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Review on the book TENMUCH written by AGK

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Ten much book review ppt

  1. 1. DARE TO DREAM,WORK TO REACH.<br />by,<br />Penugondapavani<br />
  2. 2. Cover Page<br />
  3. 3. Information about the Book<br /><ul><li>Title : Ten much
  4. 4. Author: A.G.Krishna Murthy
  5. 5. ISBN: 978-0070680241
  6. 6. Publication: Tata Mc Graw Hill Education Pvt.Ltd
  7. 7. Copyright: 2010
  8. 8. Price: RS. 195/-
  9. 9. Cover and Book designer: SajitSurendram</li></li></ul><li>Type of book: It is a general reading book which helps in providing inspiration and personality development<br />Subject matter: Tells the stories of fifty people mostly Indian and some remarkable international achievers<br />Special features: covers the broad range of achievers belonging to multiple fields<br /><ul><li>Describes the way from which people rose from the level of failure to succeder.
  10. 10. Small figures related to the field are placed
  11. 11. Few lines are quoted in bold
  12. 12. References are given</li></ul>Authors purpose in writing the book: To inspire and ignite the hidden talent in the Indian youth.<br />
  13. 13. Objective of the book<br /><ul><li>Why did the author write on this subject?</li></ul>It is the land where we can dream <br /> big and achieve big so, the author wanted the young to excel by following the said processes.<br /><ul><li>From what point Of view is the book written?</li></ul>-To juice up the youth who suffer from lack of vision and whose growth is hindered by lack of amenities<br /><ul><li>Was the author trying to give information to explain something technical, to convince the reader of a beliefs validity by dramatizing it in action?</li></ul>-The author succeeded in satisfying the reader in reaching his objective by taking life instances.<br />
  14. 14. Genre<br />What is the general field or genre and how does the book fit into it?<br /> It is a general reading book for all dreamers who want to make their dreams real<br />Who is the intended audience?<br />All the enthusiastic youth who like to excel in their own fields and to all the steppers into management field.<br />Authors style :<br />Informal way with narration of life stories of succesful people.<br />
  15. 15. Coherence:<br />The book proved to be coherent as he aligned the processes in a systematic order<br />Clarity: <br />The intension of the author which he stated in the prologue is attained<br />Does it suit the intended audience?<br />YES. It does and not only guides them to reach their supreme goals but the author showed the path to achieve as to what exactly is needed by dreamers(leaders).<br />
  16. 16. Table of contents<br /><ul><li>How did the book affect me?</li></ul>After reading the book, I came to know about famous personalities and the hardwork done, to achieve their goal.These 10 processes boosted my confidence levels. When someone else is good at doing something even lacking few amenities, having those why cant I do it?. GOD GAVE US ONE SINGLE LIFE, LETS BRUSH UP OUR LACKS AND WORK ON OUR GOAL.This book gave me a confidence that I can recognize the change in me and RIDE THE CHANGE.<br />
  17. 17. Ideas in mind that got changed:<br />Yes. Even I was disappointed by instances. so., this book boosted my confidence and gave me a n ote<br />SUFFERINGS ARE PART OF LIFE & SUCCESS IS THE ESSENCE OF FAILURE.<br />How well did the book achieve its goal?<br />The book totally reached its viewpoint as it motivates the young minds because ,it quoted life stories of fellow Indians who now became the story of India itself.<br />Would you recommend the book?<br />Yes.i recommend the book.<br />It surely provokes all the losers and non starters to reach their destiny to certain levels and all <br />the challenging youth to catch their goal.<br />
  18. 18. DESCRIPTION:<br />The book is written by famous MUDRA advertising agency director. He describes the life instances of notable personalities over the world<br />NARRATION:<br />The narration is in formal way and excellent as it takes into account the personal stories of people who started dreaming, worked hard to chase dreams and turned them into reality<br />
  19. 19. ARGUEMENT:<br />The author raised the point to dream, regardless of one’s own position and convinces the reader to reach them by quoting true examples<br />EVALUATION:<br />The book is interesting and meets the expectations of the reader and accurate in every possible way for which the reader took up the book and very useful to its intended audience.<br />I agree with the opinions of the author because what ever was presented in the book is also what I believe and follow in life.<br />
  20. 20. What I liked in the book:<br /><ul><li>Title of the book --“ ten much”
  21. 21. Dhirubhai and his theme</li></ul>- once he set his mind on something he would do it.<br />-I like to be the first one in <br />everything<br /><ul><li>Henry ford’s achievement</li></li></ul><li>Lines I liked from book<br />Line1: Throw all your weight behind that skill,Polishit,refine it and perfect it.<br />Line2: Your mind can perform miracles. But your faith needs to be 100%. Even if the faith is 99.99%,it will cut down and let you down.<br />Line3: “my life is my message” by Mahatma Gandhi.<br />Line4: Success has many fathers and failure has none.<br />Line5: leaders need to be felt and touched not vizualisation.<br />Line6: failing to plan is planning to fail<br />
  22. 22. 10 PROCESSES<br /><ul><li>1)Dream Big-</li></ul>signifies the power of dream and desire in shaping one’s life by exemplifying the lives of great visionaries <br />-Henry ford , Wright brothers<br /><ul><li>2)Master of trade</li></ul>Turned sufferings as their opportunities<br />-Billgates , Karsenbhaipatel, Mumbai dabbawalas<br /><ul><li>3)Be positive</li></ul>-Abraham lincoln, Beethoven( deaf singer)<br /><ul><li>4)I can do it</li></ul> importance of faith and belief<br /><ul><li>Sudhachandran(jaipur foot-bharatanatyam),</li></ul> Columbus<br /><ul><li>5)Money is by product</li></ul>stresses the point to make solid achievements than in running for swift but synthetic happiness<br /><ul><li>Steve jobs,Emerson(waltdisney)</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>6)Hold on to your dream</li></ul>Not to quit nor give up<br /><ul><li>Susan boyle (singer),Tyebmehta(artist)
  23. 23. 7)Bet on your team</li></ul>qualites of leader<br />-mahatma gandhi(jaggery story),pepsi-coke (documents stolen)<br /><ul><li>8)Welcome challenges</li></ul>-georgelucas(racing cars),winstonchurchill(orator)<br /><ul><li>9)Everyone should prosper</li></ul>UNITY IS STENGTH<br />-Bicon, tata, infosys etc – social service<br /><ul><li>10)Its just one life.
  24. 24. not to be taken aback by failures because they set the path for successes. </li></ul>These processes seems to be easy,but these are pretty difficult to practice<br />