKSHOP FOR Educational Institutes, Hospitals and Societies. Offered as 8 Day Intensive ‘Black Belt Certification Course’ starting from 09.30 A.M. to 06.30 P.M. DURATION Phase-I is scheduled for 4 days and Phase-II is scheduled for another 4 days DETAILS OF ONLINE THE NEED OF THE HOUR WORKSHOP OUTLINE KNOLEDGE BASE According to International Labor Phase I: Day 1 to 4 The Online Knowledge Base will organization more than 5 million * Introduction contain the following jobs will be lost in 2009. Right * Six Sigma Breakthrough Strategy documentation: skills would still be sought after * Lean Management by companies even in these * Define Phase 1. Templates of: recessionary times. * Project Selection Study a. SIPOC * Measure Phase b. Team Charter Hence it is essential to keep * Preview to Analyze, Improve and Control Phases c. Measurement Plan oneself differentiated from others d. SWOT Analysis through value adding skills like Phase II: Day 5 to 8 e. Cause and Effect Matrix Lean and Six Sigma. * Recap f. FMEA Worksheet * Project Progress Presentation g. Change Acceleration Lean and Six Sigma are some of * Analyze Phase Process Worksheet the few recognized and valued * Improve Phase h. Action Plan Template skills still being sought after by * Control Phase i. Process Control Chart, etc. the companies. Adding Six Sigma * Introduction to Design for Six Sigma over and above one's functional 2. Samples of all the above skills increases one's chances of ASSESSMENT METHODOLOGY Templates being promoted, recruited or The workshop ends with a unique two-step Assessment retained by companies. Methodology that not only checks the theoretical learning 3. Checklists for: immediately after the workshop, but also the experiential KNOWLEDGE BASE PROVIDED a. Define Phase Checklist knowledge gained over a period of time: Hard copies of training b. Measure Phase Checklist Ø material for reference c. Analyze Phase Checklist The timelines of the assessments are: Each trainee will be d. Improve Phase Checklist Ø ? of the workshop to check the immediate At the end provided life-time access to e. Control Phase checklist theoretical understanding an Online Knowledge Base ? after the workshop to check the experiential 30 days learning by KINDUZ that will include 4. Video Presentations ? Certificate of project completion is provided to A Special access to key documents, participants who complete a Black Belt Project. templates and checklists 5. Websites for reference Assessments will be conducted online at http://www.e-pariksha.com For CSI Members Rs. 32,000/- For Non CSI Members Rs. 40,000/- CSI Membership for one year costs Rs. 600/- COST Payment Options: Cash Cheque or Demand Draft in the name of Download forms from http://www.csihyderabad.org “Computer Society of India”- Payable at Hyderabad Copyright © 2008-2009 KINDUZ Business Consulting
  2. 2. 6 ABOUT COMPUTER SOCIETY OF INDIA DETAILED COURSE STRUCTURE 6 Formed in 1965, the CSI has been PHASE - I: Day 1 to 4 instrumental in guiding the Indian IT industry 1. Introduction down the right path during its formative a. History (Success Stories) years. b. Cost of Poor Quality c. Process improvement vs Business Improvement Today, the CSI has 66 chapters all over India, 2. Six Sigma Breakthrough Strategy 381 student branches, and more than 40,000 members, including a. Six Sigma Principle India’s most famous IT industry leaders, brilliant scientists and b. Six Sigma Metric dedicated academicians. c. Six Sigma Roadmap 3. Lean Management The mission of CSI is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, a. Reducing Waste learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT b. Value Stream Mapping professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new c. Lean and Six Sigma entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the 4. Define Phase IT community. a. Overview b. Identify and Prioritize improvement opportunities The CSI is also working closely with other industry associations, c. Develop a Project Team Charter government bodies and academia to ensure that the benefits of IT d. Managing Teams (CAP tool) advancement ultimately percolate down to ev ery single citizen of e. Mapping the Process (SIPOC) India. f. Summary and Review 5. Project Selection CSI has partnered with KINDUZ to offer their entire spectrum of 6. Measure Phase High-Value Leadership Development Programs, to CSI members a. Overview b. Determine what to measure (Operational Definition) and the entire industry (not limited to the IT sector) c. Creating Measurement Plans at rates that are very affordable. d. Sampling strategies e. Summarizing Data ABOUT KINDUZ f. Understanding Variation g. Measurement System Analysis KINDUZ KINDUZ Business h. Defining Process Performance Consulting enables I. Summary and Review Enabling Sustained Business Excellence ‘Sustainable Business 7. Preview to Analyze, Improve and Control Phases Excellence’ for its clients, through its services PHASE - II: DAY 5 to 8 around Industry Research 8. Recap of Phase - I and Insights, Business Process Management, Human Development 9. Project Progress Presentation Management and Business Excellence. 10. Analyze Phase a. Overview Founded in 2008 by senior industry experts from global companies b. Identifying root cause through Cause and Effect Analysis like Capgemini, Motorola, Wipro, Oracle, Ford, ING, TATA Group, c. Apply Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Lifestyle, etc. KINDUZ provides consulting services to clients based d. Identify waste using Value Stream Mapping out of India and Middle East. e. Cause Verification f. Summary and Review 11. Improve Phase KINDUZ Business Consulting Services include : a. Overview 4 b. Generate Ideas and Solution Industry Research and Insights 4 c. Prioritization and Pilot Plan Business Process Management Services 4 d. Introduction to Design of Experiments Human Development Management Services 4 e. Summary and Review Business Excellence Services 12.Control Phase a. Overview Website:http://www.kinduz.com/ b. Full Scale Implementation E mail: services@kinduz.com c. Implement controls using Lean tools Phone: +91-40-40165594 d. Implement Statistical Process Control e. Closure and Recognition f. Summary and Review 13. Design for Six Sigma Strategies a. DMADV b. DMADD c. Six Sigma in Software / Product Development Copyright © © 2008-2009 KINDUZ Business Consulting Copyright 2008-2009 KINDUZ Business Consulting