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Workbooks CRM datasheet

  1. 1. Workbooks CRMIntroductionWorkbooks CRM delivers powerful customer relationship Workbooks CRM is part of the Workbooks suite of businessmanagement (CRM) right to the internet browsers of small applications that give small and mid-size organisationsand mid-size businesses. It provides the framework from one platform on which to manage their entire ‘prospect towhich to manage business relationships more effectively; cash’ business processes. Workbooks delivers the abilityhelping organisations to: to manage customers, employees, partners and suppliers o within the same application suite. Win more business more quickly o Use the Workbooks suite to: Forecast accurately in real-time o o Improve business performance Increase marketing ROI o o Drive top line growth Deliver first-class customer service o o Increase productivity Drive best practice processes o o Reduce operating costs Track Key Performance Indicators o o Manage business risk Improve business controlsPeople and Organisation ManagementA Single View of Your Business Managing Business Relationships Workbooks has been designed so that all its As well as traditional contact management information, it is business applications, including Workbooks simple to use Workbooks to track and maintain all business CRM, are unified on a single technology relationships, including: platform – the WorkbooksONE™ Platform. o Customers and prospectsThis means that each Workbooks customer has a singleplace – their own secure online database – for all o Partnersemployees to track, store and manage information about o Suppliersthe organisations and people with which their companydoes business. o CompetitorsBy leveraging this single, comprehensive source of Because Workbooks is uniquely designed to supportinformation it is simple to build and maintain strong and multiple relationships, it is possible for one organisation –long-lasting business relationships. or person – to be a supplier, customer and competitor ; or all three at once. In the same way, Workbooks users can track third-party relationships between prospects and their suppliers, competitors and customers – or the channel partners of a particular organisation. Workbooks API WorkbooksONE™ Reporting Platform Customer Services Sales Marketing Data Storage Information Information Information High Availability Customers Employees Financials Products Suppliers Partners Security Figure 1: WorkbooksONE™ Technology PlatformWorkbooks CRM
  2. 2. Managing Activity Forecasting Tracking individual and team activities, Up-to-the-minute and precise forecasting scheduling future tasks and keeping a delivers reliable information about the status history of completed activities is simple of the revenue pipeline and the deals expected with Workbooks CRM. Relevant details are to close. It provides sales managers with the stored against each activity to record key information they need; such as revenue information such as meeting notes, the and gross margin forecasts on a monthly, quarterly or summary of telephone conversations and annual basis and information on the stage of all salesfollow-up actions and timescales. Activities can be assigned opportunities. Workbooks CRM helps to draw attention toto others and a calendar function makes it simple to prospect accounts that may require greater sales supportschedule meetings and invite others to attend. to help close.Workbooks also allows for the storing of notes and Workbooks CRM also gives visibility of sales teamattachments against virtually any record in the database; performance by providing management information on howholding and sharing information such as account plans or teams and individuals are performing against their targets;details of commercial terms with colleagues. highlighting who is over-achieving and who may need additional support to meet their goals.Salesforce AutomationDriving Best Practice Quoting and Product BooksRecognising that a successful sales operation requires Workbooks CRM incorporates multi-currencydiscipline and consistency in sales execution, Workbooks product books that make quoting for newprovides the framework for organisations to deploy best business and signing new sales orders fastpractice sales methodologies. Workbooks CRM streamlines and consistent. Product books are managedsales processes and delivers the tools required to measure centrally and include product codes, productand improve sales team performance. descriptions, selling price and cost price for automatic calculation of gross margin.Opportunity and Pipeline Management Product books are ready-integrated with the Workbooks CRM quotation tool, which makes quoting for new business Workbooks CRM provides a framework that extremely efficient. Simply select products and quantities underpins best practice sales methodologies; to generate a professional quote that includes references, helping to improve the way in which sales unit price, total price, description information, net and gross professionals manage and maximise their cost, tax and totals. business opportunities. The application manages opportunities through the sales Both product books and the quotation tool integratecycle and supports the sales person with tools they need fully with the sales ordering and invoicing functions andto win the deal; such as account mapping of the entire approvals framework of Workbooks Business; streamliningopportunity eco-system. the process from prospect to cash.A sales professional’s opportunity pipeline is the keyindicator of their future success. Workbooks CRM providessales teams with the information and the visibility to managetheir sales pipeline against defined qualification criteria, bysales stage, or in relation to a sales quota; empowering thesales function and extending accountability.Workbooks CRM
