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Iframes presentation


Published on

Invitation only webinar showing how to use iframes with facebook.

Invitation only webinar showing how to use iframes with facebook.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. How To Use iFrames With Facebook
  • 2. What I’ll show you today:1) What iframes are and what they do
    2) A look around the Facebook side of things
    3) 2 easier ways of dealing with images
    4) How to create simple iframes with no HTML
    5) Sizing your iframes
    6) Q&A (I’ll take these at the end – use the text chat box until then please)
  • 3. First though, the iframes TOP 5!
    Biggest worry: I don’t get iframes
    Number 2: I hate coding
    Number 3: I have problems with the FB side
    Number 4: Sizing iframes
    Least worry: I want FBML back 
  • 4. Essential Facebook links:
    # Use the ‘Speed Dial’ add on with Firefox browser
  • 5. What is an iframe?
    It’s like a window frame that allows you to look from one website (Facebook) into another website ... It allows you to pull in your own content to Facebook, and if you do it well, you can’t even see the join 
  • 6. Page link
  • 7. The size of iframes ...# Your canvas size is 520 pixels x 800 pixels
    # If you go above these sizes you will get scroll bars
    # I will put the ‘magic code’ on the resources page
  • 8. Two sites that I recommend to help you make using iframes a breeze ...
  • 9. Image labelling tips:
    # Always label in lower case
    # Letters and numbers only
    # No gaps
    # iepaul-image002NOT paul&^* image
    # Same rules for HTML files too 
  • 10. Here comes the practical bit! Watch me do it ...
  • 11. Any
  • 12. # I will send you the webinar replay
    # I will send you a resources page with the code snippet and any links we have talked about in the webinar
    # I can’t give one-on-one help I’m afraid ... I’m just too busy to do that, but I will be happy to arrange another webinar at a later date if that would be useful for everybody
    Give it a try! You can’t break anything 
  • 13. Thanks for attending the webinar!
    If it was useful for you, I’d be really grateful if you would record a short video testimonial into YouTube and send it
    To YOUR Facebook success!