LightShip Presentation for Michigan Reading Association 2013


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LightShip Presentation for Michigan Reading Association 2013

  1. 1. Once More to the Lighthouse: Using YA Titles in the Classroom Mr. Paul W. HankinsSilver Creek High School—Sellersburg, Indiana
  2. 2. Lightship Titles:Serve as a source of inspiration via their quiet sense of story.
  3. 3. Lightship Titles: Draw thesailor, the sightseer, and the sojourner the same.
  4. 4. Lightship Titles: Take their place in a bay —where the water breaks–in a position of trust as well as truth.
  5. 5. Lightship Titles:So long as we seek their light, maintain their visibility from above, afar, near, and within.
  6. 6. Lightship Titles: Maintain their positionthrough a recognized and revered message: “This way. . .home.”
  7. 7. Lightship Titles: Are positioned at the place —at the end of the pier—reminding us of the still waters that run deep.
  8. 8. Lightship Titles: Are diligent . Unmoving, they remainsteadfast, even when we have moved on— or stepped away.
  9. 9. Lightship Titles:Stand in place—a guidepost as much as they are a gathering point.
  10. 10. Lightship Titles:Are unquestioned for their message; unchallenged in their position.
  11. 11. Lightship Titles:Know that light is the life for thoseseeking shore or shelter from the storm.
  12. 12. The Brand New Teacher in Room 210
  13. 13. “not knowing something doesn’tmean you’re stupid. All it meansis that there’s still room left towonder. “
  14. 14. The Sophomore Teacher Shares “Freshman”
  15. 15. “You know what guys do? They standup for people. You know why? Tworeasons. Its right. And it feels good.Even if the person doesnt know whatyou did. Maybe especially then.”
  16. 16. Third Year—Settling in under a “Big Sky”
  17. 17. “My bounce-around life hadtaught me that dreams weredangerous things - they look solidin your mind, but you just try toreach for them. Its like gatheringclouds.”
  18. 18. We’ll Support the Controversial in the Name of “Truth”
  19. 19. “I realized that, sure, I was a Spokane Indian. Ibelonged to that tribe. But I also belonged to thetribe of American immigrants. And to the tribe ofbasketball players. And to the tribe of bookworms.And the tribe of cartoonists. And the tribe ofchronic masturbators. And the tribe of teenageboys. And the tribe of small-town kids. And thetribe of Pacific Northwesterners. And the tribe oftortilla chips-and-salsa lovers. And the tribe ofpoverty. And the tribe of funeral-goers. And thetribe of beloved sons. And the tribe of boys whoreally missed their best friends. It was a hugerealization. And thats when I knew that I wasgoing to be okay.”
  20. 20. The Knife and the Birth of RAW INK Online
  21. 21. “Heres what I think," I say and my voice is strongerand thoughts are coming, thoughts that trickle intomy noise like whispers of truth. "I think maybeeverybody falls," I say. "I think maybe we all do.And I dont think thats the asking."I pull on her arms gently to make sure sheslistening."I think the asking is whether we get back upagain.”
  22. 22. Readers in the Real World Need YA
  23. 23. YA is “Good” for Readers
  24. 24. “Strange, how such a small realization can affecteveryones life forever. In movies there isalways a carefully staged moment - a bigcrescendo of music, close- ups of the actorsfaces, the camera slowly pulling away to let allthis sink in for the viewer...but, in real life, mostall of the extraordinary things happen with nomore loudness than a whisper.”