  3. 3. Marketing Automation Customer ServiceWorkbooks CRM improves the efficiency and effectiveness Workbooks CRM unites best practiceof marketing planning and activity execution; helping processes and technology to enableto increase the flow of leads into your business and organisations to deliver first-class customerautomatically measuring marketing ROI. The application is service and support – whilst at the samedesigned to free marketing teams from manual, time reducing delivery costs.time-consuming processes – and in doing so dramatically The Workbooks CRM case management portal is theincreases productivity. hub of all customer service. Cases can be raised by support teams using the application or customers viaMarketing Management and Planning email requests or web-to-case. This enables self-service support by customers, which reduces theHow does a business know if its marketing is successful? load on service teams and automates case allocation andAll too often excessive time resources are spent manually initial case responses – as well as improving customerreporting on marketing activities carried out; their duration, satisfaction.their costs and their results against targets. Or worse, thisanalysis is not done at all. From Workbooks it is simple to prioritise and track the progress of all cases; including history and resolutionWorkbooks CRM measures marketing performance activities undertaken, planned and in progress. Analyticsautomatically. It tracks spend, monitors campaign help to manage service teams’ time; identifying trends,performance and calculates ROI on marketing investments; highlighting issues and pinpointing areas where internal orhelping organisations to focus on the activities that win the customer training may help.most business.Marketing Campaigns Real-Time Analytics Workbooks provides the tools to simply and Workbooks’ powerful reporting engine easily plan and measure the effectiveness brings real-time analysis of the current of marketing campaigns; from assigning status of a company’s business to the campaign objectives, including pipeline and internet browser. revenue targets, to automatically measuring success against the plan. ReportingIt measures success by automatically tracking leads,opportunities and deals won back to each marketing Out-of-the-box analytics combine with the ability tocampaign. This enables automatic campaign ROI create unlimited customised reports, referencingcalculations to determine marketing success in terms of virtually any component of the Workbooks businessnumber of leads, value of opportunities, the most successful database. View as summary information or drill-downcalls-to-action, and ultimately the value of sales closed. into granular detail.Lead Generation Dashboards Workbooks CRM helps marketing teams run Dashboards graphically display management information lead generation activities faster and more in real-time and are ideal for showing performance against effectively. Marketers can target campaigns target across any or all areas of the business; spotlighting using either basic grouping – such as by job areas of concern. role or company industry types – or by using With Workbooks it is simple to see and report on deep segmentation techniques based on business data and answer key business information,the behaviour of prospects and responses to previous such as:marketing ‘touches’.With Workbooks CRM it’s fast to create mailing lists; in- o What business will we close?built data quality features such as auto-fill pick-list options o Do we have enough leads? Where do theyon key mailing fields reduce the time spent manually come from?editing lists prior to send. o Are we getting a return on marketingInbound leads can easily be prioritised and assigned investments? Which marketing activities result into relevant sales teams or individuals for follow up. For the most leads?leads generated by offline sales and marketing activities,bulk import capabilities make it simple to add new leads. o How many customer support cases have we closedThe solution automatically recognises existing contacts or opened in a given period – per team or perwithout the overhead of manually identifying and removing support representative?duplicate records.Workbooks CRM
  4. 4. Workbooks Workbooks Business CRMWorkbooks Feature List Sales and Purchase Order ManagementTogether, the Workbooks applications effortlessly drive best Quote-to-sales order  3practice in sales and marketing, sales order management, Sales order-to-invoice  3customer service, invoicing, purchasing and suppliermanagement, and company management. Quote-to-invoice  3 Sales acknowledgements  3 Receipts and debtor tracking  3 Workbooks Workbooks Credit notes  3 Business Adjustments  3 CRM Sales Force Automation Customer and supplier credit agreements  3 People and organisation management Purchase ordering and approvals workflow  3 o Your prospects and customers 3 3 Customer Services o Your suppliers 3 3 Case management 3 3 o Your partners 3 3 Resolution reporting 3 3 o Your competitors 3 3 Case prioritisation 3 3 o 3rd party relationship tracking 3 3 Customer history 3 3 Activity management 3 3 Real-Time Analysis Opportunity management 3 3 Dashboards 3 3 Sales quotas 3 3 Drill-down reporting 3 3 Forecasts and roll-up 3 3 Custom reports and analytics 3 3 Rich-Text notes editor and file upload 3 3 Exception reporting 3 3 Outbound email 3 3 Export to .CSV and Excel 3 3 Quotation tool with press-button creation 3 3 Customisation Tools Microsoft Outlook integration 3 3 Custom fields 3 3 Sales Order Management Customisable templates: Quote approval workflows  3 o Quotations 3 3 Product book 3 3 o Sales order acknowledgements  3 Multiple pricing schemes  3 o Invoices  3 Short-term pricing promotions  3 o Purchase orders  3 Multi-currency support 3 3 Platform Features Gross margin calculation 3 3 WorkbooksONE™ integrated platform 3 3 Marketing Automation Web 2.0 Campaign management 3 3 o Customisable views 3 3 Market and people segmentation 3 3 o Drag-and-drop UI 3 3 Expenditure approval and tracking  3 Software as a Service 3 3 ROI Analysis 3 3 Highly configurable security 3 3 Lead Optimisation Highly available infrastructure 3 3 Lead assignment and management 3 3 User and group profiles 3 3 Lead queues 3 3 API for 3rd party integration 3 3 One-step lead conversion 3 3 Import tools (with built-in de-duplication) 3 3 Lead importing from .CSV 3 3 Export tools 3 3 Workbooks Online Limited SIGN UP 400 Thames Valley Park Drive Reading RG6 1PT Risk-Free 30 Day Trial Tel: +44 (0)118 3030 100 Fax: +44 (0)118 3030 102 Sign up at sales@workbooks.comWorkbooks Integrated Suite code: DS1010_crm