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  1. 1. Client Budget Manager Events Manager Waiting on Staff Technical Management Catering Creative Team Technical Crew Marketing/ PR Talent Relations Performers
  2. 2. The client approaches the Events Management Team with a brief and they will discuss of WHY want an event to be hosted WHAT event they would like to host and WHO they are aiming the event at. Everything the Events Management Team does is to please the client as they are more often the not providing the budget and it is they who have hired the team to fulfil their desires.
  3. 3. The Events Manager oversees the running of the event. They will liaise with the client and all department heads ensuring that all overall tasks are being completed are everyone and all departments are on time with schedules. They will chair regular meetings to ensure that all this is happening. The Events Manager will work closely with the Budget manager to ensure that none of the other departments are spending money the the Events Management Team does not have. They will also be in charge of liaising with any external companies or persons. For example the venue and other contacts related to the budget.
  4. 4. Responsible for everything related to the budget. The Budget Manager will supervise how the budget is being used and will divide the budget into it’s necessary departments. They will work closely with all department heads to ensure that they are all adhering to their own budgets and that non-existent funds are being spent. They will also record and account for any profits that the event may make, and how this will be used within the next event.
  5. 5. The Creative Team are responsible for the performance aspect of the event and it’s development. The team can be comprised of writers, directors, choreographers, sound/set designers or producers. They are responsible for producing the talent that the event is being held for. They will work closely with The Events Manager and Talent Relations to ensure that both the Events Management Team and Performers are up to date and aware of how the show should look aesthetically and how it should sound.
  6. 6. The Technical Manager or Management Team are responsible for all technical aspects of the event from the sourcing stage up until the event itself. If equipment is being bought or hired, they will oversee this aspect of the Event, ensuring the most suitable equipment is being used adhering the constraints of the budget. They will organise transport for the equipment to and from the venue and will perform any necessary maintenance throughout the Event’s run. They are also in charge of the Operators of any equipment. They will designate specific roles to the operators and ensure they are performing their roles efficiently and effectively.
  7. 7. The Technical Crew will follow the lead of the Technical Manager and will operate any equipment throughout the rehearsals process and on the event itself. This may include any lighting or sound apparatus or any means of projection. They may also be required to provide maintenance in the event that the Technical Manager is unavailable or the issue must be immediately resolved.
  8. 8. Talent Relations is the mediator between the performers and the Events Management Team. They will oversee and organise the attaining of the talent be it through hiring or running auditions. They will act swiftly and professionally should any of the performers have any issues and Talent Relations will liaise with any department head or The Events Manager about resolving these issues. If the talent is hired, Talent Relations will oversee the drawing up of a contract and discuss any legalities with the talent.
  9. 9. This team are responsible for ensuring that the event has an audience. They will organise a ‘marketing/advertising’ campaign to ensure that the public has an awareness of the event and/or organisation. They will produce and distribute any advertisements and liaise with external persons or companies to further ticket sales. They will develop promotional events and do so in a cost-effective way.
  10. 10. Catering are responsible for any refreshments that will be offered throughout the course of the event. If the event is externally catered, the Catering team will organise and hire this aspect of the event from what food/drinks will be served, the costing, how the food/drinks will be served. If the event is internally catered, they will organise and produce the menu and again hire or organise Waiting-On Staff.