YaleHouse Boutique Hostel - MidTerm Presentation


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Initial brand concept presentation for a proposed hostel in Vancouver's upscale Yaletown district.

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YaleHouse Boutique Hostel - MidTerm Presentation

  1. 1. Paul Wittal | March 2012 | Major Project TwoYaletown HostelComprehensive Design Iteration Stage Three
  2. 2. PROJECT RECAPThe Yaletown hostel is Vancouver’s onlyboutique hostel, and is about providingguests with more than just a bed. With afocus on atmosphere, social interactionbetween like-minded travels and localcommunity engagement staying at thehostel is an experience.The core differentiating values of theYaletown hostel are social engagementand a focus on amenities.
  3. 3. NAMEYALEHOUSE Boutique HostelSimple and easy to pronounce.Identifies with the hostels uniquelocation within the city.Association with Yaletown’s historicwarehouses and the Round House.Implies a casual laid back atmosphere.Social, like a public house.
  4. 4. LOGOThe Yalehouse Boutique Hostel is located at 1043 Mainland Street.
  5. 5. LOGO boutique hostel
  6. 6. LOGO boutique hostel
  7. 7. COLOURS A calming colour symbolic of the comfortable amenities. A fun colour symbolic of the hostels social environment.
  8. 8. TYPOGRAPHYabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzThe logo type is “Muli,” selected for its light weight and elegant feel.ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuzwxyzThe offical typeface is “Myriad Pro,” headings will use the bold weightin ALL CAPS. All body copy will be set in regular.
  9. 9. PHOTO STYLEThe photographic style is bright, lo-fi photography of real travelers.
  10. 10. ADVERTISING“You didn’t just come here to sleep.” FREE BREAKFASTThis is a concept for a series of adsaimed at travelers using YVR-Airport PERSONAL SERVICE MORE COMMON SPACEstation. The Yalehouse’s target market ROOF TOP HOT TUB HOSTEL GUEST BARof international budget travelers aren’tcoming to Vancouver to sleep. Young KITCHENbudget travelers seek adventure and BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T JUST COME HERE TO SLEEPto experience the culture of a newcity while meeting new people. Thiscampaign focus on the value of thehostels many unique amenities. boutique hostel
  11. 11. RACK CARDThe rack card will be used to market thehostel at tourist information centres whereever Metro Vancouver accommodations are boutique hostelbeing promoted. The two sided rack cardwill provide potential guests with some briefinformation about the hostel and amenities.The language and look will be similar to theadvertisements. Optati rem rae odipsa dolupta non conse del ipsuntent qui officipsae culparum fugianda ipita dolenias ex et aut min rati consed quas eostiae expernate et eaquid molore re sim accaboratus as Elendipit ut ea delesse optis ulparior alibusa nisque ventenis est, et volore se landiat volendi genimin ulpario mi, endem facessimus nosa volo earum nem exces eatibus magnimpe peratur, nestrum il in eiciis doloreperiae lab iumque nihillorerum.
  12. 12. WELCOME PACKThe welcome package will be given to allarriving guests and will include a hostellayout with room directions, key card, hostelrules, list of amenities and a local area map. bo uti qu ehThe considered presentation of these ost elessential items will give the hostel a higherperceived value. The primary design Pcomponent of the welcome pack will be the AREA MAfold out area map, which will help provide boutique hostelguests with a local perspective of localactivities geared towards budget travelers.
  13. 13. WELCOME PACK boutique hostel AREA MAP Example of the foldout area map.
  14. 14. THANK YOU