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Unofficial SXSWi Primer for Rowdy Librarians
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Unofficial SXSWi Primer for Rowdy Librarians


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A primer for librarians and information professionals to make the most out of their 2013 SXSW Interactive experience. Thanks for spreading the word - Paul Vinelli

A primer for librarians and information professionals to make the most out of their 2013 SXSW Interactive experience. Thanks for spreading the word - Paul Vinelli

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Unofficial SXSWi Primer for Rowdy Librarians 2013 Edition
  • 2. What to Keep Handy Business Cards (Know your Audience) Notepad (Quick & Efficient)Creative Front Basic Front Blank Back (For others to take Notes)
  • 3. What to Keep HandyBe somebody’s hero... carry a charger
  • 4. SCHED**Useful App** ★ Find Listings of Official and Unofficial Events ★ Create a Personal Calendar for SXSW ★ Develop your Profile ★ Link to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts ★ Connect with other SCHED users at SXSW
  • 5. #ideadrop houseHome Base for Big Thinkers in the Library Community March 8th - 12th
  • 6. Online Resources SXSW Librar* + Archiv* + Museum* #sxswLAM @sxswLAM ER&L #ideadrop House #ideadrop @ERandL
  • 7. Meeting and Greeting at SXSWi Rejoice in the Best Stereotypes... We are Brilliant, Helpful, Well-Read, Creative and Open SXSWi Professional Attendees Diversity• Networkers • Librarians• Web and Tech-Savvy • Archivists• Futurists • Curators• Progressives • Academics• Active in Associations • Researchers• Independents • Corporate• Organizers • IA
  • 8. Failsafe Openers • Is this your first South By? • What inspired you to come down for the conference? • Are you staying for music? (Bands we’re excited to see or sad that we can’t...) • Offer some recommendations of things to do or places to eat/drink/visit in ATXDon’t vibe with someone? It’s OK to move on...
  • 9. Professional Questions• What drew you to the field?• How did you end up in your job?• How do you keep yourpulse on all things “information” (blogs, listservs, etc.)?• What have you learned atSXSWi that’s opened your mind?
  • 10. Closers • Other folks in the room you’d suggest that I chat with? • Other folks in the field you’d recommend I research? • Any additional events you’d suggest checking out? • May I follow up with you via email?Someone might invite you along to the next event...Or vice versa...If it syncs with your interests, go for it.
  • 11. Follow Up (...according to your comfort level) Really stoked by your conversation? See if the person is available for coffee during SXSWi...(This is a Networking Conference)Ask to connect on LinkedIn if you feel comfortable.Send an Email no later thana day or two after you chat. Follow on Twitter.
  • 13. Find some Bleeding Hearts and get them to sneak you into placesSome folks are focused on ...while others are a dealmaking, product bit more accessible. launches and startups...
  • 14. I’m being serious. SXSWi is about saying “Yes.”People want to hang with others who are sending out positive vibes.Find some folks who feel authentic to you, and spend your time with them. There’s really no wrong way to do this...
  • 15. SXSW Librarian Panels (Page 1) (Click on any title or name to be taken to Panel’s Official SXSW Page)The New Nature vs. Nurture: Big Data & IdentityJen Lowe and Molly Steenson And What of Liberty? Networks and Freedom Dan Phiffer, Harlo Holmes, and Isaac WilderPoetry in Motion: Sound Culture & Data MiningTanya Clement and Paul Vinelli Creativity & Mayhem: Anonymous Communities at Work Finn Brunton, Gabriella Coleman, and Quinn NortonCurbing Crime with Data Extraction & OntologiesGreg Ebert and Ray Mooney
  • 16. SXSW Librarian Panels (Page 2) (Click on any title or name to be taken to Panel’s Official SXSW Page)Why Digital Maps Can Reboot Cultural HistoryButch Lazorchak, David McClure, Deborah Boyer, and Matthew Knutzen Libraries: The Ultimate Playground Andrea Davis and Carson BlockCopyright & Disruptive TechnologiesAndrew Bridges, Margot Kaminski, and Wendy Seltzer Information Literacy in an Online World Laura LarsellThe Copyright Era Meets the Open-Source WorldEllyn Angelotti
  • 17. SXSW Librarian Panels (Page 3) (Click on any title or name to be taken to Panel’s Official SXSW Page)New Knowledge Ecosystems: How & What Do We KnowDavid Weinberger, Jason Priem, Lissa Harris, and Marguerite Avery Black Twitter Activism, Bigger Than Hip Hop Mark Anthony Neal, Meredith Clark, and Stacie WilliamsPop Up Archive: Build an Archive & Make It CountAndrew Kuklewicz, Anne Wootton, Bailey Smith, and Dave Rice Open for Making Antoine Isaac, Emily Gore, Leila Johnston, and Sam Leon
  • 18. SXSW Librarian Panels (Page 4)(Click on any title or name to be taken to Panel’s Official SXSW Page)The Sketchbook Project: A Global Art Library GrowsShane Zucker and Steven Peterman Digital Time Machines & The Future of Learning Al Bunshaft and Rus GantLibrarian Meet UpAmy Buckland We Want Turtles: Giving Communities What They Want Jake Barton and Leslie Wolke
  • 19. More Fun Resources SXSHHH (Costs a few bucks - list of all unofficial Music/Film parties throughout SXSW.) GSD&M SXSWi Guide (2012 Edition) & Successful: A Newcomer’s Guide to SXSWi Part 1: Part 2:
  • 20. Questions? Complaints? Bafflement? a librarian in training, I’m here to help. Feel free to share this list that my friends and I put together of places to go in Austin: Paul Vinelli @pavinelli Thanks to Tara Iagulli at UT-Austin’s School of Information for her support.