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Aviva ndb &hr Aviva ndb &hr Presentation Transcript

  • Employee Welfare Created by ; P.Pavalaxan
  • Introduction to the Reportwe have selected AVIVA NDB INSURANCEArranged an interview with the human resourcemanager of the company to gain the requiredinformation.Collected some details about the humanresource process and the employee benefitsscheme of the company.Prepared the report for our studying purpose.
  • Benefits and Welfare-BasicSalary payments – Managers 75,000 – 125,000.Executive staff 50,000 -75,000.Medical insurance cover with indoor and outdoorbenefits including employees, spouse and children.Group life insurance cover for employees.Eagle contributes 15% of the salary towards the EPFwhich is above the statutory requirements.Lunch is available for staff at the AVIVA NDB canteenat an economical rate.A gymnasium within the precincts of the head office.Foreign tours for the staff.Promotion is being given based on employee’sperformance, discipline and time management.
  • Employee Benefits - OthersPersonal Financial Literacy – a program to create awarenesson the need to handle personal finance effectively.Education Loans – were provided to employees to followprofessional exams, in the fields of insuranceTalent in you – a program that catered to bringing out theinner potential that is needed to excel in life.Leading People – a global initiative by AVIVA with theobjective of ingraining the ‘authentic leadership’ conceptacross the organization.“Better Self Care” to deliver “Excellent Customer Care” – anexperimental training program to help employees be happyand transfer their happiness to the customers.
  • Benefits- Medical & DisabilityAccident Death Cover:Disability Cover:Permanent Total Disability Cover (due to Accidentor Sickness)Permanent Partial Disability Cover (due to Accidentonly)Hospital Cash Benefit:Critical Illness Benefit:
  • Total Employee EngagementEmployee voluntarism was the key focus of thecompany’s social activities, granted 2 days. Itprovided knowledge transfer to other institution.The AVIVA Academy provided abundant learningand development opportunities to the junior andregional management.Are you smarter than the others- quiz providedemployees an opportunity to the challenge the topmanagement team of the company.The Sports club organized events that aremeaningful to different demographic segments ofthe employee population.
  • Cont…Monthly surprises from HR was a new conceptintroduced in the year 2008 where employees hadsomething exciting to look forward to. Thesurprises included.A newly branded t-shirt for all employees.Introduction of the new bi-annual internalmagazine, ’Outlook’ – knowledge based magazinefor employees.Counseling sessions with two professionalcounselors were facilitated for members of staff.
  • Freedom to voice opinion.Employees participated in the AVIVA Employeepromise Survey , which is a voluntary online surveyconducted by an independent global researchcompany.Introduction of “Idea Manager”- encourages flowingof new ideas for improvement.The intranet hosts a ‘have you say’ portal whereemployees can send in their suggestions andopinions.“Right call “ an independent malpractice reportingservice that allows employees to report concerns ofillegal or fraudulent activity
  • Conclusion. It was a pleasure to carry out this assignment in the study area of human resources management subject. Human resources management is a subject which is still in the developing stage in the world. But all most in all the companies human resource management has been used because of the advantages which can be gained through the use of human resource management to control the human resource of the company. AVIVA NDB INSURANCE to carry out our human resources management assignment. And in order to gain further information and details regarding the human resource process of the company and its Employee benefits scheme. Finally the companies should give priority to the satisfaction and the motivation of the employees of the company in order to gain the maximum out of the employees of the company to be competitive and to achieve the common objective of the company.
  • References.. An Interview with Branch Manager. [JAFFNA BRANCH] Annual Report [2008,2009] www.avivandb.com