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Facebook Pages 101 1229446222311069 2

  1. 1. 1.  Leveraging Facebook 2.  Demographics 3.  Facebook Channels 4.  Facebook Pages 5.  Example of a Page 6.  Creating Page “Fans” 7.  Marketing Your Page 8.  Tactical Considerations Facebook Pages 9.  Executive Team 101 Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008
  2. 2. Facebook Pages represents an inexpensive way for organizations and brands to: Leveraging Facebook •  Create brand awareness •  Generate leads •  Introduce a product/campaign •  Improve reputation •  Collect data/content •  Keep an ongoing dialogue with customers What’s your Facebook Strategy? Organizations from the Humane Society to Dunkin’ Donuts have Facebook Pages Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 1
  3. 3. •  Who’s on Facebook? –  Over 90 Million active users –  Approximately 1 million new users a week –  250,000+ new users a day Demographics –  5th most visited site –  57% of U.S. Facebook users are out of college –  Over 50% return daily and spend 20+ minutes Source: Facebook –  85 percent of US consumers believe companies should interact with them via social media Source: “Business in Social Media” 2008 Cone. Source: Quantcast Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 2
  4. 4. •  Marketing Channels on Facebook –  Facebook offers multiple ways for you to get exposure and connect with users. For marketers, the following are most impactful (take a deep breath): Facebook Channels   Pages (Provide brands and corporations a social presence)*   Applications (Custom functionality that can be added to a company Page or personal Profile Pages)   News Feed (Most valuable real-estate on Facebook - primarily furnished with stories about how friends engage with your Pages or Applications)   Profile page (Intended for individuals)   Groups (Facebooks’s version of a discussion forum)   Events (Announce events, collect RSVPs)   Ads/Social Ads (Text based with a small image – highly integrated into the Facebook interface – targeting based on users’ Facebook profiles)   Display ads (Low performance traditional banners)   Facebook Platform/Connect (Share Facebook login and social stories with your websites outside of Facebook) * In this presentation, we’ll focus on Pages Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 3
  5. 5. Facebook Pages in a Nutshell –  It’s the easiest way to establish a presence within Facebook –  You may run promotions, polls and send updates to your Fans Facebook Pages –  Can be extended with custom applications (your own or 3rd party) for deeper, branded experiences and marketing programs –  User action will push a story to their friends’ News Feed, potentially generating thousands of free viral ads Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 4
  6. 6. Example of a Facebook Page Upload Videos Develop a Fan Base Example Page Utilize HTML/ FBML Design Feature Applications Upload Photos Message Wall for Users Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 5
  7. 7. Users who Fan* Facebook pages 1 – Supporters   Large majority (more than 80%). Becomes a fan as a social media statement – Creating Page Fans they want their friends to know that they like/support/endorse the page and/or the product/cause/brand. 2 – Ambassadors   Small group (less than 10%). These people regularly read and post new content to the page. Their engagement makes the community vibrant – and their involvement spreads through the News Feed of their friends – generating viral growth. 3 –Missionaries   Tiny group (about 1%). They constantly engage the community with discussions, original content and engage in advocacy outside of the group. Without these people the community on the page will lose credibility and wither. *Yes, it’s a verb Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 6
  8. 8. How to drive more traffic to your Page –  Provide users with interactive options that generate News Feed Stories: Marketing Your Page   Contests, polls, discussions are great engagement ‘fodder’   Allow visitors to upload pictures and video to you our page   Create Events that users can RSVP to within your page –  Post messages in related groups about the existence of your page –  Email the Page URL employees, customers and prospects and ask them to Fan the page and share the page with their friends –  Buy Facebook “Social Ads” Example of a News Feed generated as Vidar became a Fan of Bluefly.com – and noticed by a Lana in her News Feed. The News Feed is the central real-estate found on users’ profile page. Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 7
  9. 9. We’ll guide your tactical considerations, such as: –  Is the goal for your target community to have a dialogue with Tactical Considerations you or with each other (or both)? –  What kind of user engagement are you seeking? How will you ignite the dialogue and keep your influencers engaged? –  What features do you enable? Is the built in functionality of the Page sufficient – or do you need a custom application? –  How are you going to engage/respond to the user activity? –  How do you measure success? How do you improve the Page? –  What is the lifecycle of your effort? When/how does it end - or should it? •  Then we’ll set everything up, provide custom designs and applications, manage and monitor the community, manage paid marketing programs (thought we should mention that…) Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 8
  10. 10. Vidar Brekke, CEO –  Past positions: Strategic Planner at Ogilvy, VP Marketing at JPMorgan, VP Marketing Linkstorm, Strategist/Creative Director Kurani Interactive, co-founder Icemedia USA. –  Past Clients: Coca-Cola, IBM, Vonage, Cisco, General Motors, Executive Team American Express, Wal-Mart, E*Trade Vineel Shah, CTO –  Past positions: Senior Technical Yahoo at HotJobs, Manager of Software Development at MTV Online, Software Developer/ architect at iVillage, Citibank, ProgrammableWeb. Strategy - Application Design & Development - Marketing www.socialintent.com 30 Christopher St. Suite 4C. New York, NY 10014 vidar@socialintent.com +1 (646) 465-2965 Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 9