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Chenise Dilan   Poland To Uk Migration
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Chenise Dilan Poland To Uk Migration



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  • 1. Poland To U.K Migration... Chenise Dilan
  • 2.
    • When the immigrants come to the UK they arrive at Victoria station.
    • The sort of jobs the immigrants are looking to do are; Factory work, mother care, picking and packing.
    • The soviet block countries joined the European union in the year 2004.
    • 500,000 immigrants are arriving from Poland .
    Poland To U.K Migration...
  • 3.
    • Work jobs, money, etc… attracts immigrants to come to the UK from mainland Europe.
    • Since 2004 80,000 immigrants have arrived in Peterborough.
    • A lot of Polish products are the impacts that could be seen on the Lincoln road.
    • Farming picking etc… are the jobs they do.
    Poland To U.K Migration...
  • 4.
    • People are coming to the UK to work for money.
    • They can earn around £300 per week.
    • The employees think that the workers from Lithuania are hard working people and never late.
    • In the Councillors ward, there are issues such as littering etc…
    Poland To U.K Migration...
  • 5.
    • Families started to immigrate a lot in Peterborough in the 1970’s and the reactions were that there were a lot of racist comments and assaults.
    • The living conditions were, cramped and over crowded.
    • The elderly people always thought that there were no friendly people.
    Poland To U.K Migration...
  • 6.
    • The problems in Poland as a result of the workers leaving are that woman’s had to take the mans place and work.
    • The journey from Poland to the UK takes 24hrs and the wages in the UK are 3 times higher than the wages in Poland.
    Poland To U.K Migration...
  • 7.
    • Prior to the accession of Poland, among others countries, into the EU, the British government estimated immigration from the newly acceded countries at somewhere between 5,000 and 13,000 people per year. This was based on low historical migration rates and a government assumption that ‘even in the worst case scenario, migration to the UK as a result of the Eastern enlargement of the EU is not likely to be overly large’.
    Poland To U.K Migration...