  25. 25. After NIGHT. . .a return to hope and humanity
  26. 26. Andrius turned. His eyes found mine. "Ill see you," he said. My face didnt wrinkle. I didnt utter a sound. But for the first time inmonths, I cried. Tears popped from their dry sockets and sailed down my cheeksin one quick stream. I looked away. The NKVD called the bald mans name. "Look at me," whispered Andrius, moving close. "Ill see you," he said."Just think about that. Just think about me bringing you your drawings. Pictureit, because Ill be there." I nodded. "Vilkas," the NKVD called. We walked toward the truck and climbed inside. I looked down atAndrius. He raked through his hair with his fingers. The engine turned androared. I raised my hand in a wave good-bye. His lips formed the words "Ill see you." He nodded in confirmation. I nodded back. The back gate slammed and I sat down. The trucklurched forward. Wind began to blow against my face. I pulled my coat closedand put my hands in my pockets. Thats when I felt it. The stone. Andrius hadslipped it into my pocket. I stood up to let him know I had found it. He wasgone.”
  27. 27. The Best Laid Titles. . .are in Reader’s Hands
  28. 28. “’The little man jerked down the brim of his hat andscowled over at Lennie. “So you forgot that awready, did you? Igotta tell you again, do I? Jesus Christ, you’re a crazy bastard!”’” Jaycee shakes me and I jerk my head around. “Wait.What? What did I do?” I’d fallen asleep , that’s what. There’s drool on my cheekand a smudge mark on the window. I wipe my face and try tofigure about why Jaycee’s calling me a bastard. “Not you,” she says without me asking. “That’s Georgetalking. And he’s mad at Lennie because he already forgot wherethey’re going. I told you you weren’t paying attention.” “I’m sorry,” I say. “I guess I fell asleep. I was thinking aboutScooter. . .and we did get up kind of early.” “It’s okay.” She pats my shoulder. “Go to sleep, my littleLennie.”
  29. 29. Lightship Titles forWhen the Water Gets Rough
  30. 30. I think books can help create asafe way to learn and talk aboutpainful or frightening experiencesand issues, especially when noone around you is talking aboutthose things. . .There were timeswhen I was a teen that I wouldmark off passages in books (withpost-it notes), and show those orgive the entire book to people Icared about, hoping that theywould understand something Icouldn’t find the words to talkabout or was too scared toverbalize.Cheryl Rainfield (SCARS)
  31. 31. This Book May Have SomeSurface Wear and Remainder Marks
  32. 32. One time when I was either a tween or early teen, Idread an Archie comic in which Betty was exercisinglike crazy so that Archie would, you know, find herattractive. Her mom commented that lately, Betty waseating like a bird, and Betty replied, "I am a bird: anostrich, with a long skinny neck and a blob for abody." I thought this was funny. Later, when mymom commented about what I was eating, I repeatedBettys statement: Im an ostrich, with a long skinnyneck and a blob for a body."And my mom replied, "Theres nothing skinny aboutyou.“Jackie Morse Kessler (HUNGER)
  33. 33. Maybe. . .I am sending a rally call toyoung people to think of domesticviolence the same as a swine fluepidemic (FREAK OUT!)Maybe Im sending a call to everyonewho reads the book to DOSOMETHING. SAY SOMETHING.START TALKING NOW.Maybe I just want to point out thatignoring things never gets usanywhere.Whatever the reasoning, I write toughbooks because thats what comesnaturally to me--and I cant seemyself stopping any time soon.A. S. King (ASK THE PASSENGERS)
  34. 34. Secrets have always fascinatedme . Several times in my life Ivehad moments that have causedme to view people in a completelydifferent way once their secretswere revealed and I think thats apretty common experience.When I was 18, a very honestconversation with my motherrevealed some secrets that totallychanged my view of our familyand what happened when I wassmall.C. J. Omololu(DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS)
  35. 35. When a Book Says “Forever”
  36. 36. Suddenly every leaving and returning began to make sense. The novel would be my navigation guide. My log would show my love for books.
  37. 37. My lightship would be—now and forever more— a library shelf.
  38. 38. Friend or Follow Mr. Hankinsafter today’s presentation toshare titles or to keep up withthe new additions to the“Lightship Titles” List. Facebook: Twitter: @PaulWHankins Email:
  39. 39. See you on the road, but in the meantime, you can revisit today’s presentation at SlideShare!